Unresolved electricity problem with Ref. NO 4276380 on the 19/06/2020 and Ref.No 4328775 on the 03/0 - Consumer Complaint for EKURHULENI METROPOLITAN MUNICIPALITY-ELECTRICITY-ACCOUNTS

On the 19/06/2020 there was no electricity in my house. I called the call center and got ref.no 4276380. On the 20th 2 (two officials from the city of Ekurhuleni came to fix the electricity), they managed to restore the electricity, but they told me they will come back on Monday to fix the problem. On Monday i was not home so I thought they came. On the 21/07/2020 i baught R300 electricity and punched in the numbers.On the 24th the box became know and when i check i only had 91units, i baught another R100 electricity and punched the numbers the meter just keep on running, that's when i realized that there was a problem with my meter box. I took the meter box to the electricity department in Tembisa. I only found a security at the gate and he told me there was no one in the office because of Covid 19. I wrote my problem down. Someone was sent to check the problem, he told me that my electricity had been bypassed, i told him about the first Ref. No. He said he will send someone to come and fix the problem, but no one came. On the 3rd/08 i called the call center and got Ref.No 4328775, still no one is coming to fix the bypassed electricity.
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