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Ahmed Agha
My name is Ahmed Agha , Member Card ID# 50171630
I am unsatisfied with the service provided by Dr.Nutrition, From Registration till first follow up with Nutritionist.
First of all when subscribing i was told i can reserve by paying 100 Dhs and pay and start the program later, Immediately after that, they forced me to go and pay the full amount. I told them i didnt want now but they insisted and on top of that they forced me to take a bottle of Super burner and said i can exchange it later once i start the program. and were also insisting i see the nutritionist there at Delma mall even though i said it is far from where i live in Khalidiya abu dhabi, and told them that i want to do the follow up there when i am ready to start the program.After few days i find that i received an sms of an appointment in Delma mall ? i did not make an appointment, Then i recieved a call from someone saying that i have an appointment in Delma mall, I refused to go and stated that they had made the appointment on their own and i am not ready to start the program and i told them again that i will do the first follow up in khalidiya.Finally i went to start the program in Marina mall where i met the nutritionist , i told him that i have some health issues in my liver and gallbladder and i dont feel that he took this into account as he printed a Diet program which is under average very boring meal plan, with no options to eat any food recipes, just plaint fruits, veg, nuts, protein meats.I saw that the plan had eggs which is bad for me in my situation, he did not change the plan and just wrote some replacements which is also bad for my health, Processed meats.I have started with his below average dull meal plan and after eating the eggs i have started to feel pain. and the plan has alot of eggs. The name of the Dr was Abdel hamid.
also another thing is that when i asked if i could exchange the super burner which was forced on me to take in delma mall and was told that i could exchange in any Dr. Nutrition branch, In Marina Mall they said we cant, after asking them again if they can make sure, they were able too.I am very unsatisfied with the service given and the aggressive sales behavior of your team, and forcing me to buy and upgrade and persuading customers, which made me feel discouraged and uncomfortable, I am also very unsatisfied with the doctor i got as he seemed lazy as to give me a plan suitable to me and my situation. Very unhappy that he has just printed a pre prepared plan without taking the time to personalize a meal plan according to my Health situation , Galbladder Stones and Fatty Liver.
I would like a refund and i do not to continue as the service recieved was below average and in my opinion very poor.
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