Scammers' agent - Consumer Complaint for Manila Bankers Life Insurance Corporation

I just want to complain about those agent in Manila Bankers in SM Nort Edsa. Forcing you to tell them how much you have in your debit card. If they found out you have plenty in your savings, they will force you to come with them bcoz they will give you the prize.If you ask them what is that for, they will only tell you that they promoting the Manila Bankers and you will get a prize. They will not tell you that Manila Bankers is about insurance until they took you to the office and put you on the hot seat. So irritating.
Reply by Walter James on 10 January, 2021
I experienced the same situation like yours, Ms.Jessa just yesterday when me and my youngest sister went there! At first they appear very accommodating and when it came to the details of the talk, they are asking questions that are very private (like how much money you have in your ATM, when is the last time you do transaction to it and if they can see your recent transaction receipt which on my end I failed to refuse to do so and it's my bad) and it made me feel uncomfortable. Their strategy is to say that we can win prizes using their bullshit roulette and after that they will lead you to their office, a kind of holding place for networking look office. Out of respect, I let the "manager" whom I was assigned with to finish her brief discussion of what MB Life is and how they operate. After getting the necessary information that they need, they will FORCE you to sign up for their insurance company leaving you no options as an autonomous person. I felt very disrespected when the manager I was talking with made a smirk and showed me her callous attitude when I said that I have to consult my decision to my wife since we have this communal agreement for spending and taking care for our material condition, thinking and concluding as if I cannot decide for my own and have an active decision over the situation that very moment because their premise is "IPON NAMAN PO ITO AT SA INYO NAMAN ITO MAPUPUNTA." They are very assertive to the point that they will try to control you over your own active decisions by manipulating you through the sketchy benefits you are about to get once you sign up and they will also attack your character as if they have known you very well. They will try to extract as much information like if you have other sources of income (business, gigs and rakets or freelance jobs) and EXPLOITS YOU not ENCOURAGES YOU to make an investment because their tactics is to MANIPULATE and CONTROL you of HOW MUCH YOU HAVE TO INVEST BASED ON THE MONEY IN YOU HAVE IN YOUR DEBIT CARDS OR CREDIT CARDS not HOW MUCH MONEY YOU ARE ABLE TO DECIDE FOR YOUR OWN TO MAKE AN INVESTMENT.
Reply by Anne Dela Paz on 29 March, 2021
Same thing happened with me at the same branch - SM North EDSA. Nakakagigil kasi feeling ko nabudol ako. Here I am writing this before mag first due date ko ng payment in quarterly terms. I have no plans of continuing this shit already. Inisip ko na lang nagastos ko ung 4,000 pesos na pauna kong hulog. Never again. Okay sana kung naexplain nang maayos everything pero wala. And sa dami ng complaints na nakikita ko, I'd rather end paying as early as possible.

Kasama ko din ung friend ko noon tapos ginisa kami. Pinipilit nila maglabas na ng money friend ko kahit wala. Very traumatizing.
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