Near death experience - Consumer Complaint for Leader Rubber Co SA (Pty) Ltd

Jose wilson
On the 7th dec 2019 I fit 4 brand new tires and done alignment and balancing, on the 24 Dec it was raining my car spin out of control almost causing serious injury to myself, lucky my car wasn't damage and I was safe I drove home slowly, upon inspection I found my rear tires worn out completely, I did 2100 km since fitment, since it was holiday season and I returned to work on the 2nd Jan so on the 3rd I took half day and went to the fitment center to get it inspected, they put the car on alignment system and compaired the allighnment which was done at fitment and the manager to me it's fine it was my cambers and I probably hit a pot hole, knowing i never hit anything I insist to see the results and the manager because upset I finally too my previous report and the new one and compaired the two and found out that the rear of my car was never alligned on the day of fitment the manager was in shame because he wanted to lie to me but he accepted that it was their fault he said I should come back so he could make a plan and he was very annoyed by me, he didn't mention anything about replacing my tires and fixing my allighnment nothing so I left, I spoke to head office on the 6 when they returned back to work I sent them pics and documents and asked them to please deal with the fitment center to replace my tires, the guy helping me at HEad office got back to me and said the manager said I should come and talk about it at the fitment center, I told him I have nothing to talk about I just need to get my tires and allighnment fix, he was very rude to me and said there's nothing he can do to help me I need to go there and discuss who know what, so I told him I would go there to get new tires and my allighnment fixed he told me he can't arrange that, the guy at head office was very unpfressional and so rude to me, I had no choice but to take legal action, so a file has been open and I'm waiting for my lawyer to get back to me, how many peoples live could be in danger due to the negligence?, they don't consider the seriousness of this matter, I could have died
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