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Consumer Complaints ( 2 )

Paula Baptista
For months I have been trying to get telone to put my credit onto my business landlines as I wasn't even notified that the system had changed. I cannot dial out so I contacted Cristine on your complaints dept. only to be told now it was prepaid. I asked her to credit both my lines. She asked Mr Badze to do it. After about two months of messaging back and forth like I was asking for the impossible to be done, to date nothing came of it! I decided to go to highlands telone and I addressed Mr Passie about two weeks ago (HOPE I GOT THE NAME CORRECT)the manager. After checking my accounts he said I had no credit due, I lost it and asked who stole my money then? Then he changed his tune confirming it was there and they were working on it, therefore I should call Mr Badze and ask him how far. I couldn't believe his audacity and asked if he thought I worked for telone, that it was his job to chase him not mine as I was the customer. Just shows great customer care! He then advised me that he would follow it up and contact me by the end of the day. He just forgot to mention which end of the day it would be. I warned him, he had better not make me return to address the same problem. Clearly every department is as useless as the other.....Telone still expects us loyal customers to remain loyal? I for one am seriously thinking of doing away with my land lines, as its far too much having to deal with a bunch of incompetent people to say the least. Sadly Professionalism is a thing of the past......
COMPLAINT #3145 - Service Issues
Chido Masore
Our modem got struck by lightning so when the phone line was fixed we had not realised it since there was no electricity . I then went on to purchase the rollover wifi bundle of $188ZWD . We have asked for assistance from the Hatfield Tel One office since i then got another modem , for them to transfer the money purchased. The area manager said its impossible. Does that mean my money goes to waste I think its very unfair and illogical. My account number is under the phone number 0242 572069
COMPLAINT #2570 - Refund / Exchange Issues