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Consumer Complaints ( 6 )

Haider Ali
I can't really explain my worst ever experience with them, but still will try to mention some main disadvantages of them, so the upcoming people will know and will not do a mistake we have done;

1st; Please don't expect to received back the deposit you have given to them and even if you will receive, it would be only few dirhams,

2nd; They will very sweet to you when you will rent a car but actually they are the most unprofessional abusive staff, even they don't know how to talk to the customer in a polite way,

3rd; They will never answer your call and will block you when they will realize that you are calling or asking for your security deposit (Simple as top level scammers) .

4th; Whatever you will do exactly as per their instructions mentioned in the terms & conditions, but still they will do their best to do deduction from your security deposit.

5th; If you will connect to them through any way (specially to sales dept), they will never try to give you full information, like the office timing, office phone number etc) means the simple things, because they don't wanna talk to you, simply they don't wanna return your deposit.

Believe me! I really have much more to mention, but I hope this will help the people for not hiring any rent a car from them, and after reading this, still you are going to rent from them, then keep in your mind that "you are going to do a really big blunder".

Regards: Haider
COMPLAINT #15522 - Sales Issues
Magarlene Villar
Initially they give me aed33/day for mitsubishi mirage car, i agreed for the price and they told me they will deliver the car in 2hrs, when they deliver the car, the car is in bad shape, so i didnt accept it coz i dont want to be blame, so the salea lady called me and told me to go to their head office to ras al khor, since i waited this much i agreed to them that il go there but to make sure that i will not be wasting my time, but when i went there all cars are in bad condition with different price. If you check their site, you will see worst reviews, company like this shouldn't not continue to operate. This is causing stress to people, from jebel ali to ras al khor i wasted my time, theyre office is so small, no space at all like literally its not safe to work with and deal with customer, i was shocked in coming there and people are not wearing mask when talking to their customers. They absolutely not following the municipality rules.
COMPLAINT #15178 - Advertising Issues
I rented a car from Bab al Madeena for 8 days.Biggest mistake. I paid a security deposit of 750 aed which they never returned and agreed to return only 70 aed out of it. I was in contact with a agent named veronica ( not , she cheated me 210 aed for car washing, 210 aed for pick up, 210 aed delay on the part of the driver to pick up the car. 25 aed for fuel ( which i refilled before dropping off , i have pics of the fuel level while picking up and dropping.)
kindly dont rent a car. I am definitely taking this up with the economic development.
They are a fradulent company.I hope some legal action is taken against them soon

1) the invoice of 70 aed out of 750 aed of security depsoit
Reply by Abdulraheem on 25 August, 2020
I agree with u sir. I'm an employee of the same company. If u need any help kindly inform me. Bcz this company is doing same with its employees also.
COMPLAINT #3148 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Service is worst and they are looting the people... I asked my refund of my security deposit of 1,500 aed which they are suppose to return in 14 days. But in gave several reminders and follow-ups but no reply at all. Finally i Got my money only (1420 aed) after 1.5 months and that too with deduction of 80 aed and when i asked them regarding this deduction they told me its our service charges which was never mentioned anywhere.
COMPLAINT #421 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Amir Zand
They charge for anything possible in fair amount ,scratches or even changing price in contract . They deal with one price and change price without informing customers.
COMPLAINT #416 - Billing or Collection Issues
sebastian courage
I had a car accident so needed to hire a car for 2 weeks. I found Bab Al Madina car rental they gave me a good rate at 489 per week, which is ok. I asked to hire it for 2 weeks and deliver the car. The boy delivered the car, and only charged me for a week. He said if my car is fixed then ok, if not I can renew the contract at the same rate. I went to renew, and the price had doubled. The manager told me that this was their policy. The sucked people in and then increased. I am amazed. I have spoken to the DED, and have seen many people in the waiting room complaining too. DO NOT HIRE OFF THESE PEOPLE
COMPLAINT #414 - Contract Issues