Time consuming - Consumer Complaint for HI-Q - HEAD OFFICE

Jimmy Fredericks
This morning my wife took our car to replace the rear shocks which I allready ordered last week Thursday. She was the first to arive there so one of the workers at Hi-Q took her and drop her at her workplace. Since she was the first to arive at Hi-Q we thought that our car will be dealth with first. At 13h00 one of the workers come to fetch her at her workplace to get the car which she need at 14h00 to fetch our kids at school and then the workers (not even the managers there), told her they didnt even touch our car she must come back at 14h00 after school. She come back round about 14h15 they saw her standing there in the heat of the sun and today it was 44 degrees but none of them come to tell her that they are busy she must rather leave the car or come back tomorrow. My wife and myself are not happy of this poor service delivery because our car was standing their the whole day in the sun without given attention to and they only had to replace the rear shocks. I think its very poor management from the management team becauae I think they are handling and desiding who to do first and believe its favourism. Porterville Hi-Q branch. I dont think none of you would like to be handled like this and nor would you like you car standing in the direct sun at 44 degrees.
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