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Jimmy Fredericks
This morning my wife took our car to replace the rear shocks which I allready ordered last week Thursday. She was the first to arive there so one of the workers at Hi-Q took her and drop her at her workplace. Since she was the first to arive at Hi-Q we thought that our car will be dealth with first. At 13h00 one of the workers come to fetch her at her workplace to get the car which she need at 14h00 to fetch our kids at school and then the workers (not even the managers there), told her they didnt even touch our car she must come back at 14h00 after school. She come back round about 14h15 they saw her standing there in the heat of the sun and today it was 44 degrees but none of them come to tell her that they are busy she must rather leave the car or come back tomorrow. My wife and myself are not happy of this poor service delivery because our car was standing their the whole day in the sun without given attention to and they only had to replace the rear shocks. I think its very poor management from the management team becauae I think they are handling and desiding who to do first and believe its favourism. Porterville Hi-Q branch. I dont think none of you would like to be handled like this and nor would you like you car standing in the direct sun at 44 degrees.
COMPLAINT #2575 - Customer Service Issues
I'm am very sadden and now very pissed off and angry. I put 4 brand new hifly tyres into my car. The car went for alignment etc at Hi q centurion. After about an hour an half waiting I was told I need to pay R400 extra over and above the R2700 as they need to do something cause car is not aligning. due to being late for work already I said I will come in first thing Saturday morning. By then driving from hi q to work I noticed car is like vibrating and like a hop. When I took it on saturday I hear them banging something under my car and that shocked me an than see a huge hammer is being taken . I waited an hour or more and was told car was ready the guy said it took him longer Than expected. After car going for a test drive the guy said car is perfect we can leave. We explained what we felt while driving and it was put in the ramp to recheck balancing. After waiting another 30mins they say or we have very bad news come see your wheel bearings are gone and your rim is buckled. I don't understand two days the was checked and realigned etc and now they tel me things are broken in my car after they banged it so badly. This is a one owner from new car an thyy tel me things like this. My car was perfect not a thing wrong and now after just putting new tyres my car is vibrating hopping now rim is buckled and now they say my wheel bearing is gone. I want camera footage to see exactly what theiu did under my car I can't belive for r just putting new tyres my car has become so damaged that thyy had to use huge big hammer to bang my car now my rim is buckled and my bearing is gone. Why didn't they tell me that on the 1st day when they put on new tyres on the rim and balanced why only two days later and hours spent banging under my car they come and say further bad news rim is buckles and bearings are gone.
Reply by Natasha on 28 October, 2019
Is anyone cared to responsed and sort this issue out. Your staff damaged my car
COMPLAINT #2247 - Repair Issues