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Mari Mazo
Oct 30/31 incident happen at mini stop store located at Mckinley Park Residence, building beside Netcube located in BGC, Taguig.
I ussually drop by at this store only to buy chillz,I came in & saw the product is almost frozen as machine is working. there was 5 customer ahead of me on the line with 1 guy cashier.I am w/ my officemates at that time.
When its my turn,I told the the guy/cashier what i will buy, he immediately told me without a blink that its not available.I told him, that the cloud 9 is almost frozen, he kept telling me its not without even chevking.the way he said those is was even more SARCASTIC, which is soooo dreadful!.Discusted me, went out, but an officemate behind me who bought chicken told me that the guy kept talking even after i got out of the store.ANG KULIT NI MAM WALA NGA E.woww..good job for the customer service!
This is the same guy that told me on my previous visit at same store who had given me wrong change ,then being confronted, he said they dont have coins fir my.change!
He was being called sir, do i assume this is a supervisor. You might want to get him a refresher course or a training maybe on what is a customer service since this is your line of business!.The attitude is unacceptable for a supervisor!
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