Hate being taken for a fool - Consumer Complaint for Clicks Store - Head Office

Tosca Jacobs
Whenever me and my aunt go to clicks at Capricorn mall the security either follows us or wants to check bags and slip,see the problem is that she blatantly show she thinks we are thief's because today I decided not to join aunt in the shop and just stand at the door I watched her and she wasn't aware,she never checked anyone else's bags and asked for slips just when aunt came she asked for the slip and ask to check the bags and before aunt went in too she asked aunt to leave her pnp shopping bags at the baskets infront and not take it in with her...she does this all the time,it makes one feel really shit and humiliated and not wanting to shop there anymore....I worked for clicks too and u know the manager was frisked by that security as we were talking to her and she just walked out and didn even try to sort it out or comment,we were never also frisked Infront of customers
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