Scammed - Consumer Complaint for Blackstone Intelligence Group

Tracy Lee Fumera
I sent 7000 US dollars to these people only for them after they promised to recover my funds they stopped all communication and then 3 weeks ago they called me a liar about paying them after i asked for a refund of the money i paid they told me they were closing their doors by the 30th if June..I have all the emails and Skype messages even the receipts that i actually paid these criminals..Why is there web page still up and why are they still free to continue scamming people who have already been scammed and trying to get help..I am not ritch and the money i paid legally should be returned to me..Black stone intelligence..They claim they are ex military..Something needs to be done to stop these fraudulent people and u can see even with all the complaints nothing is being done about preventing them from taking money from victims such as myself...
Reply by Krishnan S on 6 July, 2019
Thank you Jeff for helping with my case...I am grateful for all of your help and everything your company has done to recover my funds from optionally

May God bless you
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