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Consumer Complaints ( 2 )

James McLaughlin
We were taken to store by taxi driver...
We were overwhelmed with sales people, upon selecting 2 items of clothes for what we thought was 3400 rupee we charged 34000 rupee, absolutely outrageous price.
Upon trying to get a refund we were refused.
This company is preying on tourists.
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COMPLAINT #2096 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Kerstin Schuetze
I was in a hurry after a business meeting and took a taxi. I asked the driver to go to a special store. I obviously didn't know it and brought me to Arsenal KNE Ravinale. I wanted to buy just one t shirt. I was immediately annoyed by 3 shop assistant telling me, I'll get 3 shirts for the price of one. It was a normal price for a shirt. I was in a hurry, my kid was still sitting in the car and I was trying to find a shirt as fast as I could. I ended up with 5 Shop assistant constantly talking to me and driving me insane. Finally I payed 6800 Rupies for 3 shirts with my Visa. I could not stop the process and felt really bad when I left. How can I argue with 5 Shop Assistant and a driver who is having my kid in the car. Actually I want my money back and if there is someone out there who can stop those terrible traps for tourists please do. This one moment really did put a dark spot on my long stay in Mauritius. Is this really fair?

I can send you my receipt if there is any help in the case.
I am back in Europe now. But will return.
COMPLAINT #1972 - Sales Issues