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Ordered a watch 4 months ago and never received it and when I enquire promises are made never deliver.I then asked for a refund and never got it.Jonathan always makes promises and never deliver.
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COMPLAINT #2457 - Delivery Issues
Mosadi Matlou
I have place an order with Technify since 16/07/2019 by haven't receive it. When sending emails to Jonathan he replied at first saying the order will come next week tuesday(24/09/2019). That week came and pass, I send him several email but no reply till today.The order no as he gave me was #1253.
COMPLAINT #2350 - Delivery Issues
Sarah Draai
I purchased a phone online from technify on 7 August 2019. To date I have not received anything. I had to contact Jonathan Darker about the delivery and he advised that there was a delay at customs. I then requested my refund and was advised by him that it will be done. It's been 3 weeks since he promised refund with nothing done. He keeps on apologizing, but does nothing to show it. My time as well as money to contact him is wasted. He never takes the initiative to contact me. I have to continually ask about the progress. This person and company needs to be investigated.
COMPLAINT #2235 - Delivery Issues