Mc Donalds staff make sure they steal your food - Consumer Complaint for McDonald's - Vanderbijlpark

Gavin Samons
This is now the second time this year that I visit the drive thru of McDonalds Vanderbijlpark South Africa, to buy a sharebox meal and an extra McFeast Deluxe burger. Just to get home wanting to enjoy the meal with my wife and daughter, to find there's no McFeast Deluxe. Really disappointing, and tired of this by now. Besides these 2 recent experiences I can guarantee you that this have happened in the past as well. This happen to people on a daily basis. So now South Africans are buying McDonalds staff burgers or instead they stealing it. Wonder if this is good for profit. So much for well trained and honest staff. And as if you can really check your package before you leave, because by the time you eventually get your food, the people behind you in the drive thru are already so annoyed and agitated with the slow service on a not so busy evening and a small order. Would love to hear what you got say instead of lovin it when McDonalds rob you. #McDonaldsFailedCustomers

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