Irregularity in terms of the customer service - Consumer Complaint for Vodacom - Head Office

Thembisile Muteyi
When I took a Contract At King Williams Town Stone Tower Vodacom outlet I told the young man who was servicing me that it must not exceed R500 rands. In the absence of such a contract I left, he then called saying he has got a good offer that suits my need. We then proceeded with the contract agreement and one month later R611.00 was deducted in my account and immediately i went to him in person and he said he forgot to tell me that this will happen once but for the whole contract period nothing changed. I don't know how many emails i wrote to vodacom with no response at all. It is said to note that even though he said my phones are insured when i lost one it was clear from the system that they were not insured. Another said thing we ended up not getting monthly data which was not the agreement from the onset and this make me feel that Vodacom robbed me. It hurts even more to get calls time and again informing me that my phones are due for upgrade after such a treatment i consider cruel and illegal from Vodacom. I ask only this one thing now to be given a person I can talk to and to ventilate my frustration. I do not have a phone but too scared to fall in to the same trap i fell in. My two contract numbers are as follow: 082 856 1427 and 066 298 9985.
COMPLAINT #7511 - Contract Issues
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