Refund refusal - Consumer Complaint for Woolworths (Pty) Ltd Head Office

Zozo Ntlangula
The store Killernery manager and his/her incompetent managers refused to refund me nor make a sound discretion on my case which is different. Bought my sons shoes on the 14th Feb 2019 and shoes have now a big hole .Fine, I took back the shoes and I wasn't helped because I no longer have the card used during the purchase because the card is no longer in my possession due to the car that was stolen. Inconsistency and poor professionalism was alarming and being refused my refund becouse of that reason. My biggest frustration was that my son needed the shoes asap and was told that the Monday could only be transferred back to the either my debit or credit card which was contradicting to me.
COMPLAINT #1703 - Refund / Exchange Issues
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