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Consumer Complaints ( 22 )

Zuko Ndaba
I applied for credit in Bradlows (Festival Mall) on the 08-07-2019 last week Monday. I was approved and then I made a purchase for a queen size bed, television stand and also a coffee table. I asked them to be delivered by 11-07-2019 on Thursday last week. I then called them on the 11-07-2019 and requested to speak to Thabiso the person who assisted me with the sale. Thabiso was not available the whole day I left more then five messages I was also told he will get back to me which he did not. I had to go back to the store to see what was going on. The lady who also assisted me with name Magaret tried to explain to me that my application was approved on the 10-07-2019. So they were going to deliver on the 12-07-2019 first thing in the morning before 10h00, as I explained to them that I was going to have visitors in my house so I needed the bed.

On the 12- 07-2019 in the morning at about 08h45 I was contacted by their wharehouse stating that they will deliver on the 13-07-2019. I then went to the bradlows store ansd skipped work to try and find out what was going on. The same gentleman Thabiso ignored me and I had to speak to magaret again. Since I neede the bed asp I had to settle for the one on display and had to pay extra R200 for delivery. When they eventually delivered the remaining iterms, the television stand and coffee table. The coffee table is old or is a second hand I hve attached pictuires
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COMPLAINT #1948 - Sales Issues
Yoliswa Moshoane
I bought couches at Bradlows ever since I bought them I have never been satisfied,they have been sagging and cracking I've been complaining with the same problem for the fifth time so now I have decided that it would be best to get a refund.But now my other problem is the store manager where I bought the couches doesn't seem to care at all it's been 5 months ever since they collected the couches for repair including a coffee table that he has kept in the store since last year till now I am really disappointed in the kind of service that I got there it just shows that there is no customer care at all.The way I've been treated I wouldn't recommend Bradlows to anyone bad service delivery to clients.
Refund / Exchange Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #1939 - Refund / Exchange Issues
I bought 3 pieces of lounge suit since day one I've been reporting the faults first they were not reclining and they had a hole on the arm rest tree seater on the single couch the arm rest started shrinking they took it to fix it and bought it bk to find out that the arm rest is hard like a soccer ball and is bigger compared to the other ones I've been reporting ever since I bought them I nvr enjoyed them it's like I bought them from chaina store I wl nvr recommend bradlose to any one I've worked very hard came to Ur store to get the best only to be given rejects the service is very bad they wl promise to come nd take the coutch after 1 day bt they wl come after 2 weeks bradlose failed me
COMPLAINT #1894 - Repair Issues
Charlotte Gouws
Good day Mr. CEO.

Please help, because no one else will………

SC Gouws (complaint no available from the store).
We purchased a lounge suite 2 years ago from the Bradlows Thabazimbi branch.

In February 2019 I contacted the branch here in Thabazimbi to report tears and cracks of the material on the chairs of the lounge suite. (please do not tell me I it is because I have small children, because I do not have small children that jumps and step onto the suite).

The store manager arranged the collection of this suite to the manufacturer for inspection as they do not send a person to your house to do inspection.
So the lounge suite was collected.

1ste week since the lounge suite was collected: 5 phone calls to the branch in Thabazimbi, but no reply back from the manufacturer and no reply back from the store manager.
2de week since the lounge suite was collected: 7 phone calls to the branch in Thabazimbi, but no reply back from the manufacturer and no reply back from the store manager.
3de week since the lounge suite was collected: 15 calls later and guess what “no reply”
4th week since the lounge suite was collected: 20 calls later and still no reply.

I have emailed the regional manager for the Thabazimbi branch with the complaint and no reply.

Please note that I have made it very clear on a few telephonic conversations that I do not want this suite back, or covered in a similar material , as 2 years from now, we will sit with the same problem again.

5th week since the lounge suite was collected: numerous calls and still no reply. (5 calls made)
6the week since the lounge suite was collected: still no reply. (3 calls made)
7the week --- no reply

Please do you want to tell me it takes this long for a reply back from the manufacturer—you got to be joke---in.

8th week --- the store manager phoned me and now explained to me that, because we took a extended warranty, the lounge suite can not be replaced, it will have to be covered in a similar material.

I then requested a sample of this similar material to see what it looks like---for the same reason--- if it was to be more or less the same material, two years from now, the same problem will arise)
This request was denied, as the warehouse do not have a picture off the material (Please give me a better excuse than this)

I had a big argument with the store manager regarding this.

9th week—as I do not have a choice now I gave instructions for this to be then covered.

10th week --- phoned the store to get estimate timeframe to when the lounge suite will be done—no reply back from store manager.
11th week- again phoned the store to enquire about the suite – no reply
12th week – again phoned the store to enquire – no reply
Following weeks same story….

10/06/2019 I again phoned the store, so the store manager phoned me back and guess what…. THE LOUNGE SUITE IS STILL NOT COVERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Mr. CEO I am still paying my monthly instalments – with no lounge suite, -- this will be stopped, and then we will decide to start paying again, why must I pay for something that I do not have use off.

Again this morning, no reply back from the store or the regional manager.

This is now it, I have done all I can from my side, but from Bradlows side, nothing…….

Very frustrated and disappointed.

Please call me.

Kind regards.

071 453 1452

COMPLAINT #1879 - Other Issues
Kareen Whitcher
I paid 35000 cash for a 3 piece lounge set with 3 recliners.currently they are all in repairs and am sitting g with nothing. 2 seater collapsed 1 seater got stuck in recline and 3 seater kept getting stuck and separating from the middle seat
COMPLAINT #1847 - Product Issues
TS Muchena
Good day, I recently purchased a BAZARUTO 4PCE 2ACT CNR LOUNGE SUITE from your Wynberg Branch and the delivery was done yesterday. However, they apparently brought two right sides and after realising the mistake said they will come back and get the extra piece and return with the correct one yesterday. Till today they have not come back and I am sitting with a couch in pieces in my house. I called the Wynberg store and the manager just said he is waiting for someone to respond to his email and he does not know how long it will take. I am not sure who can assist me.
Reply by TS Muchena on 26 April, 2019
Still waiting till today, called the store and the manager refused to come to the phone.
COMPLAINT #1774 - Delivery Issues
I bought a lounge set from chatsworth store..sales lady Mrs Ross who serve us my family for more than 20 years...they set went for repairs and still has defects..2 seater is defective..over 6 months for repairs...I paid R16k cash and was promised the set to be repaired til today 2 seater is not with us..Bradley Pillay manager not helpfulĺ..we have not decided to tell family and friends of bad experience with bradlows and possibly taking business we paid for something and not enjoying our sofas...I think tht if I resided in Umhlanga area and if i was a white person I with probley been given a replacement...or been credited cos of defects...the sofas are just 24 or few months do u treat your old costumer like crap..,very unhappy costumer..,trevor 0739932508/0836267944
COMPLAINT #1715 - Guarantee Or Warranty Issues
Matimba Sithole
Since last year October my lounge suite went for repairing when they come back nothing repaired, I want replace or refund. I'm tired about bradlows.
Refund / Exchange Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #1657 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Sipho Mahlangu
I have been waiting to receive my cash back since the 17th of December 2018 they promised that I will receive it after 14 days of purchase. It's now been almost 20 days still nothing is happening. Why would such a huge broad furniture shop does this to their customers. This is unethical please change the way you guys are doing things.
COMPLAINT #1645 - Advertising Issues
dikeledi Maphoto
Ive bought a bedroom suite which was delivered however had to reject the first delivery for quality issues, the second deliver came still had issues and accepted it however it still had issues then it was changed only to find out it still has issues and the screws are not the correct size which im still waiting for that to be sorted...its so sad and annoying that as you give yourself time to clean the suite theres more faults than expected. The items are of such poor workmans ship that its not even funny...i need to know what then from here because no one wants to pay so much money to be dealing with so much issues and still be left hanging with no resolution...its so sad that from day 1 i dealt with bradlows it was a nightmare to date and not yet resolved. I need the issue resolved and i cant keep on arranging day offs or have someone at home to wait for such nonses...can i get this matter resolved asap
COMPLAINT #1641 - Product Issues