Ensure promo mishandling - Consumer Complaint for Puregold - Head Office

Gary Aguas
Hi, yesterday afternoon I purchase at Puregold Caloocan (formerly Parco Caloocan). When I purchased Ensure Gold I saw a promo of a discount and inquire about it. The guy said just present the discount stub/coupon on the cashier. When the cashier scanned the Ensure, I said there is a discount bur she has no idea about it so she called her superior Ma'am Jessa. She obviously didnt know about it and went back mear baggage counter and was looking something from a bunch of folders. About 20 mins. had past I saw someone telling a promo/bagger to look for a guy that may know about the promo. It took more than 10 min. for that guy to be there and talked to Ma'am Jessa. Apparently they don't have a memo about the discount promo. Another 15 mins. has past before Ma'a Jessa went to the cashier and finally punched the promo discount.

For almost an hour before the issue was resolved. The worst part here is that Ma'am Jessa doesn't even care how long I wait or even the line it made during that time. She didn't even talked to me or any of the customer behind me complaining on the very long wait. If she can't confront a customer she doesn't belong at the frontend of the store and stay at the backend instead. There are no customer service at all at this store with a very simple problem. For me its not the promo of Ensure is the problem but the ability of the OIC to solve a simple issue with their customer being their first priority.
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