Costumers Service / Attending Calls & Inquiries - Consumer Complaint for PHILFLEX (PHILIPS WIRE & CABLE. CO.)

I was calling to their store at Binondo office, upon attending my call the tone of his approach is not good already and directly confronting me with is my concern without any good greeting that response to the caller then just only instructed me to dial the certain extension but unfortunately no one attending my call in the said extension, it was just only leave it ringing then lately just hang up my call to drop. I dialed and try to reach them no one already attending my call. What so really bad is how they approach and treat in attending the calls of the people who inquires or having some matters need to resolve about the company issue or what so ever matters in business. How could you hired such kind of people in you company with that kind of manners and attitude that they have. Just check those reviews and comments in you website so will know what kind of employees you have there in Binondo. BS!
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