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Nolubabalo Ntlabati
Good day.I have sent my complain last week about my refund that I made last month,no results towards my complain.I think this matter is beyond me now.If it was me who is not paying the matter would be already taken to the legal professionals now.
COMPLAINT #6603 - Refund / Exchange Issues
matome seema
i bought a kitchen unit last year even today is not complete the didn't give me stove and washing machine.can you please help me before i take this forward and expose your shop and how they treat people.your manager is always lies and i payed lot of money here.and tired of his game that's why write this to you cause I'm about to act now if you fail me as head office.
COMPLAINT #6583 - Product Issues
nomazizi Mbolekwa
my bedroom suit was delivered last year November, I did advice the manager at jeppe joburg branch, she promised to exchange it, then the lockdown happened, I went back to the branch on the 8th sep 2020 to follow up, then she did deliver as promised but it was a display I told her im not happy about it had it looks worce than the 1st one, please advice what needs to happen, did call the complain dep, twanana helped to log a complain ref number 9000072897 on the 18th, the branch called me I advised them im not happy I need a new bedroom suit, I called again yesterday Lungile told me it was resolved and logged another query, can anyone help me.
COMPLAINT #6555 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Amina Adam
I bought a couch on the 31/07/2020 and on 5/08/2020 I sent a mail informing bradlows that the product had defects. Till today the product has not been replaced instead they have taken the product on for repairs. How do you repair something that is not even 7 days old? I've been calling them and no one seems to have an idea as to what's happening with regards to my query and in the all this time I'm expected to pay for a product that I do not have. Please assist in the matter as this has gone on for far to long and I am sure my rights as a consumer I being violated.
Refund / Exchange Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #6528 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Khahliso Radebe
Hi.My name is Khahliso Radebe. On the 31st August 2020 i made a credit application at Bradlows Evaton Mall. Customer number (105031094) , for a TV. Fridge. Microwave.and a 4 plate stove. And it was approved(Bradlows Ref number 8012388576).An sms was sent that the goods will be delivered on the 15th September 2020.but they didn't deliver or call to notify us.i made follow-ups. And the Branch manager promised that the goods will be delivered the following day. But they were not delivered. Made another follow up on the 17th September 2020.spoke to the Manager again . He promised that the goods will be delivered later on that day. But on the fridge and the microwave was delivered and her further promised that the rest will be delivered on the 18th.and he will contact me to arrange the times for delivery. But he never did. As to date( 21st September.)havent received any call from the the shop about the delivery. Soo its quite evident that I'm not taken serious by the Branch manager.He is very deceptive. My right fair and honest dealing (Right no 6) was violated. May you please assist me on this matter. Thank you.
Delivery Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #6525 - Delivery Issues
Lindiwe Ntetha
Good day, I bought a Fridge and a Top loading washing machine in Alex Mall , I was told to pay R2026 an I will get my R1000 cashback after delivery. 23 July 2020 i received those things. August until now I have called the store servral time to find out whats going on . I still get an unclear respond . I am so dissastified with this. Such a big Company to run false advertising is dissapointing. The lady who works there Nelly has been , telling all kinds of stories(lies)
COMPLAINT #6515 - Other Issues
Miyelani Nkanyana
Good day,

My name is Miyelani Nkanyana, i had opened an account with bradlows and was made to pay a deposit of the things i wanted, later on i was told that they have declined after paying the deposit, this is about 3 weeks ago.

I have been trying to make follow ups on them refunding me the money since i never even received the things i had payed the deposit for due to them telling me it’s been declined after they made me pay for a deposit.

I am utterly disappointed in the service of bradlows and how quick they make clients pay but fail to attend to their complaints.

I have been patient enough that now i am thinking of involving my attorney to resolve all this.
COMPLAINT #6506 - Refund / Exchange Issues
I purchased an item online about 3.5 weeks ago and they said it will take 5-10 working days delivery. Till now i have not received my order and icon not track it, it shows no details. I am really frustrated and when i call the call centre no one seems to assist me with telling me where my order is.
COMPLAINT #6503 - Delivery Issues
Nolubabalo Gomba
Evening.I bought laptop in your store and find out that it has problem,I took it back.My laptop had lost in your store mechanist.The store promised to refund me between 7-14 days.Those 14 days of refund process are already passed.I would like to know what is happening regarding my refund.Thank you.
Reply by Leann Mhlanga on 21 September, 2020
Been waiting for my refund since 1 July 2020. Nothing paid to date.
Reply by Nolubabalo Gomba on 23 September, 2020
So it simply means our voices are not heard as customers yet if it's a customer who has problem of not paying they are easily take further steps.This is not fair
Reply by Nolubabalo Gomba on 23 September, 2020
So it simply means our voices are not heard as customers yet if it's a customer who has problem of not paying they are easily take further steps.This is not fair
COMPLAINT #6420 - Refund / Exchange Issues
i now do not know how many times i have done this with no response or no results towards my complain.
the deal was cancelled at the beginning of August and till today i have not recieved my refund on a deposit i feel i should not have paid in the first place.

i have sent all the neccessary docuuments to bradlows in Pinetown ( Dales Avenue) and they promised to refund me but i have waited for about 4 weeks and i get no clear answers as to what is happening.

i feel now the matter has to be taken over by legal professionals because my voice is not heard at all.

the promises made by bradlows staff are not met and yet bradlows is very quick when it comes to debiting from peoples accounts
COMPLAINT #6380 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Mortheman Hilton Windvoel
I have paid my account in full. I was told that I will receive a paid up letter within 5 to 7 working days.It has been 7 working days and I have not received any feedback regarding the paid up letter.
COMPLAINT #6373 - Customer Service Issues
Tawanda Timothy Murandu
I was approved an account last year November and on that account they were suppose to give me 4 Plate stove and a television but they only delivered stove only. Upto date I haven't received the TV. I was being assisted by the manager at Bradlows Festival Mall Branch. I asked him to cancel the account but insisted he will help me. I'm sure the Stove is fully paid now and but deduction from my account going on. Last month(August 2020) when I visisted the store, they told me Thabiso is not there any more and I ask them to assist me and they took the case with Area Manager. They ask me to do affidavit expecting them to solve the issue but still not assisted. Its a month plus days already but they haven't help me.

Should I stop the debt order from my bank account because I'm paying something which I don't have?
COMPLAINT #6358 - Delivery Issues
Sellinah Banda
Three dining room chairs were picked up for repair on the 09th January 2020 and up to this date they were not returned.I have complained at the store but they also gave up.I don't like complaining because I want good service but Bradlows has failed to deliver good service to its customers.
COMPLAINT #6357 - Repair Issues
I was told my fridge would be delivered on Saturday 05 September 2020, it is Wednesday 09 September 2020 and no one has delivered my fridge. I have phoned in many times to get empty promises or no assistance. I want my fridge delivered today.
COMPLAINT #6167 - Delivery Issues
Linda - parvathy naciker
Good Day

18-03-2020 . i signed a laybye deal for the Cambridge Lounge Suit...
i have paid more than half of the total amount ...
Today after me phoning and enquiring about my order ,, i am told the product is discontinued...

please urgently advise

COMPLAINT #6163 - Sales Issues
Paulos Letsoalo
Hi. I logged a complain regarding a sealy Argo bed I purchased at your Wonderpark branch. I explained to the shop assistants that I can feel springs on the bed and when I sleep on that bed my body get hurt. They gave me run-arounds. I have been in and out of the store since late June. Now they tell me they can't exchange for me. I'm very unhappy and disappointed with the way they handled my issue. And nobody came to inspect the bed.please just let me have a different bed because this particular one disappointed me.your urgent assistance will be appreciated. It has been 2 months since I complained.

Paulos (072 1199 817)

COMPLAINT #6159 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Leigh Anne
My Sealy mattress is sagging alot and one can feel the springs through the mattress. I contacted the lydenburg branch and they said they will exchange the mattress. We have been waiting for almost 2 months. Every time I call the manager says he will contact the warehouse and get back to me. I will never buy anything from bradlows again. We have also send the photos that bradlows requested on the 2 July 2020.
COMPLAINT #6143 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Nonkosi Poto
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From: Nonkosi Poto
Date: Fri, Aug 28, 2020, 2:27 PM
Subject: CUSTOMER NUMBER 104668190
To: bradlowscu*** <bradlowscu***>
Cc: Levo*** <Levo***>

Good day

I’m disgusted by the service I have received thus far from Bradlows, the Promenade store manager Wageeda Ebrahim and the Warehouse Manager Levona.

I purchased the Europe lounge suite from Bradlows , I noted damaged and defects and informed the store. I personally went to the store in Promenade and was assisted by store manager Wageeda Ebrahim. She logged a complaint for the suite to be picked up and sent for repairs, this took longer than the promised time frames.

The suite was picked up on the 25/07/2020 .( see attached Repair Pick up docs). Initial defects was :

2 seater – was sagging and not fully stuffed.

2 seater – has a gash/ chipped in the wooden frame. (This damage occurred when the delivery was made, the contracted delivery people hit the couch against the door- I’m in possession of a video of the this, showing the guys forcing the couch through the door. I have shown this video to store manager Wageeda Ebrahim.)

1 seater- Had a broken spring inside the couch and made a squeaky noise when one seats or gets up)

I then loaded the whole lounge suite on the truck on the 25/07/2020.

The repair process was longer again then the mentioned turnaround times and I had to constantly call the Wageeda Ebrahim.

The Europe lounge suite was then returned back from repairs on the 15/08/2020 and upon opening up the couches I noted that the damages were worse than before. The couches were opened up during repairs and then stapled as a means of closing them up this damaged the fabric, staples were sticking out and this dangerous as our fingers got damaged while removing the couches from the plastics.

White threads and sponges were exposed and the couches wooden frame was damaged.

I immediately called Wageeda Ebrahim and informed her of the damages and that I refuse to accept the couches. I then called the repair warehouse and spoke to Levona S and advised her of the damages. She was in agreement that the damages are unacceptable and that the couches must be loaded back on the truck and returned to the warehouse. Lenova explained that guy who did the repairs was unable and that she would escalate the matter to her manager. I then emailed Levona with full description of damages and pictures as per our agreement in our telephone conversation( pls see attached emails).

I called Wageeda Ebrahim to inform her of my conversation and agreement with Levona, she also advised that I return the couches and between herself and Levona she would sort this asap.

I have been sending messages to Wageeda Ebrahim to find out where are my couches but she keeps saying that warehouse has no answers for her and she doesn’t know what else to do. (Please see attached whatsapp chats )

I made it clear to Levona and Wageeda Ebrahim that I refuse to take couches again and wants new ones or a different lounge suite as Wegeeda had indicated that they are out of stock. I have had to pay for couches end of July that were not in my possession, and I’m expected to continue with installments for something that I don’t have and I’m being told that Bradlows has no answers for me.

I request this matter be handled urgently and in my favour. I’m very disappointed at Bradlows and the service I have receieved thus far.


Nonkosi Poto

Quality Assurance Consultant

Product Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #6030 - Product Issues
Lerato Tsitsi
I have bought a bed about two yeas ago amounting to R8000,00 and its already having this funny sound. I requested for exchange four weeks back which I paid for. Even today the bed is not delivered. I have been sending numerous emails for update but no feedback. They always promise to call me back and never called back. I was assisted by branch manager at bradlows Rustenburg but her service as a manager is so poor. I have bought another bed king size as that one was bad within 3 years period and two single beds. They are only happy to receive money from customers from there they forget altogether as their target is made. I have been a customer to this store but I'm totally disappointed. Very disgusting.

Hope this will be attended to. I spend airtime to call, data to send mails and petrol to travel to the store. Such an inconvenience.
COMPLAINT #6020 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Tshepo Khalaki
I bought a bed cash at Protea Glen Mall and have since called them to notify them that the bed that they delivered is not the same as the one I bought. The base sounds like it has been used before and I was told the matter will take three weeks. I paid cash for proper bed and when my money cleared it did not take three weeks. I am absolutely dissatisfied and want to even ask for a refund, when all I wanted was for the correct bed to be delivered and this old thing taken back to wherever it came from. You can log a complaint with any company in the world and get a reference the very day if not 24 hours. I do not have a single reference till today. The bed was bought last week on Sunday and I even asked what will happen if something happens to the bed with all these delays. I was then told I will be contacted either with bad news or good news. This is totally uncalled for as I never even asked for credit. I used my hard earned cash to get what I got from you guys. Can someone please do something about this. My number is 074 387 1696 and my email address is tshepo*** I will attach the picture of the bed, please compare it with the original and tell me if I am hallucinating.
COMPLAINT #5989 - Product Issues