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I took my Hisense 40 inch tv back to Ok Furniture store in Rocklands in Bloemfontein for repairs. It's been 38 days since waiting for the TV to return from the manufacturer. I've done several enquiries with the store, everytime when I get to them they change stories. 1. The TV was booked in for repairs and waited for 21 days. 2. The person who was supposed to book in the TV is on sick leave. 3. Then the TV is still at the shop they will wait for the parts. 4. The parts have arrived and I should wait for 7 days. Today 14th January 2020. I'm told they're following up if the parts have arrived. They're very unprofessional and lady by the name of Thandie demonstrated i don't care attitude. So I want a new TV set replacement or full refund with interest as the account was fully paid up. My contact: Ntswaki 0719247207
COMPLAINT #10941 - Repair Issues
I went to claim my stolen tv which was insured they say it has declined how can I continue paying for sumthng that I don't have thy say my case number has expired
COMPLAINT #10451 - Contract Issues
Mathabo Ramakatane
My name is Mathabo Ramakatane from Lesotho account number5997/008136-05 Iam a regular customer of this store on the 28 November I bought 152cm grand Euro Top base set but in January that's when I realized that this bed has a problem it has changed it makes some sounds when turning ( from Springs) it has became too soft as if the foam inside is not enough also it shakes when clamping on it even turning when sleeping on it I took the matter to the store. sales agent came took some pictures and realized what Iam complaining about. He came again to takes pictures saying the first ones are not clear. Now I received a call from the store saying they can not help me because the supplier is saying: the impact of the mattress is shown only when there is a person on it they would also compansate if it impact shown is WHEN there is no person on the mattress.your store has pictures of mattress I bought from Ok furnitures not from its suppliers so I will wait for you to hear what you have to say in this case
COMPLAINT #10397 - Product Issues
Rachel beyers
Hi plse assist me ...I'm very unhappy with the services of OK Kimberley at Shoprite...I'm a new account holder...I bought a Sony sound system...they only delivered the 2 speakers since than I'm waiting on the Amp...when im phoning the sales lady requested that I must take the Amp on the floor of display...they helping other customers and fail to assist me...the store manager promise to sort the problem out by 14 December cuz than they will receive stock...i phoned was put on hold and I'm waiting since than please help me..otherwise I'm going to.cancel business..thank u regards rachel beyers
Reply by Veliswa on 22 December, 2020
OK furniture does not care about customers they only care about money we spend on their stores. It's been a month waiting for my 4plate stove. It's Christmas time but I can't bake nor cook for my family because of OK FURNITURE.
COMPLAINT #10178 - Delivery Issues
Nadia Munsamy
I purchased a lounge suite online on the 29 November. I haven't received my delivery as yet. I am so frustrated. I sent an email to the online shopping team but nobody got back to me. My husband contacted the Isipingo branch which is nearest to our home. He spoke to Faheem. He said the order went through to Verulam branch. My husband contacted Verulam branch and spoke to Wendy. She says they do not have stock and the supplier doesn't have stock. It is almost Christmas and we have no furniture to sit on. This is so ridiculous and pathetic. Why advertise if you do not have stock. Please just refund my money so that I can purchase elsewhere.
Delivery Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #10054 - Delivery Issues
Reney Govender
Good day!

I’m an extremely disappointed customer and I’m really disgusted with the way OK furniture treats their customers.

In July 2020 I purchased a fridge from OK furniture store in Swellendam, Western Cape. It’s was a KIC KBF 631 ME Water Fridge. The seals on the freezer door was not sealing the freezer properly and my food in the top rack was spoilt. We complained to the store in Swellendam on 31st October 2020. They promised to send a technician from KIC to have a look at the fridge. The technicians from KIC then made contact with me and failed to show up on agreed times on many occasions, KIC technicians told OK furniture no one was home. It was over a month and no one assisted us.I was at home and had to take time off every time and no one showed up. On 10th Dec we received a new KIC fridge but this fridge is not cooling. I called the store on Monday( 14th Dec 2020) telling them my food is off and the fridge is not working, no one was able to assist me they said I should call the next day to speak to the manager. I called in 15th December spoke to Tanya and she was not at all helpful she kept transferring my call to other people and people working in the store transferred my calls to new people all the time making me a fool, Lauren Gertse and a male colleague was one of the individuals who kept transferring my calls which I had to explain the my issue to 5 different people. Lauren and her male colleague were absolutely rude and disgusting to me over the phone and was unable to assist me.

I then called ok Furniture head office customer care, I spoke to Charmine and she was not at all helpful. She said the technician can only come out next week. She gave me a contact number which I couldn’t get a hold of her and I had to call a millions times to get through to her, she is not friendly, she doesn’t understand I’m now sitting with a broke fridge and all of my food is spoilt for the rest of the month. She then gives me a “Regional managers” number which goes to voice mail. My Fiancé contacts the store in Swellendam and they don’t want to give us a definite answer on a refund. We are now sitting with barely any food and a broke fridge, and we have no extra money to buy additional food, it is so sad because during this festive period we lost all of our food due to buying a broken fridge from Ok furniture and no one can assist us on this or take responsibility for it

Please help because your staff working in customer care can not assist us
Reply by Melissa on 4 January, 2021
The same thing happens to my grandma her frigde stop working on 15 desember2020 also kic.she bought it on 6january2018 also pay extended garenteed on it,the tec was her on 23desember 2020 frigde still not working and ok furniture store in parow is suppose to short the matter out not us.
COMPLAINT #10050 - Product Issues
N.Z. Ngobese
I purchased a Wall Unit from OK Furniture (Nquthu) on the 28 of November 2020 till this day (15 December 2020) I have not received it. The only answer that I get when I make a follow up is that they are waiting for the deliver from the other store. I have been so patient thinking that they will prioritize me but I have release that this is not the case.
COMPLAINT #9959 - Delivery Issues
Wayne Adonis
I bought a TV 5/6 month ago and it gives me problems I send it for repair and still waiting for it.It were my favourite shop ,it sucks
COMPLAINT #9934 - Repair Issues
Banyana Ngakane
Good day,

Please take note that I am experiencing problem with the Defy fridge that I bought at OK furnitute Zeerust, the water dispenser is leaking and I have reported the matter to the above mentioned store on the 6th of November 2020 which was firstly addressed to the store manager Mr Motsiane who then referred the matter to the sales person Tumisang. I have been communicating with them regularly to check the progress of my query however when ever I call them they promise that the technician will come and fix my fridge, I had to go to the store personally to go and check what causes the delay, I was told that my fridge will be fixed on Thursday the 3rd of December which did not happen, I was told that the technician is still waiting for the parts. I have been waiting for my fridge to be fixed and now I have reached a point whereby I no longer want my fridge to be fixed but rather replace it with the new one as I bought it 2 months ago. They have been promising me now and den that they will resolve my problem but till today they have not resolved my matter. I am very angry and frustrated now because it has been too long I have been waiting and waiting and waiting and its a month now my problem has not been resolved and there is no feedback from the store.

The manager is well aware of my complaint but I feel that they are failing me when it comes to resolving my matter. I bought that fridge cash and I do not owe them even a cent.

Kindly assist as I am now running out of patience.

Please note that I can be reached either by email address ngak***@gmail.com or my cell phone number 0735555405 around 17h00 for calls as I am unable to answer my phone at work.

Thank you.
Reply by Banyana on 11 December, 2020
Why are you guyspublishing my cellphone numbers????
COMPLAINT #9683 - Product Issues
Simnikiwe Tase
Good evening

Im Mr S. Tase on the 27 of November 2020 on friday i payed a bed cash at umtata plazza OK Furnitures till today im sleeping on the floor please assist .

Reply by slim on 11 December, 2020

you are not alone. i also bought a bed at their burgersfort branch & its stories every week. their customer service sucks, they don't update & going for my refund tomorrow.
Reply by Ramaisele monya on 26 December, 2020
I also bought a bed at moruleng ok furniture they give me a base with a damaged mattress l went back to them they promised to came to exchange the mattress but till 2day they always said they are waiting for my mattress to arrive at shop is been a 5 month I almost give up
COMPLAINT #9634 - Customer Service Issues
Luke Mudzimba
I bought a defy 4plate and a 152cm dream gold bed on 24 November they told me it will be delivered on 25 November atOK Bluedowns paid cash and delivery money too but I only received a defy stove on the First of Dec. Still waiting for the Bed to be delivered if I call them they keeps on telling me they going to deliver today but until now I'm still waiting for my Bed. I don't know what kind of service is this..I'm really disappointed with your service try to care about your customer so that we can come an purchase again at your shop because you chasing a lot of customers now with your Bad service.
COMPLAINT #9607 - Delivery Issues
Samukelisiwe Mzizi
I bought a fridge cash, water dispanser not working, they tried to fix it but nah,next thing the fridge was over freezing it took me a month to atleast have it changed,today they were suppose to delivery but no they cant,apparently they loaded wrong fridge and now they closed for the day, my meat is outside the fridge and will go off tommorrow, yet the manager is so rude about my situation telling me they is nothing he can do for me right now, I should see my self out. 05 December 20w0
COMPLAINT #9499 - Delivery Issues
Rirhandzu mavunda
I ordered Jessica lounge suite and dream gold bed on September when I went to collect after black Friday was told there's no stock and now I have to change the bed and then look for a person to fetch my couches at louistrichard which will charge m more as am based at giyani how come that I be in a que with people who bought things after me and now I have to leave the bed behind
COMPLAINT #9442 - Customer Service Issues
Jacob Adonis
Good Day

My name is Jacob Adonis , I purchased an appliance at OK Furnishers , Town Centre Mitchell's Plain on 30 October 2020 on 30 day Delay Payment terms, I dealt with Ian Dangerfield , we shook on it and I paid R2000.00 on R3499.00 product pricing. Since then , I paid the balance of R1499.00 on 30 November 2020.The arrangement was that I collected appliance on paying the balance ,
I tried to collect , then I was told by Ian Dangerfield that all stock they had on the floor were sold off.
He said new stock would arrive on 01 November 2020 and that he would call for me to collect , to date , no call received.
I called back on 02 November 2020 enquiring about my purchase , all kinds of excuses were then issued .
It reads as follows:

Black Friday even though I ordered product a month ago
Our warehouse did not deliver , they will come the following day.
Sometimes people cancell Delay Payment purchases that's why we don't keep stock.

I called back the 03 November and was told the Warehouse did deliver but they did not deliver any appliances , only furniture.
At this stage I am very irrate and disgusted ,
I informed Mr Ian Dangerfield that I would like to cancell my purchase because I know He , and by extention , OK Furnitures did not , is not abiding by the agreed upon terms of purchase.
I was the informed I would be charged a 1% cancellation fee for cancelling , I feel this is totally unacceptable because it is not I who is reneging on our agreement.

Irrate , Dissapointed Customer
Jacob Adonis
COMPLAINT #9387 - Contract Issues
kupiso ongezwa
i bought laptop for R5000 rand cash on march 2020 the laptop just stoped working doesn't turned on i barely use it but it just stop working now they promise to give me another one if the laptop won't be fixed. now i have not hear from them since i returned the laptop its been a month and when i got there they haven't fix it or even look what the problem is. I am a student i cant cope with my exam without it i depend on it please help
COMPLAINT #9293 - Guarantee Or Warranty Issues
Garth Malgas
I lay byed a lounge suite and double bed at OK furnisher in Port elizabeth Cleary Park. I paid the full outstanding amount on the 25th November 2020. Firstly what upset me is that OK furnisher does not have transport rlto delivery .they told me to pay R300 to a guy who lives not far from me to deliver my lounge suite and bed. I asked the manager how is this possible that I must pay R300 when they supposed to deliver. He told me they charge R300 a delivery fee. I live 200 meters from where the store is. The bakkie who delivered my furniture is an old rusted bakkie. I must say that this was poor service and the manager was very rude with me. He did not even called me to the office.he attacked me Infront of his workers and clients that was in the store just because I was asking why must I pay R300 for delivering when the sales person who helped me never informed me of a delivery fee when I made the lay bye. The couches was delivered.as I unrapped it I notice the one couch have a cut on the top. I immediately phone the sales man and the manager. I was told they will sort it out. The never came back to me again. When I phone and asked about the cut in my lounge suite I get told there no stock. I paid R9000 for the couches. I'm very dissatisfied and dissapointed in the service I got from that branch. I will take this matter forward because I did not get the satisfaction out of the product I'm supposed to. The manager at the store is so rude. He is not even wearing a mask.
COMPLAINT #9237 - Product Issues
Moses mohase
I makgetha mohaselodge complain about my payment at ok furnitures at Botshabelo mall.

I do pay my account and the teller make mistake with my payment instead of paying my account R325 she pay dstv account .so im elevating this matter to whom my concern regarding this issue and arreas on my account as i do make payment and your teller is at fault to process payment to dstv account .

Im not happy about how your manager and teller behaved after i do tell them they make mistake with my payment thought should be trained how to talk to customers .

With regards
Mohase m
COMPLAINT #9167 - Customer Service Issues
frank seroka
I bought Hisense tv 123cm 49 inch B5200 on 23/11/2020 price R5999.99 i bought cash it tested before it got it got mechanical problem then change bring other one it got tested also it show no sigh and sigh all documents took the tv left the shop due to tv it tested when I arrive at my place then tv does not work I took it back to shop when I arrive at shop I got the salesman who assist for the first time and I explain my problem then took to the manager the answer I got from the manager said to me we can't help you due to already tested that TV the best way can assist you you can go to buy another tv I'm appealing to the top management of ok to intervene on that problem because we can't but something now it but when you arrive at home is not working I think this is the a mechanical or factory problem because first time test and fail the second tv test for a few seconds not a minute please help I don't know where can go now long time buying from ok furniture this is the first and last happen to me Regards
COMPLAINT #9025 - Customer Service Issues
Good day

I have opened my account in May 2018 and have paid my account loyal till October 2018 where i lost my work i went to the branch and handed in my retrenchment letter 14 November 2018 and every 3 months i took my avidavid stating that i am still unemployed so i did my part.
I have informed the branch that I started to work in August 2020 and will now pay my account and would like a statement to see how much I now owe, two weeks later a guy pitched up at my home stating that my account are in arears as far as my notice stretched my insurance has paid my account every month... Today the 23rd of November I receive a email with my statement that I request 3 months ago. They complied in the email that the claim was only submitted Feb. 2019 so how is that my fault I ask so there my account are already 4months in arears because the branch did not do their work after that i went every 3 months and all was in order until lockdown 2020 march i could not leave my home and go to the branch because we were all under lockdown so as far as I know they should have added a missed payment for July and august when I started to work again but now my account are double than what it was when I opened the account because of the branch staff that did not do their job I am very discusted with OK Furniture for this and even listed me at the credit bauro as a bad payer i think this is unfair to say the least
COMPLAINT #8885 - Other Issues
I bought bedroom suite at ok stores before lockdown only find out that they will bring a bed room suite that is ruined i did lay complain but the store manager is rude . Today they phoned told me that they are coming to fetch this ruined product so that they will exchange is for me when the supplier arrives at their store that was around 12h30 mid day today . Till now they havent phoned me am really disappointed because i paid my hard earned money and am now being taken for granted ..... i need my money or a proper bed room suite . My numbers are 0810701305 call me please
COMPLAINT #8694 - Product Issues