Used folded tissue paper in my Maynard wine duos - Consumer Complaint for Tiger Brands

Sello Mokoena
Tiger Brands
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From: Sello Mokoena <selloj.***>
Date: Mon, 24 May 2021, 01:02
Subject: Used folded tissue paper in my Maynard wine duos
To: <tige***>

I bought my pack at PicknPay Minimarket.

I enjoyed my wine gums while watching TV and when going to the last the texture was simply foreign to me. When inspecting, I discovered that it was a folded used tissue paper.

Just imagine if it is/was infected with Covid-19?

I don't think I will ever buy your products again.

Man 09/02/2021
BB 09/05/2022
A 02 08:04

I have attached photos for your reference. I am also tempted to put it on Twitter and tack Tiger Brands. I will keep that used tissue in case you need it for internal checks.

Your unsatisfied customer.

Sello Mokoena
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