Bad Customer Service - Consumer Complaint for Video City Ottery

Farah Viviers
I have had a very bad experience with this institution. When I discovered that the items are faulty they have no customer service at all. They don’t want to assist you and are blatant because you have already paid and so you can just go fly a kite. They have your monies so they don’t give a hoot what happens to the faulty items. I tried contacting the co-owner Steven Bailey to try and resolve the matter but he has not responded to date. Kevin Bailey has no customer etiquette and refused entry into his shop. I then communicated with Anita Bailey who just did not give me a chance to explain my side, saying I am dishonest and then she blocked me. In retrospect, they have my DVR and my monies, so now who is being dishonest? Now is this customer service????
Reply by Sharief on 6 September, 2019
Hi Farah, so did I. These people are just terrible.
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