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Consumer Complaints ( 31 )

Xolani Ngqolowa
On the 25th of November 2019 I bought a Sealy Argo 152cm base set. Unfortunately I could not take it on the day because I was still busy with renovations at home, so in order for me not to spend the money that I budgeted for the bed, I decided to buy the bed on the day. I requested that they keep it for me until I come back before the 14th of December 2019. The salesman promised me that they will be able to keep it for me until I come back to fecth it. I requested strictly to give me their assurance that they will keep it aside with a sticker of "sold and waiting for collection" and I was given that assurance. On the 06th of December 2019 I went back to the store for collection and I was disappointed to find that the salesman has sold my bed. After a long discussion, the solution was that the new stock will arrive the following day and my bed will be delivered to me in the morning. The 7th came and passed and my bed was not delivered. Even the 8th came and passed and no delivery was made. What is worse is that, the store does not even call me to tell me that the stock did not arrive. This made me very angry because Bradlows as a brand has just lowered it standards and is now behaving like a spaza shop that does not care about it customers, only cares about them pushing sales and incompetent salesman who only want to gain a commission at the expense of quality customer service. It took me to go to the store again today to enquire and seemingly they only check their orders once I am there. This is very disappointing because it is like they only take you serious once you are there and start expressing fake apologies as if they care. Now it is worse because the store does not even know when is the stock going to come. I have fully paid for the bed, but it is not in my possession, I am not even sure whether I will get my bed or not or my money back or not. This for is robbery, so yes Bradlows has robbed me. What then is the difference between Bradlows, spaza shops and "my friend"? We come to Bradlows because we trust your quality products, quality customer service and your standard is high as a brand. Unfortunately my confidence to Bradlows has just lowered, so vote of no confidence to you. As we speak I am sleeping on the floor with my pregnant patner with regrets of coming to Bradlows because I have lost both my money and bed to such a store.
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COMPLAINT #2405 - Customer Service Issues
Henrich Sechogele
i bought sitting roum seats from your Walvis bay, Namibia Branch, i informed the sales person Mr Johannes not to put a debit order to my bank account but he still did that without my athorization, because of that my bank loan application was rejected. i was so unhappy that i returned the seats i bought. i then receved another text that you where going to deducted another payment from my account, but i have returend our items. please stop the debit order. i already spoke to the Manager MR. Mahinga. my name is Henrich contanct number is +264814210309
COMPLAINT #2342 - Sales Issues
3 seater couch that was taken for repair since the 21st of august has not been brought back and when I call I am taken from pillar to post .I have been calling the guy named Solly at Pretoria 012 133 0255 who has been dealing with the matter and taking me from pillar to post and promising to call me back but neve. can someone call me to tell me what the hell is going on and bring back my couch
COMPLAINT #2287 - Repair Issues
Tshepo Mohale
I bought a bed last year around August 2018. Around December I complained at the store protea Glen Mall about my bed, they told their warehouse to deliver me a new bed, it's almost a year now I haven't got my bed. Both the store and warehouse they tell me different stories and I bought that bed cash, if it was on credit and I've missed my payment what I know is that they were going to send their people to collect very fast but they can't send their people to come collect the bed. So I've decide d to go open a case for them this coming weekend and call the speak out guys I want to expose their bad service all that they care about is their sales they do not care about their customers. They don't even make efforts I'm the one taking efforts even calling them and they never answer my calls
COMPLAINT #2222 - Billing or Collection Issues
Thandeka Gwala
Last year November 2018 I lay byed a lounge suit and a TV stand and was informed that I would have 12 months to pay it off .In the beginning of Octo er 2019 when I went to pay off my lay bye , I was informed by the sales man that he had sold my TV stand to another custormer who paid cash.The most annoying part was that throughout January 2019 to September 2019 he kept calling me to remind me of the lay bye and I expressed to him that I still wanted the lay bye and would pay it off in October as I bonus at the end of September.The time frame of 12 months had not expired but the sales man had already sold my TV stand , the employee was also very rude and very entitled as when I enquired further about this I was made to feel like I am dumb and he dd not offer any proper explanation.

The location where this happened is at Isipingo and the employee ia khulekani .
COMPLAINT #2185 - Sales Issues
Mmamara Mokoena
I bought lounge suite in Bradlows Bethlehem which I also struggled to get it delivered. It is almost a month since they promised to give me cashback of R1000 once goods are delivered. Your service is so bad and disappointing for this sales people who are working so hard to get customers while someone at your office is not effective.
COMPLAINT #2164 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Phumelele Mlambo
Went to buy couches at Bradlows BridgeCity
The service I got there wasn't good from all staff members and my sales man Lindani

They telling me they will deliver a Couch from the floor but I'll pay the full price how can I pay full price on used item
COMPLAINT #2155 - Sales Issues
Akona Stungu
I did a lay-by on the 18th of April 2019 cancelled my lay-by on 23rd of August 2019, was told I would get my refund in 14 days from Bradlows at Greenacres Mall in Port Elizabeth I still haven't received my money back. When I call I get the run around, when I call the head office they tell me to contact the branch again. I honestly don't know what to do, I'm frustrated at this

Application reference of laybuy:[protected]
Application date : 18-04-2019 Time 14:57
Trading as : Bradlows Main Port Elizabeth
Reg no: 1999/020292/07
Vat reg no: [protected]
Physical Address: 6 Eastern Service Road
Easterngate, Sandton
2090, RSA
Representative : Merlene Kerspay
Email: [protected]

I would like to receive my refund as soon as possible.

COMPLAINT #2115 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Lebogang Livingstone
I bought a bedroom suite on the 7th of August at Bradlows Tzaneen and was supposed to get the cash back, which I am still waiting for. Maggy the sales lady when I call her refers my queries to Norman the manager but they never come back to me. Its September now and still waiting.
Reply by Daphney khanyile on 24 October, 2019
I bought a bedroom suite at bradlows market street.that was having creeks every side of it ,so I complain to my sale lady Ivy and they come and collect it .even today I have not received it back and it been two month,and I dont get a good response .know the no longer picking my so disappoint of there services especial as I have both the hole house furniture with cash .
COMPLAINT #2075 - Customer Service Issues
Zuko Ndaba
I applied for credit in Bradlows (Festival Mall) on the 08-07-2019 last week Monday. I was approved and then I made a purchase for a queen size bed, television stand and also a coffee table. I asked them to be delivered by 11-07-2019 on Thursday last week. I then called them on the 11-07-2019 and requested to speak to Thabiso the person who assisted me with the sale. Thabiso was not available the whole day I left more then five messages I was also told he will get back to me which he did not. I had to go back to the store to see what was going on. The lady who also assisted me with name Magaret tried to explain to me that my application was approved on the 10-07-2019. So they were going to deliver on the 12-07-2019 first thing in the morning before 10h00, as I explained to them that I was going to have visitors in my house so I needed the bed.

On the 12- 07-2019 in the morning at about 08h45 I was contacted by their wharehouse stating that they will deliver on the 13-07-2019. I then went to the bradlows store ansd skipped work to try and find out what was going on. The same gentleman Thabiso ignored me and I had to speak to magaret again. Since I neede the bed asp I had to settle for the one on display and had to pay extra R200 for delivery. When they eventually delivered the remaining iterms, the television stand and coffee table. The coffee table is old or is a second hand I hve attached pictuires
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COMPLAINT #1948 - Sales Issues