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Karen Chambers
This is my tracking number 1ZR1324ED914483216
This order was not delivered to the receiver, you needed to locate my package at Flights Connection warehouse Norman Manley International Airport and return back my package to Canada. Since you cannot delivered the package.
COMPLAINT #15516 - Service Issues
If I had to do this again I would never ever use UPS, you people have 3 different numbers and its hard getting someone to answer the phone or even to reply to emails, I had to call every damn day to find out about my package and even when someone finally answered the phone they still had no clue what's going on and frankly employees are not TRUSTWORTHY and they had no respect whatsoever ( well the agents I spoke with anyways). Its just a bunch of BS the way you people operate! Finally got my package anyways! You ought to teach your employees how to be courteous and to deal with customers!
COMPLAINT #13350 - Customer Service Issues
Kereisha Armstrong
I’ve ship a small box through ups from overseas to ups local branch down there it’s over a month now they say, they would have clear it and give me a grand tortures been one month now all now customs can’t seems to clear one little box that is 14 pounds this is slackness I ship my stuff through a fast courier service and all one month me can’t get both solid to see where or what my stuff is.. this is foolishness
COMPLAINT #1925 - Customer Service Issues