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Peris kuria
On 8th /may 2019 i was travelling to nairobi to commute to the airport instead of taking a taxi from naivasha which is a bit expensive . And I have travelled with nnus over 7yrs since we settled in naivasha i have been having nice serving since but i dont know why ann who is the nnus shuttle office could not change my receipt to the next vehicle because i complained that i was not comfortable with my sit which is normal and something we have been doing on my surprise that lady returned my money and said i will wait until that vehicle to depart... even several driver tried to pride with her but she couldnt change or take my money ... i had my 2 suitcase and getting late from the airport she refused to give me service i hired a taxi from naivasha which costed me 4000 while i could have used 250 ... i feel so bad and so disapointed and asking my self question what i did to deserve tht kind of terrible and inhuman service infront of hokers... drivers i felt like crying ... but just to inform your employee customers have the right... to complain ... and are always right. I will not reccomend nnus to anyone and i will never use nnus
COMPLAINT #1793 - Service Issues