Lebanese Manager was very rude towards me after buying from his restaurant - Consumer Complaint for Oriental Patisserie

Max Amihere
On the 31st of March I visited this oriental at Palace Mall. I ordered and paid for ginger tea. When it was seven, I sat inside and sipped the tea. thereafter I went outside to sit in the shaded area. The sun was very hot so I sat underneath one of he umbrellas outside.

Shortly after this Lebanese man came over to me as asked me what I wanted. I told him I had just taken my tea and was relaxing outside.

This man then said to me that I should leave the shaded area and go sit on one of the chairs put under the sun. This was with everyone else there sitting under the shaded area avoiding the extreme hot sun. I asked why he said to me he was expecting people and would need me to get up from the shade and go sit under the sun.

The insult and obvious rudeness was too much thus I got up and left altogether.
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