Poor service - Consumer Complaint for Mini Stop - Head Office

Edna Damaso
Good day!last nyt I've been here with my employer.so much satisfied coz ur counter so happy person and did well.thats why were enjoying.and also the reason why I'll comeback here instead in other convenience.or food store.BUT SO MUCH DISAPPOINTED,that the girl who's on duty today was mkes me bad vibes.i know that u have standard or proper in customer service ryt?
No greetings...
Im asking SA promo which we brought last nyt.pero d nya ko pinansin.bglang ngsv nlng Ng total bill ko.tpos she's irritated.knocking on table..na ngmmdali.then bngsak nya ung 2pesos n change ko s llgyan.ok lng nung una e.thats why medyo ngobserve ako.but I've noticed hnd lng skin e.ive been there 30mins.gnon pdn.walng proper greetings and approaching for every customer.pls teach ur employee how to be good in customer...mukhang she's not in a mood n mgwork today...hope that it will not happen again.cause ur product reflect to the employee..I love ur meal so much... thanks.
Also she's not giving a receipt I've noticed.
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