Poor service - Consumer Complaint for Bradlows - Head Office

Neil Alldred
I bought a lounge suite from your EL branch in October 2018, leather suite @ around R24k.
We have now reported problems where there are leather patches that are coming off, the backrest on the 2 seater is totally loose, there is a pin or something that is pushing through on the LH armrest on the 3 seater.
Submitted a complaints report end of December 2019 (MO-FURN-20200117-7578) and the lounge suite was eventually collected 2 weeks ago for inspection. We have had to continuously follow up with the customer call centre to find out what is going on, and NOTHING seems to be happenning. We would either like us to be REFUNDED (based on remaining warranty) or to receive a NEW replacement.
The service from Bradlows is really not very good at all. We are now having to sit on plastic chairs as our expensive reject lounge suite is not receiving any attention OR we are not being informed of all of the information.
Please can someone at head office, hopefully the national sales manager or CEO advis us as to what the resolution is going to be. This is really not acceptable, seeing that I bought it cash, alongwith a double door fridge/freezer and a queen size bed, total of R57000 paid CASH to Bradlows, and we have to receive this type of shocking service.
Your URGENT response would be appreciated.
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