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Geraldine Manalili
We sent emails no response and when we call, we always get the same answers. We do always check the status on the site, it's still schedule for installation! We spoke to several agents, unfortunately they work in a different area. Now the last agent we spoke who's handling the Mexico area, helped us to check the possible date of installation and she told us there's no available port in our area. On the 11th of May once we sent all the requirements, the status then was "Port Reservation", until we get an update and made a payment, everything was smooth. On the status, we need to make a payment asap to secure our reserved port. We have been told after we made a payment, they will do the survey and someone needs to be in the house just to make sure because after 2 or possible 3days they'll do the installation. So, today we were told no port available and it is impossible to do the installation! Why ask for the payment if they cannot provide service? We're now unable to work for 3weeks because of misleading info/update. Either they will expand or look for available box to give us service!
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COMPLAINT #3321 - Service Issues
Stephanie Babiera
We have requested for installation around May 10, 2020. We were advised that there is an available port in our area. But when the technician arrived, they said that they were not allowed by brgy officials to install. The port assigned to us is with another brgy that cant allow me to install since I am not residing in their brgy. Its been 2 weeks and we already requested for a refund but no response from their customer service
COMPLAINT #3316 - Customer Service Issues
cons k.
my application was paid for in full since Feb. 29, 2020, but due to the lockdown they cancelled the installation and the account altogether and subjected to refund since April 2, 2020, upto now May 28, 2020, still no word when i will get my refund. a terrible waste of time, and terrible service.
COMPLAINT #3295 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Alma Cajandoc
This is Alma Cajandoc/Account # 1050602035801/LOS Red problem, would like to complain about my internet connection which we cannot use since May 19, 2020. I already reported this to my agent Bing Globasa but she always says that she has no contact to anyone in Converge and that her report regarding my internet has no update since May 19, 2020. I already reported this thru the link sent to me by my agent on May 20, 2020. On May 21, I send an email and I was given a ticket# CTS-001878581. On May 22 & 23,I made a ff-up e-mail by following the instructions on how to ff-up an email, I wrote the ticket # and account number on the subject for ff-up but they've given me another ticket# CTS-001897059 still no call or any update from Converge after all the report I've done. On May 26, 2020, I send again an email and as usual, I was given another ticket# CTS-001911742. But still, no action on their part.My agent was not answering my message to her on messenger, maybe she doesn't want to accommodate me since I was upset when I send her messages. I also tried to call your Manila Hotline but wasn't able to connect. Line was always been busy. The four cp number found on google can't be reach or out of coverage. What will I do to check my line? it's been 10 days now since we have no connection. PLEASE CHECK MY LINE ASAP!!!!
I will also deduct the payment from the day that out internet connection have lost. It's unfair if I am going to pay that!
COMPLAINT #3293 - Repair Issues
Hiyas D.
I applied for an internet connection at Converge on Feb and they confirmed that my area is serviceable. After paying the upfront payment in advance, they sent the technician to install around mid-Feb. However, the tech said that there is no available port and they cannot install. I requested for a refund but until now (May 20, 2020) no update and I didn’t get my refund yet. I hope someone can help me regarding this and I hope this will reach the higher department of Converge; not just the customer service. I hope I will get back my hard earned money!
Reply by florence b on 21 May, 2020
same complaint here. let us look and find some more people.
Reply by Ana Rabara on 24 May, 2020
Same. Ipa-Tulfo na natin.
Reply by Steph B on 29 May, 2020
May update na po ba kayo pano makuha refund?
COMPLAINT #3175 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Kenneth Badeo
I already had a scheduled installation before but was cancelled due to the lockdown. I already went to the barangay and confirmed that they already allow installation.I also have their written permission. I just want to schedule a technician as soon as possible for my job. Please see attached file of the barangay's written permission to install. Also, what’s the process of refunding the 1,500 pesos I paid for the installation? I will be checking other internet providers next week if this is not yet installed within this week. The status of my application is still on hold until now and I haven't received any calls from you. I contacted your technician but they never responded. I tried to call you on your number but my 350 pesos load is used up even before I get an agent due to your long wait time. Your 15 seconds wait time is equivalent to 30 minutes hold. I don't mean to be a complainer but I had enough and my patience is already running low.
Reply by Hiyas D on 20 May, 2020
Hi! In my case, I emailed them to request for a refund because talking to their customer service over the phone is like talking to a robot. They can’t resolve and answer simple questions. However, the down part is, it will take forever to get the refund. I requested for a refund 1st-2nd wk of March but today is May 21, 2020 but no one told me yet how and when I can get the money. But at least via email, you have hope compared to phone calls. I already paid 2 bills from other provider but Converge didn’t refund me yet.
COMPLAINT #3161 - Service Issues
Louel R Ordillano
I have already paid my upfront fees but they are still not installing our installation request. We have already lost 2 of our part time job due to limited due date for internet connection due to their service.
I have tried to follow up on their CS but they do not do anything but to say to just wait. Hoping you could help me out. Thank you so much.

Ticket Number: SS05871303
COMPLAINT #3147 - Service Issues
Aliah Mangotel
I applied for internet and everything was fine until the installation, I was told by the sales representative that there will be no problem with the installation but the tech told me that it cannot be installed without poles , a lot of complications. I emailed, called, texted and chatted converge customer care but no one is helping me to cancel the order and refund me the upfront payment of 1500. You're not expecting us to wait for nothing. Please someone take care this. This is absolutely ridiculous for growing company without since of urgency. Even cancelling order is not available online. Tried to contact many person but nothing happen.
COMPLAINT #3137 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Terrence dela Cruz
Every week we are having a service issue specially internet. I am working at home and need an internet. I am losing money because of the poor services. We spent time going to your office every week to have this taken care of. Can you imagine how inconvenient is that for us. We upgraded our plan thinking that will help resolve the issue but makes the issue worst.
COMPLAINT #3132 - Service Issues
Jerica Veron s. Telesforo
Submitted all the necessary requirements and paid the upfront fees amounting to Php 1,500.00. An agent called me informing that my installation schedule is from May 1 to May 7. But until now, no one is communicating with me. I called the number but it is no longer reachable. It is a scam? I would like to refund if there will be no installation happening. Please this is urgent.
COMPLAINT #3063 - Refund / Exchange Issues