Why Complaints Can Be Good for Business

Everyone in business faces different types of challenges but if you learn how to handle them, they all turn out to be learning opportunities for the future. Today, most consumers consider online feedback and reviews to be a good source of recommendations that determine their buying behaviors. In that case, should businesses only focus on the positive reviews to win the attention of their target prospects? Well, not quite so. All reviews, both positive and negative are equally useful in swaying customers to buy your products. Yes, negative complaints can be good for your business. Here is why:

1. Negative Feedback Highlights the Positives

Did you know that negative reviews make the positive ones seem better? Ideally, customers usually make a comparison between the negative and the positive reviews prior to buying. When the reviews made are all negative, there is a chance that customers will believe the positive reviews that have not been listed. This means that all the good parts listed in the positive reviews will count a lot in customer decisions. Some of the customer complaints tend to highlight all the advantages and disadvantages of the product. This proves to be somewhat useful since customers are searching for unbiased reviews.

2. Purchase Decisions are at Times Informed by Bad Reviews

When customers want to buy something, they compare the pros and the cons of the product. In that case, it is important for them to see the negative complaints without which it will be difficult for them to make a decision. This will not only help them make an informed decision but also lead to fewer complaints and refund requests. At times, negative reviews highlight something else other than the product. It could be about the purchase experience. Through negative reviews, customers can get a picture of the expectations to meet before buying anything.

3. Building Trust Through Negative Reviews

It is important to publish both positive and negative reviews once they come your way. When customer cannot find bad reviews but only the positive ones, they will read some mischief somewhere. If all the reviews on your site are positive, customers will tend to believe that you are hiding something. No business or product is perfect without flaws. Therefore, having several negative comments will not necessarily hinder people from purchasing your product. Publish reviews that highlight some flaws in your product. Chances are that customers will develop trust in your business and the products.

4. Use Complaints to Engage Customers

When customers file a complaint, what is your response? The first action by some businesses is to censor the comment instantaneously. Others tend to respond with a negative comment. However, that should not be the case. All you want is for the customers to develop trust in what you are offering. In that case, show some concern in responding to their dissatisfaction of whatever kind concerning your business. A complaint from your customer is an opportunity to provide a solution both to your business and the customer as well.

5. Negative Comments Offers you an Opportunity to Better Things

Once customers submit a complaint, your focus should be on seeking to understand where you went wrong. They say that customers are always right and you had better learn of your mistakes first before turning away from that comment. For your business to grow, it is all about the customer. If you will be able to view things from the customer’s perception, you will be helping your business a great deal. At least, you will learn of the adjustments to make in your business to make it better.

Complaints are not that bad after all. They probably are the best tool to help you identify your deficiencies and improve on them.