MICHELLE HABLO | May 2, 2021 | Cashier with an attitude - Consumer Complaint for Puregold - Head Office

Jona Manalili
Good day! :)

I would like to report a cashier named Michelle Hablo she's one of your cashier at Puregold Tabang, Bulacan. She doesn't have a pleasing personality and doesn't serve a good customer service. She responded to all of my question like she's mad and doesn't have a good day. I understand that we're all tired but she repeated that behavior three times. I asked her to price check one of my purchase and as I saw the price I already said clearly that I don't want to purchase that specific product but she still choose to scan it and that proves an uncompetitive and a cashier that doesn't pay attention to details.

I just wanna make sure that this will not happen to any other customers.
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