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I'm really not sure what to say, about their services. All I can say is that they have old buses plus they don't service them. As I'm writing this it's Friday 4th of January 2019 I'm at the petrol station the bus broke down due to brake cause it doesn't have air to brake. It's simple that they don't value ourselves cause as I entered in the bus I first the thing I noticed the bus was to old, anyone could tell if you pay attention cause of the inside front, and the wepairs were not were working right and the drive I overhead him telling his callegue that he expected this. Guys run away from translux buses as far as you can if you value your lives. As for me it was my first and last. And the other thing bus was supposed to be at the bus station at 21h05 but it came at 21h30 and no one bothered explain that or bothered to apologize.
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