Hang Up the Phone While Addressing the Issue and Not Calling Back - Consumer Complaint for Converge ICT Solutions Inc.

carlo canlas
Account #: 0020010251056
ive been having a major issue about my net connection between 6pm-6am since saturday night (Oct. 10, 2020) its already been the 6th day having this problem, i try to filed a complaint last Monday (Oct.12, 2020) waiting for them to call and check my internet status, someone called me and said that my internet is fine in their server but the problem still continue so i tried to contact them again and after 3 days of waiting someone called again thursday night (oct.15, 2020) saying again that my internet is fine, while checking if my internet is already fixed he just hang up the phone and not calling back, while my internet is totally not fine, im totally dissapointed and frustrated about what happended, 6 days having this problem then this CSR just hang up on me while checking the status of my Net Connection, Now i really dont know what to do, thinking il just terminate my contract with them after having this problem, its almost a week and i cant wait any longer, POOR SERVICE AND POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE (HARD TO CONTACT!!!) Then they will just hangup the phone and leave you without any assurance about their service !!
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