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Grace Lee
Our item was lost in your warehouse, and even the seller did not get it back. They have so many reason and it's been two months or more than two months since i ordered that. At first they deliver it but based on delivery man he did not find our home address but second time na nyang magdeliver saamin. Until it took long. And the seller said we would just refund our payment. We just wasted time here.
COMPLAINT #5887 - Delivery Issues
Mark Mendoza
The parcel was ship august 20 and until now i havent recieve it yet because of misroute...from manila to tanuan to batangas city then tanuan then batangas then occidental mindoro then batangas then occidental then batangas then calapan then batangas then occidental then batangas...fuck this misroute! I have my address my full address in my parcel so whats the problem you J&T express??? I am a regular customer of j&t but what happen??? Please consider this a seriously problem one...thank you!
COMPLAINT #5799 - Delivery Issues
leeshel fernandez
received only 1 item... pero madami po pinadala pamangkin ko, bag,shoes, clothes 2.55kg dumating d2 0.40 kg nlng... please help us, hirap nla kausapin.. thank you soo much
COMPLAINT #5769 - Other Issues
About the damages of product delivery, not just once but many times. I'm from Pampanga and products delivered to zamboanga, bicol, bulacan.. But unfortunately the customers disappointed and complaint to me about the packaging of products,and product itself was damaged..I use lubao pampanga branch.. Pls check the branch, it is for customers satisfaction. And if I can regards this to the insurance of the products. Thanks!
COMPLAINT #5766 - Product Issues
Victor Vicencio Rosales
Not providing packaging tapes for vip's. Not responding to messages most of the time ( marcos alvarez branch) las pinas.
COMPLAINT #5588 - Customer Service Issues
D. Garcia
I just made a collage picture. As you can see, I have received a message exactly 10:38am saying my order is out for delivery. Around 4pm, I texted the rider's contact number to asked what time will I get my order since the message was sent 10:38am and it's already afternoon. To my surprise, the rider didn't even bother himself to reply to my message. So what I did is to message the seller. Guess what? The seller was able to ring the number once then turns out the number is busy up until now. I was not able to include the screenshot but the seller texted as well the rider who named Michael Dunque and he didn't even bother himself again to reply. So what now? Any action about the inconvenience and this is not the first time I have experienced it with the same rider.
Delivery Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #5482 - Delivery Issues
Christine Torcende
Hi , I just want to follow up my parcel i ordered in shopee it was out for delivery August 15,2020 and while im waiting all day i didn’t received any call or txt and when I checked the tracking it was misroute how can it be misroute when i provided all my details and the correct address?? I need to get my parcel asap I've already write a complain this before due to my parcel was returned to the seller when infact I didn’t receive any update from a delivery person no txt or call at all. So please deliver it properly my line is always open i don't want parcel to be RTS again. Hoping for your response.
Reply by Joel salvador on 18 November, 2020
Palagi silang ganyan. 4x na nangyare sakin yan. Palagi J&T. Misroute palagi. Nadedelay tuloy delivery. Ewan ko ba kung marunong magbasa ng navigation app mga yan or palusot lang nila misroute na yan. Kakairita.
Reply by Jerico on 24 March, 2021
J&T mga bwesit kayo delayed lage mga deliver nyo tapos pa ulit ulit pa yung shipping info.nyo wala na tuloy kameng pinang hahawakan na araw kung kailan ma de deliver yung item mga bobo ba kayo?!ayusin nyo naman service nyo pangit na ng image nyo mga bulok!!!
Reply by Jerico on 25 March, 2021
Bwesit kayo j&t exp.sarap nyong murahin sobrang lapit na ng location ko sa warehouse ng delivery nyo nami misroute pa ano kayo mga bobo!no.1 sa delayed kayo mag delivery mga bulok sistema nyo!!
Reply by CBM on 27 May, 2021
It happened to me to, third time now for J&T, but for other delivery carriers hindi naman. I thought the first time it was just normal error, but after third time being consistent misroute, I'd rather ise different carriers. Patient pa naman ako when it comes to deliveries, but this is just simply bad.
COMPLAINT #5443 - Delivery Issues
Hannie Lou Anoc
My parcel was supposed to be delivered on August 8 by Bayarcal, Allan. Waited for a day,however the parcel wasn't delivered due to unable to push delivery status. On the next delivery August 9, it was supposed to be finally delivered but the courier used a different number to call me twice and was not able to answer due to a different number used. I was also asleep that time and didnt really expect that the unknown number is the courier's number. Technically this should be the first time that the parcel will be delivered as the other one was unable to push delivery. The courier didnt bother to deliver it the second time.
COMPLAINT #5225 - Delivery Issues
The first day my parcel out for delivery, i waited for the whole day only to find out they cant deliver informing me thru txt at around 9 pm. Next day i have work and i ask for afternoon delivery. Joeney Cosio from jt said he cant because he is in my vicinity in the morning. Wow ! So, ako pa rin ang mag aadjust kahit na noong 1st day pinag hintay ako. Told him, ill go to their headquarters and report him, well he just laugh at it. I need my parcel but with quarantine mahirap, ako na lang sana pi pick up And by the way sa Bacolod branch ito
COMPLAINT #5180 - Delivery Issues
Arnelyn Aranas
Last July, I sent packages bound to baguio and masbate, COD. The package bound for baguio was supposed to be delivered on a public market and the stall was closed since it arrived on a sunday. The next day, jnt attempted to deliver it again at around 7 am without any calls for the receiver. 8 am, it was declaired as RETURN to sender. I informed the receiver and she tried to call the delivery guy's number at 10 am but they said it was already for return. So walang nagawa.

2nd and 3rd parcel is delivered to Masbate. 2nd parcel was again returned to sender i dont know why but what i know is that they never called the receiver that the parcel was already at their branch and ready for deliver, no texts and all, just plain RETURN TO SENDER.

3rd parcel. Bound to Baybay Dagat, San fernando. And yhe parcel was just in masbate. They called the receiver to inform them that they cannot/ will not deliver their parcel to their address because they can't or won't go for it. The customer must pick up the items.

Mind the distance and the quarantine and all. We pay for the shipping fee for convenience para di mangyari ang ganito na kelangan pang pumunta sa malayong lugar makuha mo lang ang parcel mo. Seriously? Why did they even confirm the shipment if they can't deliver it to that address in the first place? AND NOW I HAVE TO PAY FOR THE 3 RETURN TO SENDER PACKAGES BACK AND FORTH!!
Delivery Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #5123 - Delivery Issues
Jalou Batilong
To whom it may concern, the delivery man who delivered my parcel today in the name of Arman Luzano with mobile number: 09059030657 was so rude in delivering the parcel.

Here's our conversation via phone:

Him: Hi ma'am, is this Jalou Batilong.
Me: Yes.
Him: From J&T - please prepare the amount for the parcel
Me: How much should i pay again? I had to ask because I have multiple deliveries today and there are at least 4 numbers who texted me today that they will deliver the parcel.
Him: (in a sarcastic voice) - I already texted it to you ma'am
Me: is this the Php 385?
Him: (in a sarcastic voice again) you know it and you still ask ma'am?
Me: So I have to explain to him why I am asking for the exact amount
Him: Are you in the office ma'am so I can just drop it and have the payment immediately
Me: I told him, yes, I am in the office and ask him where is he
Him: He said, in a sarcastic voice again that he is in the nearby hotel and he will be in the office in a minute so it's better for me to wait outside already.

You see, I am in the customer service line sir/ma'am and one thing that I hate is rude, sarcastic customer service personnel. I don't know is he is tired or not, but please have your riders, employees, or anyone in your office treat customers right - even if you are fucking tired. I had to call your attention on this so you can reprimand the person. I don't care if you don't get back to me on this, but at least, have the decency to reprimand your people. I am referring to J&T Express Cagayan de Oro branch. I hope you will have all your riders trained on how to approach or ask nicely to people/customers. No one needs good education to be good in treating customers.
COMPLAINT #5098 - Service Issues
Gusto ko po sana ireklamo ang delivery rider po ng j&t sta rosa, laguna area po sa bastos neto pakikipag usap sa kanyang dedeliveran . "JORELLE CLEOFAS" po name nya . Pinapaliwanag kopo sa kanya na nag extend ako ng delivery time sa shopee at ang sagot nya sakin "eh oorder order ako eh di ko naman daw irerecieve and then sabe pa nya pabigat ung item nayon which it di naman kabigatan" . Ganyan po ba mga ugale ng courier nyo j&t sta rosa ? Walang galang costumer .
COMPLAINT #5075 - Delivery Issues
Dione David Layosa
I am from Daet, Camarines Norte. I went to J&T Daet to send a box of facemasks to Pio Duran on July 08, 2020 They accepted my parcel and they told me that they will DELIVER it to Pio Duran. Yes, I asked them specifically if they will really deliver it to Pio Duran. And so I paid Php360 for a parcel that only weighs not more than 2kgs. And then since July 13, 2020 there were no updates in their tracker. And just a few days ago they contacted the receiver and they told the receiver that the parcel is only available for PICK-UP because Pio Duran is out their delivery zone. And so I went back to J&T Daet and the same person who accepted my parcel won't own up to his mistake that he accepted my transaction without telling me that Pio Duran is out of their delivery zone. Now, I just paid Php360 for nothing but stress and hassle.
Customer Service Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #4733 - Customer Service Issues
July 20 ng mapick up ang parcel from the store. Until now oicked up pa rin status ng parcel. Nacoordinate ko na sa seller yet ang sabi sa kanya babayaran na lang daw items kasi napatungan n nga maraming parcels at tintamad na maghanap ang mag empleyado nila. This is so unfair! We entrusted our products sa J&t yet paulit ulit nilang sinsamantala at nineneglect ang mga parcels bg customer. Hopefully maaksyonan ito.
COMPLAINT #4717 - Delivery Issues
Arvin Ocier
We have been waiting for 2 parcels to be delivered and the updates we have been receiving says that they were unable to push to delivery. We received a text saying that it was assigned to a driver. When contacted, the driver said they will call when it is delivered. But it was not delivered and the parcel was returned to their warehouse. Now we are trying to contact the driver but he is not answering. One last delivery fail update and it might be returned to seller and yet they are not responding.
Reply by engelbert feria on 19 January, 2021
yung rider hindi man lang tumawag o nagtext sa akin o sa tatanggap hindi naman kami manghuhula kung asan sya banda ngayon onhold na yung parcel noong nakaraan bumalik sakin nagbayad nanaman ako ulit ng sf
COMPLAINT #4707 - Delivery Issues
Joshualyn Banares
My parcel is almost 1 month na po, but still we didnt recieved it from davao to bacolod city the sender already complain it to your davao branch and called the cebu branch but the cebu branch got angry & dont want to acknowledge their mistake,and i still dont know where was my parcel,please be more considerate to your customer's complain
Please be advised...
COMPLAINT #4603 - Delivery Issues
Lorna Aloria
Items were always rescheduled because J&T Moriones Tondo Branch are not picking up the parcels. Then their status ALWAYS, “Items were not ready”. When in the first place they did not even show up to pick up our parcels. Also, ALL contact numbers are unreachable ALWAYS! They don’t even pick up the call AND they even DIVERT all calls to another number. It is like this branch DON’T even exist!
COMPLAINT #4515 - Service Issues
Lyndon M. Legaspi
I was waiting for my parcel to arrive only to find out that the parcel is being returned to the sender. The delivery boy did NOT even made an effort to contact me to inform me that the parcel will be delivered. I know that the delivery boy knows my address but he didn't make an effort to deliver it to me.
COMPLAINT #4506 - Delivery Issues
Jeannette Joan Farne
Early in the morning I went to my husbands office at SSS IBA, zambales. Without any knowing that I forgot my phone in our house.And that day also the item that i was order from Shopee is being delivered. That the delivery man is kept on shouting delivery and even knocking so loudly on our gate that all of our neighbor got alarmed for continuesly and repeating words scandly. This is very rude action to us, I ordered a lot of items in shopee using this courier and this is my first time to encounter this kind of delovery attitude. Please educate your delivery man or even give him disciplinary action for he can come back the next day without doing this rude things to us. Thank you.

Good day, you have a delivery! TN is 780470324828. Contact (Ercris Vengco) at (639108166981). For COD, please prepare exact amount. Photo proof of delivery will be required by our rider. To ensure public safety, J&T is disinfecting parcels and conducting contactless delivery. Thank you!
COMPLAINT #4462 - Delivery Issues
Marie Perez
They remain operational during the Enhanced Community Quarantine, which is appreciated; however, their customer service lines are closed. Many customers have issues but do not receive help. There are a lot of posts on their Facebook and Twitter page asking for help but they remain unanswered. They only reply with templates that do not answer anything. They gave a list of branch contact numbers but no one answers calls or responds to text messages. If one plans to provide services, at least make sure that there is someone who can look into issues or at give the assurance that someone will. People spent their hard earned money, if not limited since a lot of people don't have jobs now, to purchase essential needs or other stuff only to have it left unpicked up or stuck in one of their warehouses.
Reply by Peter monS on 27 June, 2020
Bad service, my courier has been sent for 40 days. Inquiring at their branch point in Puerto Princesa Palawan always means that it is a bit slow because of the arrival of too much goods. Please wait, please wait. Never choose j&t again! !
COMPLAINT #3136 - Customer Service Issues