Missleading - Consumer Complaint for Vodacom - Head Office

Gugu Mashaba
I am extremely frustrated on the level of service I have experience with agent who have no understanding of what is customer service this issue has been going on for some time now from the month is September after I had reinstated my contact the consultant that I spoke to told me my account is paid up in full including the month of October what puzzled me the most was that on my app the was a balance of 481 which included two line rentals plus an airtime advance I then questioned the lady about that balance sine she had told I’m paid she said not to worry my account is not in arrears to an extent that on the October the won’t debit my account as it’s paid came the month November you took 481 from my account I first called the first agent put me on mute for 24 minutes I had to drop the call and call back again where I spoke to agent operate ID POOET for an hour who then put me throUgh to his manager explained the situation to him by the name of Thembinkosi who promised me he have it escalated for call listening from the time I called in an spoke to a lady who advised that I was paid up in full and my account is not in arrears and a gave me a supposedly ref number only to find out today when I’m calling in to do a follow up the no case logged neither notes where left you guys have inconvenienced me a lot as a company because one my debit order is 189 which was what I expected not 481 even if I owed you that much you were supposed to tell me in the month of October since I reinstated on the month of September after my statement was generated not wait until November then debit I have other debit apart from you people that is why we have something called budget like who owe airtime advance that has already been paid for and how does a statement for October shows 0.00 balance and November say 481 after being told you not in arrears clearly nobody know how to do they job correctly I wanted to you to that I have now come to a point I taking things to the authorities to deal with you people for not only providing false information but the inconvenience that you have cost me you open a case make wait for 3 weeks and close it without informing me what’s the verdict we shall meet in court if means going that I am be black but it doesn’t mean that I’m stupid or don’t know my rights With agent that who no care about customers need
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