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Yesterday I was at the far East Rand hospital and the way they treat us patients it's a no,no. I went there because I have pains and cramps in my stomach,also experiencing right abdominal pain. But they didn't bother to check what's going on with me,they just gave me pills to drink and those pills t...Read All
COMPLAINT #2323 - Other Issues
Annes Yunus
I placed a bet since Friday and I won all the matches I staked. It's still telling me that one is ongoing since friday.ive been expecting my money to be in the account by today but still nothing is there. Kindly check it out and work on it for me As soon as possible. ...Read All
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COMPLAINT #2322 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Afaque Ismail Shaikh
Delmon Gas
I made order it's 4 day already. And your drivers and incharge komelesh keep saying me we don't have man to bring gas. What the hell is this you have contract you have to mentioned it clearly if your people can take cylinder up. We would have not made contract with you. It's disgusting my family we ...Read All
COMPLAINT #2321 - Delivery Issues
Francesca Andrea Duran
Your cashier in EGI Taft Tower branch named Becca is rude. Even if she knew I was going to order she made me wait by doing other things. And when she handed out the change she just slammed it on the desk instead of putting it on the hand I was reaching out. Her service made my experience unpleasant ...Read All
COMPLAINT #2320 - Customer Service Issues
Nancy naidoo
I bought pies from the tongaat branch and there are magettees worms in the snack pies or mini rolls and the pies had a funny taste I'm extremely frustrated as my kids and family had eaten the pies...Read All
COMPLAINT #2319 - Product Issues
Ditiro B.T. Gadihungwe
Good day.

I would like to register a grievance against OK Furniture, Shoprite outlet in Gaborone, Botswana on the above subject.

Last year i entered into a contract with the shop for the purchase of a couch. I was assisted by the gentleman called Keaja.

The couch was advertised at P 8,999.0...Read All
COMPLAINT #2318 - Contract Issues
Jesusa Balbuena
It takes me almost an hour to be served. The first four clients are seated and the rest who fall in line waiting for their turn are standing....Read All
COMPLAINT #2316 - Service Issues
Jamshida pulikkool meethal
Today i visited medeor hospital al ain ,..that was really bad experience i never felt it from any other hospital,,,, ......
I went to the hospital with a severe leg pain since few hours...if they are pain score of that time will be 6 out of 10,,, and my maximum acceptable pain ...Read All
COMPLAINT #2315 - Customer Service Issues
I rendered sexual service to him at Immaculate Royal hotel in Owerri and he promised to do transfer to my account and he ran away. Please tell him to pay me. He has my account number...Read All
COMPLAINT #2313 - Contract Issues
Jessica Joseph Ninama
Fake Profile.

would request the admin/ moderator to delete this profile it is a scam. Misusing our business name and PO Box Number...Read All
COMPLAINT #2303 - Advertising Issues
Friend Cargo
My bill no 0443 still not delivered my Cargo items what is problem tell me howmay days waiting....Read All
Jean-Paul Baron
I Ecocashed money to Total on Monday to top up my Total card as Paynow wasn't working. I have been trying since yesterday morning to get a consultant to credit my card ASAP since I have no fuel in my car, and nothing has been done - no returning my calls or relying to my emails. As a Total cardholde...Read All
COMPLAINT #2301 - Refund / Exchange Issues
John King
Premier Bet
I placed a bet and won. And anytime I try withdrawing my money that I won, they tell me ' Account review required '.
I went and write the review and you said you'll send me an email which will confirm that I can withdraw my money. Till today I haven't received any email on that. But just this one t...Read All
COMPLAINT #2300 - Other Issues
Roger Lightening
Genxtronics is a criminal scam. Do not buy from them!

We where stupid enough to EFT R15 000 into their account and no product will be forthcoming. They claim the product was stolen after their delivery person was involved in an accident. It is a total lie.

The bank account we used was not regi...Read All
COMPLAINT #2299 - Other Issues
Am a regular customer of the chicken licken in Pretoria cbd prinsloo str opposite reserve bank... I walked to the store on the 11th of November 2019 nd I asked for the toilet as I was pressed,nd the two managers where standing next to the till, names are Bella & Philani, as I asked for the toilet ke...Read All
COMPLAINT #2298 - Service Issues
I made a deposit of ghs2 buh till now it has not reflect in my sporty account.while I got a message that they have received my money at their main branch...Read All
Walter Nel
I didn't like working with Michael, but I am working with Scott now and hope things work out ...Read All

I have just received appalling service from your steers in Sunnypark in Sunnyside.

I first went to their inlet Milky Lane store to buy ice cream the sales lady Flora and Margaret totally ignored us while they argued about Vaseline that needed to be bought...

Attempted to get their atten...Read All
COMPLAINT #2294 - Service Issues
Hendrik Loubsten
I went to their location in central Pretoria and Jeff was very nice. The coffee was bad and it was a bid old but the lodge was nice. I decided to go to another b and b instead as they were more remote than others....Read All
Greg Lindebaum
ATTENTION: Wilbur Smith Chief Operations Manager. I will have ZERO to do with you lot. I have been a loyal customer for 19 years and now I get nonsense. LOOOONG story short I have got cheaper insurance even after giving OUTsurance first bite. Your ads lie you cannot even compete with yourselves! I h...Read All
COMPLAINT #2292 - Other Issues