Handset is not an upgrade it is a down grade - Consumer Complaint for Vodacom - Head Office

Hennie Coetzee
Good day!
I received a telephone call from one of Mondo's representatives regarding a upgrade on one of my phone numbers 0846165641.
I have listened to the whole conversation and agreed to the upgrade.
We received the new hand set, but did not straight away started to use the new hand set. The reasons why we did not start to use the hand set were:
There were no protected shields or protected covers available for the phone.... the reason, it is a new phone only released in May 2020. We waited untill any sort of protected covers were available.... weeks went by...
Then we decided to start and use the phone... with the transfer process we realised the new phone haven't got enough memory.... we had to buy a additional memory card.
Then we tarted to use the phone, we basically use the phone for business purposes (we are in the hospitality business) taking photo's and video's and post them on the different booking platforms. When we start to take photo's and video's we realised that the quality isn't good.... we went through the settings... tried again ... same results.
We went to the Voda Shop in Richardsbay explained to them the issue... they went through the settings and said everything is properly set, but wait..... this was the answer, this is a shit phone with a shit camera and they can not assist.
Out of frustration I phoned Vodacom to complain, they said I have to phone Mondo.
Mondo wasn't very helpful .... I explained everything as above... all what they have said is.... it is out side the cooling off period, if I am not happy I have to phone Vodacom and request a handset cancellation of the contract.
I phoned Vodacom again today (a lady from Vodacom did phone earlier in this week asking me if I am happy with the recent upgrade, I said to her NO, and explained to her as above, she said she will come back to me... but not jet!) the lady today was very help full but could not solve the problem. That is why I am sending you this email today!

All I ask is:
From my perspective, if somebody tell you, we are going to upgrade your phone, what do you think/ antissipate .... isn't it YES I am getting something better...but with this upgrade .... in my view we got a down grade.... less memory then the old phone.... bad quality with the camera...
I don't want to cancel the contract, I didn't ask for a cheaper contract.... the words Samsung A11 ... new phone released in May 2020 sounded whow.... but it became uuuhhh..
I understand the cooling off period.... but I am even willing to pay a few rand more per month can't we just please replace the hand set with something else that can take good quality photo's/ video's and a bit more memory!

I will appreciate it if someone can replay and investigate inti this matter.

I am a long standing customer of Vodacom

Kind regards

Hennie Coetzee
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