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South Africa - 14 Lotus Stree, Desainagar, Tongaat Beach

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Alex Brackmann
bought 2 new tyres at Tongaat Hi-Q 27/11/ 2019
after 6 weeks had a puncture and took it back for repairs, they said we had nail in the tyre they did a mushroom plug, 2 weeks later the same tyre flat again, went back to Hi-Q first they told us that it was not the tyre they sold us, so they are not responsible, after we where adamant that it was the same tyre they sold us, they said we where driving on the rim, again we told them that as soon as we saw that the tyre was flat we changed to the spare one and did not drive on it

Now they demand something like R 540.00 for replacement tyre more then half of the purchase price

please see the other tyre we bought at the same time, both are at the back
COMPLAINT #2580 - Guarantee Or Warranty Issues