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Asif mir
I used sahulat Bazar 3 times all 3 times were horrible and I will never use this company again. I ordered some food for my sister n law of clearly said on the web page feeds 7 people and I wanted her to have some food to eat for 2 or 3 days because she just had a baby. The food was more no more then one person and for one day. There were 2 small mutton chops and 1 small stick of chicken. I don't know maybe they meant it fed 7 birds. I spent 104 dollars on that it's better I just send her 104 dollars Western Union and she can get way more food then that. There was another time I ordered a stuffed bunny for my wife and they sent her a stuffed bear completely different thing. And there answer was oh we ran out of the bunnies so we substituted the bear.... Seriously so of I'm getting juice for a child and there's no juice left will you substitute it for beer? And another time I ordered my wife pizza because again I thought it was enough for 7 people like they said and my wife loves with family so they all share and yet again very small pizza amount for one person. This company is a fraud company they over charge and give much less then they advertise. I am so angry I really hope and pray this company gets shit down and I hope my message reaches out to many people thinking to use this for a family member. Please don't embarrass yourself and get ripped off by this fraud cheating company. If you want to send anything use Western Union and send them the money and they can get a lot more then what sahulat joke has to offer.
COMPLAINT #1936 - Product Issues