Filthy Hygiene Standards at Woolworths Hot Food Counter - Consumer Complaint for Woolworths (Pty) Ltd Head Office

Laura du Sart
I went to buy some groceries and a roast chicken at the Colosseum Woolies in Century City ,Cape Town on 18/3 around 12:30pm. The deli lady proceeded to open the bag with her bare hands and she had NO GLOVES on and put my chicken inside the bag then once again handled my bag with her bare hands. I did not want to make a scene during lunch hour so I went to find the manager and explained the situation. This was 12:40 so you can please refer to the CCTV footage. I requested a new chicken but I asked the manager if the lady could please put gloves on when she handles the food. The manager was kind and soft spoken and went on to speak to the lady voicing my request. The deli lady who I can't name as she had no name badge on proceeded to disagree with the manager infront of me and got quite offended stating she had previously sanitized her hands earlier - definately not when I was in the queue watching. As she was taking offence to what the manager was trying to tell her she rubbed her snotty nose with her open hand and went on to try and get me a new chicken till I had to ask the manager if she saw the girl rub her nose with her bare hand then she wants to pack me a new chicken.The manager nodded in agreement and apologised then I explained that at a time like this if I want her to wear gloves and dish my food that I am about to eat she must please understand and then I explained I had just seen her wipe her nose with her flat hand to only go back to the roast chickens to dish??????? The deli lady got defensive and walked away while I was trying to talk to her then I got so angry I just walked out the shop. The manager came running to the car to apologise but I think at a time like this to experience this attitude and lack of hygiene is MOST UPSETTING AND DISGUSTING. I pay extra for proper service and hygiene at Woolies. Clearly staff training needs to be upped here!!!!
COMPLAINT #2761 - Customer Service Issues
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