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Saziswa Tasana
On the 30/11/2020 I went to Fetch Couches at Stikland Warehouse in Cape Town. The guys who were assisting at the Warehouse Loaded in our Truck and we left upon arriving at Home when we unwrapped the Couches we noticed that the One sitter Truck had a Physical damage, cut on one side and something that looked like the Couch had been rats. I raise a complaint with the Manager from the Warehouse who confirmed if the Couches were wrapped that means the problem was with the Supplier. He was supposed to get back to me, but I haven't heard anything. I bought these Couches as a gift to my Parents. It pains me to see that Bradlows does not want to take Responsibility, because I Collected the Couches myself. Your delivery fees are expensive, hence I used my own Transport, surely I can't be Punished because of that.

My order number is: 5189386
Product Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #9290 - Product Issues
I bought a coffee table late 2018 and early 2019 the table started to pill off I then log a complains at the store, they came and take the table and later they told me that the table was my negligent
COMPLAINT #9273 - Guarantee Or Warranty Issues
Bulelwa Sodumo
We bought a Sienna bedroom suite and gave delivery address and contact number. Incorrect contact number was written, when we called we were told that our suite was delivered. Now they don't want to prioritize our delivery, they say we must wait.
COMPLAINT #9271 - Delivery Issues
Ellen Nomahlubi Magano
Ellen Nomahlubi Magano.
Last month I wrote a email regarding my refund. I got a email which read (Your Compliant Approved) I thought finally I would get my money back. I'm so disappointed at Bradlows. Bad customer service. I just want my refund of R520 that is all. No one is communicating with me. Ive been calling from Sep speaking to the very rude Manager Solly Mbuyane. I submitted all required docs, my ID & confirmation letter form the bank. All I want is to be refunded that is all. I made it clear I do not want delivery from the on set.Please contact me on 073 7956 317.
COMPLAINT #9266 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Montlenyane Madisa
I am concerned about the number of times your call center has been contacting me as new bradlows customer, reminding me about my up coming dates of payment, Honestly, I don't expect to be called more than 3 times to be reminded of payment daythat when i actually never defaulted making payments. my account is only two and 1/2 months, and most interestigly I have received close to ten calls reminding me to pay. When I asked why I'm being called so many times, I'm told that probably the people who called previously didn't record the calls they made. To tell the truth, your employees, omissions of registering calls made to customers is a serious inconvinience and irresponsinsibilty on the part of the company. What is even irritating is the fact that when you tell a caller that you are driving they would just insist on interviewing you, and this is rude and inconsiderate. With all that I will kindly request that you review your policy so that customers can be reminded at least once prior to payday and other calls can be made for defaulting accounts.
I hope you will take heed of my concern
Thank you
COMPLAINT #9257 - Billing or Collection Issues
Jayshree Poovan
I have received an sms every month that my account is in Arrears when I have a debit order going off my account please check. You are harassing me.
COMPLAINT #9220 - Billing or Collection Issues
Boitumelo Masumpa
Contact 0782229691

I bought a wall unit in June 2020 and I went back to bradlows Botshabelo to report the unit. The drawer do not open.

I spoke to the consultant twice via the phone reminding them about the wall units.the base unit drawer do not open.
COMPLAINT #9206 - Guarantee Or Warranty Issues
Refilwe Thebe
On tuesday the 24th myself and my wife bought 2 beds, fridge and tv stand at bradlows rustenburg on berg street. Up until today our products have not yet been delivered and we are been taken from pillar to post after even telling them that I am moving to a new place and indeed of such furniture. I am even thinking on canceling the sales
COMPLAINT #9176 - Delivery Issues
Dr Abubakir Chouglay
Acc No. 5107193

Delivery incomplete.
From store upto customer care, unable to receive any positive feedback.

Sales lady seems not interested.

Just feel disappointed with the poor service for a good product.

Your Team knows I needed atleast 16 more sets for my duplex houses.

Unfortunately, they have nothing to loose but good clients.

Thanking you.

COMPLAINT #9169 - Customer Service Issues
Christina Ndaba
I bought a lounge suite in Sterkspruit Eastern Bradlows on Monday and paid cash for R16999 and I paid delivery too. I was promised to received the delivery on Wednesday or Thursday this week until today they dont call or deliver when we cal they make empty promises. I reported this on Bradlows Facebook and we were promised a call until now no call. No delivery it's been a week now. I asked them if they cant deliver by today they should refund me my money so that I could buy this lounge suite in another furniture store since its black Friday still no refund no call. I'm tired of this store they lie too much to customers. I want my order delivered by saturday or I'm going to their head office I wont leave he head office until I get my refund.
COMPLAINT #9107 - Delivery Issues
Maitseo Perkin Matlou
Hi! I am deeply saddened by the way bradlows handles their customers. I am told by the Phalaborwa Manager that there is nothing she can do when im asking for a way forward regarding the debit order that is not running for two months. Its now two months and my issue is not resolved. The next thing i am going to do is sent back the furniture to store. I cant be paying manually in 2020. Calling the accounts department im not winning. It seems like a culture in Bradlows. I want to guarantee that i will never again bother buying at Bradlows again. I dont know how many times im going to Bradlows but it becomes useless. Please sort out my problem. I can't be begging for debit order to run. Please align your Phalaborwa branch Manager. I wanted the deal before but they asked me to do so. I agreed to their request. Next of kin number was used for my confidential stuff. I am still not sure it is done after numerous attempts to fix it.
COMPLAINT #9106 - Billing or Collection Issues
Good day, I am having a problem with Bradlows phalaborwa were I bought a Recliner Roma 3piece (sofas)since they came and fit it the 3 piece is not properly aligned I did report the past 3weeks but there is no one who is coming to assist me, please help me with this issue my order number 14156837 and customer ID, thank you.
COMPLAINT #9045 - Repair Issues
Mrs Nomthandazo Luthuli
I want to lodge a complain regarding my coffee table which was fetched because it was pecting or peeling by ur JD Supply Services to be repaired or fixed on the 25th of October 2019. It has been a year now. I was communicating with the consultant via phone and in pwrson at Bradlows in west street,Durban. Up until today they havent given me a tangible solution and they have only been giving a run around,before lockdown this has started. Now the lockdown is over and still im having the same problem. I am now in dilemma as to what i need to do because at Bradlows there is no transparency to whome i must consult directly for my complaint and get assistance immediately. Please contact me at this number 0738779875. Yours faithully Mrs Nomthandazo Pamela Luthuli (unsatisfied customer)
COMPLAINT #9005 - Repair Issues
Salomi de Beer
I bought this bed Restonic Magnolia 152cm on the 01/11/2019 at Bradlows.
my first complain i sent threw to the manger bay whatsupp on the 4 April 2020, my second complain log with the sales lady on the 19 July 2020. I am still waiting for any refrains number or complain number!!!!
the material is thorn and the wire is coming threw.
Repair Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #8921 - Repair Issues
Angelique klopper
Good day about four months ago i went to bradlows and bought a lounge suite cash.
After one month it started to give problems...i contacted bradlows and they informed me they will work on it after struggling for a month with them thet told me to come and chooce another suite for exchange.
So i did everything from my side.
They informed me it will tale a few days for delivery on the new suite.

Now im strugeling again they say they are waiting for head office in polokwane to release the lounch suite.

Waiting for 2 weeks now
How long must a custemor wait and why do whe get this bad servise.

If you can spend money then there is no problem everything goes fast but it there is a problem whe strugle.

Please help
COMPLAINT #8912 - Guarantee Or Warranty Issues
Riana Oosthuizen
On 16 November 2020 I send an email with all the information and was ignored as it did not exist.
In March 2020 I went to the Brandlows Banch in Charlotte Maxeke street, Bloemfontein to enquire about the amount that I need to pay if I want to pay my account in full and close the account. I was inform that it is the full amount on the statement. When I said but it could not be because the amount was worked out with interest on every month for 36 months and I want to pay it of 9 months earlier the answer I received was that I have to pay the FULL AMOUNT.
I decided that I will then let it be deducted from my bank account every month seeing that the interest for the 9 months will not be deducted for me to pay the rest of the amount.
NOW in November 2020, Bradlows go and take from me the amount of R588.94 which is R348.11 more than I owe on the last payment and your accounts department KNOW that I only owe R240,83 as final payment !!!!!!!!!
I received a friendly reminder on 13 November 2020 that I must make sure that there is money in my account (contract date for every month is 15th). I received an email with the statement on 11 November 2020 with the amount owing R240,83. Then on 14 November the amount of R588.94 was deducted.
Your services is so unsatisfactory that I do not understand how your company still exist. I will never buy anything from your shops again and I will make sure that no one of my extended big family or friends ever buy from you.
Refund / Exchange Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #8900 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Ntombifuthi Mohlala
I bought couches in Welkom Bradlows last year in June I returned them 10months due to poor quality and that was 5 months back. Till today i haven't received my couches back i communicated with store manager and Regional Manager was informed I also wrote complaint to account department but till day they are failling me dismally they can't give me my couches back, neither returning my fund or giving me other couches of the same amount value. Everyday it's a new story.

Because of this behavior i am forced to take legal action against the entity, because i have honored and fulfilled my role as a customer.
COMPLAINT #8890 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Shoba Buhlebakhe Dion
I Buhlebakhe Dion Shoba hereby wish to lodge a complaint about Burban (Castorridge) wherehouse, my lounge suit was taken to then in July for rectification of factory foulties. They brought it back without rectifying the problem four times. When I call them no one to take responsibility for that. I have spent a lot of money calling their wherehouse with no success. I paid R32000. 00 for that lounge on lay buy. however I am without them for six months now.
Your urgent response will appreciated in this regard.

Kind regards
083 991 8743
COMPLAINT #8809 - Product Issues
Dingane Ngobeni
I have purchased a fridge few years ago in Bradlows Groblersdal, it's still within warranty, the supplier has granted me a credit meaning that I can get the same fridge or money back, I am disappointed on how the store is handling this matter, I was told that I can not get my money back, why is that because the unit going back to the supplier, they're really inconveniencing me because I don't have a fridge at the moment, I would like to have the same fridge or another fridge from them but the Fridges they have at the moment doesn't suit my budget and style, I hate being inconvenienced un necessary, emagine life without a fridge, we store important things in the fridge, my sisters medications and my kid's medicines, please speak to you're people to do the right things.i never thought purchasing a fridge in Bradlows will end up in a headache like this, you are being misrepresented, please fix this matter ASAP.
COMPLAINT #8804 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Ruth Mvunyiswa
I bought a table in December and the table broke and it was collected on the 27th July 2020 till date there has never been any communication and I've been contacting maponya store and they also dont have response for me. I'm frustrated and miserable because when I bought there were no complaints and now there's no response its frustrating
COMPLAINT #8796 - Repair Issues