- Consumer Complaint for LBC - Head Office

Millet cabrera
My 2 balikbayan boxes were picked up in Yew Tee last 10-Nov-2020. The other box was received in Phil warehouse 30th-Nov-2020 but the other box status still at Singapore warehouse. I called LBC hotline twice but they can’t give any information. I went to Lucky Plaza to check, unfortunately they do not have clear answer. They do not know where is the physical box. It’s almost 1 month now and still the status of the box is in Singapore warehouse.
I pray that the box was not stolen.
It is our hard earned money. We are separated with our family to give them some comfort in life. But, LBC do not have any concern to their customers.
Please is there anyone who can advise what government agency In Singapore who can help us to address this issue. We need to stop this. We pay LBC to get the things we have for our love ones.
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