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Carlo Elip
Please inform your management about your poor service and health safety protocols.

No faceshield while on duty yung guard nyo? Mukhang deffective pa yung thermal scanner nyo. Yung staffs nyo sa pharmacy around 5-8 ang dami pero nagkukwentuhan lang sa loob. Waiting yung customer nyo tatlo lang naman pero dalawang pharmacist lang nag aassist.

Yung guard nyo nanita ng nagpark na CUSTOMER naman pero CROWDED na yung space ng parking area nyo wala naman kayong customers sa loob, mga nakikipark lang din?

Bastos pa kinakausap nakatalikod lang. Yung guard on duty nyo ng around 9-9:30, February 26.
COMPLAINT #12394 - Customer Service Issues
Kenneth john Landicho
Foremost, I idolized and highly respected pharmacist, because they constantly help and build rapport with their customers. Nonetheless, I am so disappointed with a rude woman pharmacist in arcade Paniqui, Tarlac. She approached me badly and the tone of her voice is high, it seems there’s a problem with me. Merely because I just purchased two medicine worth of 45 pesos and my only money is one thousand pesos ( can’t provide small amount of money) doesn’t mean she has the Right to be rude at me. In spite of everything, I still admired your company. I just reported it for your companies name. Hence, still I shall patronizing your products.
COMPLAINT #11788 - Customer Service Issues
Almera jaun
I complain mercury drug ultimart san pablo branch todaybbecause of their pharmacy assistant ivan pascual happened today january 31 2021 for being bastos sa amin haba bumubili kami ng gamot sana po bigyan ng mercury ng karampatang aksyon ang nga empleyado ganito
COMPLAINT #11492 - Service Issues
Riza G. Reambonanza
I was supposed to buy Silymarin at your Buhay na Tubig branch but it wasn't available. Hence, they took the initiative to reserve the mentioned medicine at Habay branch; they told me that I can easily get my reserved medicine and that I won't have to line up anymore. I went to Habay branch to finally pick up my reserved medicine but I waited for 20 minutes in front of the counter and no one assisted me. I saw some of the pharmacists just dancing and chatting in one corner. When I told one of the people there that I need assistance, I was finally catered to by a certain "Meanne". When i finally got my order, i thanked her for assisting me because I've been waiting there for 20 minutes. I told her that my service should be fast and convenient since it was just for pick up but she told me, "ay hindi po ma'am, maghihintay pa rin po kayo ng matagal." I felt sarcasm in her tone but I still thanked her anyway. This is my 2nd time to encounter a terrible customer service at this certain branch. I hope you can do something about it.
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COMPLAINT #10974 - Service Issues
Jean Cortez
Hi Good day, i just want to clarify issues regarding Doctor's prescriptions validity. i went to Mercury branch in Moncada Tarlac to buy some medicine with me is my complete doctors prescriptions, is it true that doctors prescription is only valid for 5 days..? to my disappointment they didn't allow me to purchase my medicine which i needed that day, including my Highblood maintenance, my prescription medicine was dated only last nov. 28, 2020. do we really need to get doctors prescription every 5 days just for this mercury branch in moncada to allow as to purchase our needed medicine, as we all now going to the doctors clinic now a days is very risky. This is not the only time that we have encountered this kind of incident even my senior citizen parents who also went there to purchase their Highblood maintenance were not entertain by this branch just because they asking for a 5 days valid prescription. Kindly enlighten us if it is correct... also i just want to know if all mercury branches has this rule, cause on the same day i went to another mercury branch and they allow me to buy my medicine. can you please look on this issue and give me feedback asap. Thank You
COMPLAINT #10426 - Other Issues
Jamie Galit
Good day! I just want to know kung ano ang policy nyo sa pag avail ng senior citizen discount pag dating sa otc at vitamins. sabi kasi sa mercury dito sa san juan batangas iba daw ang policy nila sa ibang pharmacy. kanina bumibili ung mommy ko ng maintenance medicine nya. sabi ko add sya ng neurogen e good for 1 week kasi otc vitamins naman yon.

alam ko kasi seniors can avail otc and vit without rx good for 7 days eventhough walang rx as long as the senior can present their id and booklet.

pero sabi nila iba daw ang policy nila, need daw ng rx para don. 2yrs ago bumibili din ako ng biogesic sa kanila pagkagaling ng mommy ko sa hospital para sa take home meds nia, pinasamahan ko ng biogesic para sabi ko if ever na lagnatin ulit may maiinom sya. pero sabi nila need daw ng rx para makadiscount ng ganon. simula non sa watsons at mercury sa manila na ko bumibili para sa meds at vitamins ng parents ko kasi sila standard ang rules na binibigay nila. as long as may id, booklet at otc and vits good for 7 days kahit walang rx nagbibigay sila.

gusto ko lang malaman kung tama ba ang sinasabi ng mercury dito sa san juan batangas, na may sarili silang rule pag dating sa availment ng senior citizen discount. para next time alam ko kung saan ako bibili at para malaman ko na din kung mali ba ako. kasi nung bumibili ako sa mercury sa manila at sa watsons ng meds at vits ng mommy ko hindi naman ganyan. Tinanong ko na din ung taga mercury na binibilhan ko sa manila pagdating sa senior citizen discount sabi naman nila pede as long as otc at vits basta may id booklet at good for 7days ok.

I will wait for your feedback, thank you and stay safe.
COMPLAINT #10097 - Other Issues
Wynette Soliman
I wanted to extend my complaint to the staff especially to the pharmacist (who’s on a heavy size) of Mercury Lagro, QC Branch. SHOWS NO INTEREST IN SERVING CUSTOMERS.

My scenario:
I asked the pharmacist who served me to get a suki card but when after I filled out my information she just left me hanging there waiting. I was there for almost like 30mins no one is looking for me the girl just let me signed but didn’t even give me the suki card then she is gone then after awhile I saw her obly just talking with her fellow pharmacist smirking like she really tend to leave me hanging I couldn’t even call her attention because I don’t want to cause a scene.

Please improve that kind of attitude especially to the woman who served me then leave me alone waiting she’s so rude.

COMPLAINT #9839 - Customer Service Issues
Fherlyn Valdez
Hi Good day! This is Fherlyn and I bought drugs from your store for my maintenance at around 4:30, Dec 10, 2020.I was at the counter checking the items that I need to buy and suddenly I heard the staffs at the cashier talking and saying "PWD" then laugh. The question is what is so funny about it? They supposed to be all professionals there, but they are not doing their job.The name of the staff is Roulene Taeza at Mercury Drug Ampid 1 San Mateo Rizal Branch. I am really disappointed with the attitude of the two staffs at the cashier. It felt insulting and humiliating.If you do have CCTV you can review it there. I hope you can do further action to this matter! Thank you! We should probably one of the Priority not to be insulted!
COMPLAINT #9690 - Customer Service Issues
brian sameer baile
I am writing this letter to bring to your attention that i am not satisfied with your quality of services provided by Mercury Drug P. Oliveros branch near Antipolo Cathedral. I am talking about the staff service of Ms Jho-an on December 5, 2020 (saturday) at around 3:45 pm.
There was a qeueing line in front of me and when it was my time, i asked the staff in front of me if they still sell panoxyl. She is not familiar with the brand so i presumed she asked for help with her senior staff ms jho an.
She told me in an “uncaring” manner that they dont sell this brand. So i asked again if they have a similar brand that contains benzoyl peroxide (since i am a using this brand for too long to know the ingredients used) she scolded me that they dont sell it over the counter and that i must have a prescription for it to use.
I was dumbfounded because i always buy it here. And i have been prescribed by my doctor.

To complain it shortly:
1. She did not give her services effectively and empathetically by the way she treats your customers.
2. She did not explain to me well that there were other options, later when i gave the staff some of the equivalents of the drug i wanted to buy.
3. The drug i was buying was over the counter
4. She told me that she just butted in for the staff i was asking because the staff was just a newbie. So i told her that it is her responsibility as her senior to show respect and cordial service for she is a guiding senior for that newbie. If that is how she treats your customer surely the newbie will follow her misdemeanor.
5. The way she explained to me was degrading that i was just some kind of dumb customer and explains to me that just “cares” for my skin? then why did she acted “uncaring” towards me?
6. She doesnt follow protocol by your institution regarding complaints because she told me that she was not the one who received my order. But, as the new staff’s “senior” she should be responsible on how to be of good service for her customer.
I have been a regular client of your business but now i am completely disappointed. I expect quality service even in the time of a pandemic and requests you to address this issue with immediate attention not just for me, but for the benefit of your customers be it may present and future.

Thank you

Brian Sameer Baile, RMT, MMPA, MHA
Bacteriologist III
Section head bacteriology
Philippine Orthopedic Center
COMPLAINT #9495 - Customer Service Issues
Maureen Interior
Ayaw po pumayag na ipalit ng other brand po yung omeprazole,di daw po sila tumatanggap ng exchange.Galit p po saleslady tapos ayaw po sabihin name nya.
COMPLAINT #9173 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Virginia A. Soriano
They did not want to change the item that we are complaining because it is erroring and the product cause me blood clot in the arms.
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COMPLAINT #9171 - Product Issues
Margarita Salinas
We just want complain your service

During this pandemic and crisis
Senior citizen are not allowed to go out especially when they have pre existing illness

Hindi Maka kuha ng bago booklet ang mother in-law ko kasi hirap sya lumabas na and Makati pa sya kukuha. Since pandemic di na sya makalabas and dince Wala transportation option for them.

Ano ba naman I consider nyo mag discount

COMPLAINT #8575 - Other Issues
Eddie R. Mamucod
October 25, 2020


I am a senior citizen of Pasig City who wants to buy 4 pcs. of revitrol 2mg out of the prescribed 15pcs., but encountered a rude/discourteous employee by the name of WELLA last Thursday Oct. 22, 2020 around 6PM.

It all started when she said "hindi na pwede itong reseta (original/xerox) mo expired na. Pumunta ka sa doctor at kumuha ng bago."

I beseech her to let me buy 4 pcs.of medicines bec. of 3 sleepless nights but to no avail.

I told her that the Kapitolyo branch where I bought 3 pcs. did not tell me that the prescription has a validity period of 2 months from the date it was first purchased. What the Kapitolyo branch told me, just xerox the prescription and the no. of medicine purchase will be deducted to the remaining balance. So I said, it is not my fault. WELLA replied, "HINDI KO DIN KASALANAN, MAGBASA KA!" in a tiger look.

WELLA should also informed my wife in a telephone conversation that the prescription for that particular medicine has a validity period. What she said, go to their branch and she will check the Px. Should she told my wife to check the validity before going to their branch, I should not gone to heavy traffic from Rotonda to Brgy. Sumilang wasting precious time, effort, gasoline and MY ENERGY.

When I presented new prescription, she did not honor it bec. "Wala daw LS2" which she did not tell me before securing. Her information is always on a piece meal basis.

For humanitarian reason, she would let me buy a few which I needed badly. She should have another option (another medicine), apologetic to the situation, respect to senior like me as the law provide and customer friendly (putting herself in the shoes of her client and pracrice SMILE all the time). She is not well verse in handling the situation and does not deserve to be a frontliner of your company. Her name WELLA, should have WELL served and

Your instantaneous action on this matter will be highly appreciated.

Many thanks.
COMPLAINT #7798 - Customer Service Issues
Make it anonymous
Gusto ko lang ireklamo yung mercury drug binondo ongpin branch. The employees there are very noisy that they tend to disturb us., their costumers. Especially the girls. 5 of the girls. They laugh out too loud on the cashier area. and on the next day. at around 3:30 in the afternoon. when i looked inside, the same girl employees are dancing and laughing not considering their costumers. I hope you make some actions on the girls bad behavior. Very unprofessional.  Thank you.
COMPLAINT #7197 - Other Issues
Maricar Calingasan
Last sept 4,2020 , ako, si Maricar Calingasan ay bumili ng gamot sa mercury drugs sa d. Silang branch sa batangas city para sa aking anak na si vince guian calingasan. Ipinakita ko ang reseta sa akin ni dr. Romeo roque, isang psychiatrist dito sa batangas. Binigyan ako ng nagtitinda ng 30 pieces ng spire . At itoy ininom ng anak ko for 2 weeks. Last September 19, akoy bumili uli ng ganon gamot same reseta sa mercury drugs, pallocan west batangas city branch, sabi ko spire yan, medyo naguluhan sila kasi ang nakasulat sa reseta e 250 mg. Nagtanong sila at ang sabi ng napagtanungan nila e epival daw un. Tumawag ako sa doctor ko at epival nga. Nagtanong pa ang mga nasa mercury drugs kung saan daw ako bumili at nagkatinginan pa sila. So malinaw na mali ang tinetake ng anak ko. Ang spire sa aking pagbabasa e iba sa epival. At napansin naming mga members ng family at mga ibang tao na tumaba sya agad pero sa mukha lang at ang mata nya e puffy eyes.Pinatigil ko muna lahat ng gamot nya. Now nag subside na pamamaga ng mukha nya. At nahanap na din namin ang resibo ng pagkakabili namin ng spire. Gusto ko sana na ipadoctor ang anak ko at spa examine ang kanyang kidney at liver at since sa part nyo naman may pag kukulang e kayo ang gumastos ng lahat. Otherwise, i will file for legal remedies.
COMPLAINT #6726 - Customer Service Issues
Rose De Los Reyes
09/22/2020 6PM


My scenario:
There was a long line since there is only one opened cashier and then this other staff opened so she said she’s open so I transfer but she did not entertain me because she called the other customer who were supposedly next on the current line so I transferred again but It seems to be this granny lady is complaining that I transferred like she did not want to let me pay my items but she was already punching the bar code and the worst part when I left she kept on mouthing words that are not necessary it just shows how lazy you are like what you don’t want to let me pay when i am already next in line.

CASHIER COMPLAIN AND SHOWS NO INTEREST IN SERVING CUSTOMERS. Thank you. Please improve that kind of attitude especially to the woman who served me today.
COMPLAINT #6598 - Customer Service Issues
Mark Justine Serrano
Employee name: AJ

Sobrang haba at tagal ng pinila ko tapos nung ako na pinakita ko ung reseta at pwd book. Sinabihan ako na kumuha ng number ng pang pwd at duon pumila dahil pwd ako. Nakiusap ako ng maayos kung pedeng i transact nya na ako dahil mahaba at matagal na pinila ko, pero ayaw nya, kumuha daw ako ng number at pumila sa pwd. Available nmn daw ung gamot na bibilhin ko. Mas mahaba at mas matagal ang pinila sa pwd, nung ako na, sinabihan ako na wala sila nung gamot na bibilhin ko. Eh pina check ko sa AJ na mayabang sabi meron kaya pinapila ako sa pwd in a rude way. Pagod ako sa trabaho tapos ang tagal ng pinila at hinintay ko tapos wala pala ung gamot na bibilhin ko. At napakayabang pa ng employee nyo. Eh parepareho lang kaming pagod kung pagod na sya sa duty nya. Sana naman ayusin nya ung pag trato at pag double check sa mga gamot nyo kc sayang ung pag aantay at pag pila tapos wala nmn pala ung gamot na bibilhin. Poor customer service and rude employee. Name of your employee "AJ" malabon city branch near malabon city hall.
COMPLAINT #4499 - Service Issues
Nini Cabeguin
Place of indident: Mercury Drug Mambajao, Camiguin Province Branch
Date of incident: December 08, 2019
Time of incident: around 5 to 6pm
Main Concern:
Availment of Senior Citizen discount as per RA 9994, known as "EXPANDED SENIOR CITIZEN ACT OF 2010"

At around the date and time specified above, a 74 y. O. Male patient admitted at CAMIGUIN GENERAL HOSPITAL with chief complaint of continous anal bleeding, infrequent vomiting of blood, on urinary bladder catheter, nasal Oxygen, Nasogastric tube (NGT), Severe Hypoglycemia (Blood Sugar Level of 20), Severe Anemia ( Hgb og 5), had a prescription of medicine coming from the admitting hospital with Senior citizen ID but without booklet which was explained that was misplaced due to elderly which I do note that happens to most elderly most probably due to dementia or alzheimer disease. The staff wont give any senior citizen discount just because we cannot present the booklet. Do take note, booklet?...
Despite of the given circumstances that my uncle was in an EXTREME EMERGENGY CASE,( I intentionalyly make it a capital and redundant to emphasized the matter and situation) explaining what happen and I persistenly insist on the phone that it's a privilege given by law and by country and the right of the patient to live and breath, the right to accesible healthcare which includes purchases of medicine that can help extends one's life with discount given due to the Senior Citizen RA 9994. I told her have she talked with the manager (MARIE SANLEE BANDRANG) and she told me yes and they can't give the discount due to lack of booklet. I even told her that ROSE PHARMACY with cases like this can give discount but why can't you. Still to deaf ears and persistently saying no to discount.

My main questions and opinions are:
1. A leading pharmaceutical company in the country cannot be CONSIDERATE and HUMANE to one single emergency SC CASE, so how can we expect them to comply their social responsibility? Where can we put Easy accesibility to healthcare here? Don't worry I won't stop unless there's a CHANGE in that kind of system. If I need to go to DOH, TO PRES Duterte, write to Congress and Senate, spread it through social media, then I am not afraid to do it for I will make it my responsibility as a citizen of this country and as a humane individual.
2. My own understanding of the law and of logic is that booklet is there for the monitoring especially for the basic needs like food, for it is important to monitor their weekky allowed consumption in order not to abuse it. But with regards to purchasing medicine which in our case is an emergency, Where does it states in RA 9994 that there's a maximum amount given for it's purchase? As long as the sick individual need it, it must be given. So, therefore presenting of booklet is unnecessary. And haven't you heard of the golden rule" In every law there's an exemption. " And the law is vague for it does not indicate for every situation, that's why courtesy leniency for SC must be uphold and applied at all times. That's the main reason why there is a RA 9994, it is because it is intentionally for them.
3. DISCOUNT from SC ACT, is a great help for every individual who have patient admitted in serious situation. In our time where every thing is expensive, any small amount earned is always a welcome. I do emphasized here, we are getting what is RIGHTFULLY for the SC which is a PRIVILEGE for them alone.
4. PROPER TRAINING, ATTITUDE, COURTESY and being HUMANE is a MUST for all your employees especially that you are a pharmaceutical company.
5. We are given already a discount on the first purchase, then why can't we avail that kind of privilege in the succeeding procurement? By technicality, you are already bound by law, an episode of one incident allowing the SC DISCOUNT even without the presentation of the booklet but with the SC ID presentation is a silent YES from your end. It is a silent admission that even without the booklet we can avail the SC discount.
6. So, the life of one in need of medicine in an emergency case is not a priority thus presenting the booklet is one. How very ironic for the law and for the people.
7. Imagine that this is hapening on the FEAST DAY OF IMMACULATE CONCEPTION and on Christmas time and the fact that we are a Very Catholic country, hmm, I wonder where does Values and Education took place?

I do hope that this will be an eye opener to your company and to others. I just hope and pray that this incident will not become sensational and has a resolution very soon. In our time where there's easy access to social media, I'm sure it does not take longer to make it an ISSUE FOR EVERYONE ESPECIALLY TO POLITICIAN.

Hoping that when I get home to Camiguin there's already a resolution to this incident.

Thank you.
COMPLAINT #2404 - Other Issues