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Mickie mae erpelo
Napakabastos kausap ng delivery boy nyo pangalan nya OLIVER dto sa San Francisco Mabalacat Pampanga. Pakituruan ng leksyon okay? Bastos kausap nakiusap na kami sakanya pero bastos syang kausap walang modo at walang manners. Ayusin nyo naman mga hinahire nyong delivery boy. Bigyan nyo ko ng response according sa complaint ko ha. Eto email ko mickie***@gmail.com. ngayon lang ako nakaencounter ng delivery boy na ganon kabastos, ang worst eh j&t pa kilalang sikat na courier pero walang manners mga delivery boy. Mygad. Give me a response about this, I am a customer and has a right to complain about that specific delivery boy name Oliver, wala akong picture nya pero mukha syang bumbay, payat at maitim makapal ang kilay na matangkad.
COMPLAINT #7627 - Delivery Issues
Sheryl Araneta
Last Oct 17 2020 i have 2 parcel for delivery, i contacred rhe delivery boy Teodorico Limon to ask how much. He did not replied untol afternoon i secided to call him and he suddenly informed me that it is for RTS if not claimed that day. We both agreed to meet up but he did not show up. I texted jim nur he replied the following day informing that my 2 parcel was already returned to sender. He was very irresponsible anď not responsive to customers
COMPLAINT #7591 - Delivery Issues
King Efrehl Gecain
J & T Courier named Mark Anthony Yburan for Cebu branch isn't diligent to even call the parcel recipient before tagging the delivery as "FAILED".
COMPLAINT #7541 - Delivery Issues
Kristal rose Ladrido
My item was dispatched last June 16, 2020 to Sapang Palay, Bulacan. But 2-3wks past, the reciever haven't received the item nor did contacted by JNT.. and tagged my parcel as "return to sender". Upon receiving the item here in Tabuk branch, they immediately return again my parcel to Bulacan. Upon delivery to the reciever, the reciever opened the item and it was totally damaged, drenched in water, and when they tried to charge it, it is already grounded. The box of the watch was totally wreck because of the water.. it has a fragile sticker in the parcel, how come that the box and the item got broken.. i have already filed claims but its already been 4months and keep on contacting the branch but no response have been made.. can you please give priority to this.. i also emailed custo***@jtexpress.ph but still no response up to date.. attached here is the photos sent by the reciever when they got the parcel..
COMPLAINT #7524 - Delivery Issues
Bryan santos
I want to complaint your rider mark anthony beñas cp # 09978323792 he marked my order as delivery failed due to customer is not available but he didn't deliver my order. I never receive a txt or call from him today. Hope you can do something about it!
COMPLAINT #7505 - Delivery Issues
Marck Nombila
Good Day,
To Management of J&T DAET CAMARINES NORTE and Head Office J&T Express Phil. I would like you to inform your good office regarding to the Service and Behavior of your Employee/staff to the said Branch. Inline with this, I have a very important Parcel, i send it August 18,2020 and supposed to be arrived at Parañaque Golden Phoenix DC August 21,2020 but why until now there is no updates, over delayed deliver for almost 1 month and 3weeks now..when I calling to the branch and talk to Mr.JC he never ever answer hes phone,even how many times we go there to followup our parcel they always saying we will call you sir today but nothing no updates if what status of our parcel. Kindly please have a perception of this kind of situation. I was so disappointed to your Service.I need the update from your company
Thank you and have a great day.
COMPLAINT #7501 - Delivery Issues
Weizhiii tees
Sana kung sino man yung rider na yan paki tanggal. Nag hahanap buhay kami ng maayos tapos hindi idedeluver ng delivery boy ng lugar nila kaya nabalik lang sakin item. Madami pa sinend na proof yung buyer sa usapan nila ng rider! Bakit ganyan jnt paki ayos naman mga tao nyo!! Hindi niyo ba alam nilalabas na puhunan at pagod namin, tapos ganyan mga rider nyo. Sana matanggal yan!
COMPLAINT #7288 - Delivery Issues
Butch Okkoy
I would like to file a complaint or report one of your delivery rider named Joniel Tataro with contact number +639566671900. The reason why i want to complain this rider is because he cancel my order whithout even notifying me, he even include that i personally rejected the delivery when he did not even visited my shipping address! is this the way J&T employees work ?
the tracking number of the parcel is 780739850947 . He tried to deliver the parcel yesterday 10/09/20 however i was not able to pay the parcel and asked if he can come back for the 2nd delivery attempt since i am a frequent customer of J&T i know that there is a second attempt to deliver before the parcel will be cancelled. This Mr.JONIEL TATARO CANCELLED MY ORDER BY HIMSELF. I contacted him that i will receive the parcel today 10/10/20 after lunch but this rider just cancelled it without any notifications or even tried to attempt to deliver it for the 2nd attempt . If J&T will keep on tolerating this kind of employee you will lose your business not immediately but eventually. imagine if how many customers are experiencing this kind of concern that due to the rider's laziness they will cancel the order immediately without even exerting effort on delivering it ? I can reorder again and use GOGO XPRESS AND NINJA VAN on my next purchase , but you will lose 1 customer due to this. you can check how many deliveries i'm getting every month and how many deliveries im sending every month. ACTION NEEDS TO BE TAKEN on this concern ! i will wait for your response.

PS he took a picture of me on 10/09/20 when i asked him if he can return the other day . i guess that's how they get away with this kind of concern. they will took picture to have it documented that we cancel it even though the picture was taken yesterday he will insist that that was today's delivery.

Sincerely yours, Butch
COMPLAINT #7286 - Delivery Issues
Laica Malabanan
Good day!

I would like to report the delivery guy who's supposed to deliver my parcel yesterday. He told me that he forgot my parcel at the warehouse although it's scheduled to be delivered that day. He asked if he can redeliver the parcel today but before i even reply, there's already an update for the status of my order which is "Delivery failed due to (Buyer Reschedule). He's not even responding to my messages. I've been waiting for this order. So what i did is call him instead asking what will happen next. He then told me that he's going to ask his QA to ask someone to redeliver the parcel today mentioning that my address is too far from his area. Now, i received a call from another delivery guy earlier this morning (around 5:30 AM, TOO early) verifying my location and asking how to get here. And when i provided my exact address, the delivery guy seems like complaining since I heard him saying "ang layo naman pala neto" and then ended the call. How rude. Few hours later, the first delivery guy called me saying the second guy can't deliver my parcel because of my address. He asked if i'm willing to add extra payment for their gas and just to have my parcel delivered. I don't have any choice but to agree because if not, my parcel will be returned to seller and i've been waiting for almost a week now. I added Php 100.

Please do something about it. I'm not happy with your service. It's their negligence not mine. And it's very inconvenient on my part that I need to call the rider and add extra money just to have my parcel. Wow. And to be honest, I'm starting to have trust issues with J&T.. or should I say I already have trust issues with you guys because of what happen. This is not the first time I got problems receiving parcel from you. I am very disappointed.

Here's my order tracking number in case you need some reference: 780717028313

PS. I already received my parcel. Thanks to the rider named Jezzel. I'm happy with the product but with your service? Nah.

COMPLAINT #7098 - Delivery Issues
Jorsie Angelie Apiag
I ordered at shopee for like trice times, and all of them refuses to deliver here in my exact location, they want us to meet up but I can't, I do have a child here and I'm protecting her from viruses I might get from my travelling. the name of the guys are Mark Gil Rivera and Jeffrey Turra they are located here in General Santos City employee. Please help me to make them get fired from their jobs. I can't sent you a proof because they was just making a phone call. thanks.
COMPLAINT #7090 - Delivery Issues
Well, I texted and informed the rider and ask some favor and consideration to deliver the parcel earlier since I will not be available in the afternoon. I was just upset on how your rider respond to me as a customer, it was so rude and uneducated. I don't know why did you hire and train rude dudes in your company. I'm not complaining with the company itself, just the employee. I'm just informing you to have a word with your riders to be gentle and show some respect to the customers so that it will not happen to another customer ever again.
COMPLAINT #7088 - Customer Service Issues
Riri Madrid
Good day!

This is Riri Madrid, i got my order on Oct 1, 2020, and your delivery driver named Ronilo Madeja told me if he could use the bathroom to pee then I said yes you can use it after a minute or two he began to show his private part. Please do not send him back in Pembo Makati City no more. Here is my ticket number as I already reported this 610419. I’m waiting for the item today and again that guy is the delivery guy from J and T. Pls stop sending him back here.
COMPLAINT #7030 - Delivery Issues
Leslie Banquil
October 2, nag text sakin yung J&T Express na this day ma de-deliver na yung parcel ko. Around 2pm, tumawag yung rider pero hindi ko nasagot kasi nag lunch ako. Around 4pm, nag text sya na prepare ko yung exact amount ko kasi ihahatid nya na yung parcel nag reply ako ng 'ok sir' pero wala akong na receive. So, chineck ko sa Shoppe and naka lagay dun, "Costumer is unavailable". Today, Oct. 3, nag text ulit ang J&T na ihahatid ulit yung parcel. Chineck ko yung shoppe app,pa iba iba pangalan ng rider na maghahatid ng parcel. Sad to say, hindi ko parin natanggap today. Chineck ko ulit sa app. "Costumer is unvailable" eh paano mangyari ni wala nga akong natanggap na tawag mula sa mga riders ang dami pa naman nila nakalagay tapos ako ang unavailable grabe! Im so disappointed! Tapos makikita ko nalang ibabalik nila sa seller. Ilan days ko hinintay tapos ibabalik lang! Tsk tsk.
COMPLAINT #7003 - Delivery Issues
Charles Benedict Dimaano
It says that it will only take 1-2 days to deliver a package from manila to luzon but the product I should be recieving right now is misrouted.
COMPLAINT #6876 - Delivery Issues
Eleanor Maestre
I have a parcel that was sent on Sept 14, 2020. I understand that due to the pandemic, it takes long to deliver parcels. Finally, yesterday Sept 29, 2020, at 11:17AM I received a message from JTExpress that my parcel will be delivered by a certain Joshua Colongon. In it was also his contact number. I waited all day for his text informing me when will he be delivering my parcel. Unable to wait no more, I texted him at 4:16PM asking him when will he deliver my parcel. I received a message at 11:46 midnight informing me that he ATTEMPTED TO DELIVER BUT FAILED. How did he even attempted to deliver when he DID NOT contact me??? My niece told me she experienced the same from this Joshua Colongon, and she opted to get her parcel from their Borongan branch. How could JnT employ a person like this?
Delivery Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #6839 - Delivery Issues
Salve Regina Balingit
Greetings! I would like to complain one of your staff rider here in J&T Angono Rizal. I’m a Shopee seller for almost 5 years but this is the first time that I had a worst experience with a courier staff (rider – J&T). We had a lot of different couriers and we didn’t encounter any problems even before. I just want you to know how your rider provide services to your customers and request to give them proper training and guidance. Please see below scenarios.

J&T Rider Name: Reonhel John Vertulfo Jalober
Sept 18 2020 Friday: 3 items for pick up
 That day I prepared and packed the items, when the rider arrived (noontime) and saw that we don’t have the waybills attached to the items he said to me with a dismayed reaction that we need to print our own waybill. He asked me if I didn’t know the new Shopee rules. I told him that I didn’t really know and I haven’t read the the announcement yet so I asked him what we need to do. He presented a paper wherein I need to list down the items with waybill number and put my name on it plus he asked me my ID so I presented my passport. After that, he showed me the waybills and asked me to print on my own moving forward. Then I agreed with it.

Sept 21 2020 Monday: 1 item for pick up
 I printed waybills. No issue.

Sept 21 2020 Monday: 2 items for pick up
 I asked my sister to give the items on the rider when he arrives since Im working from home. Then my sister told me that the rider (not Mr. Reonhel) was surprised because we already had the waybill printed (just on a paper). The rider has the waybill printed on stickers.

Sept 26 2020 Sat : 2 items for pick up
 I asked my mom to give the items when the rider arrives. The rider arrived then my mom told me that the rider is asking what kind of item is that on a no respect manner, (Inalog ng rider yung 2 item at at nagtanong sa mom ko ng “Ano to? Ano ba to?”) So I when out and talked to Mr. Reonhel, I told him that it is a Glucosamine and why he did asked suspiciously. He is the only one rider who behaves like that. I found out that he had no small piece of sticker paper where he can check what item he will pick up. All of J&T riders provide that small sticker paper that serve as the pick up receipt, but Mr. Reonhel didn’t have any ever since he started to pick up items to us. I asked why he didn’t have those smalls papers but the other riders have.

Sept 29 2020 Tue: 1 item for pick up
Since Im working from home, I forgot to go outside and print the waybill. When Mr. Reonhel arrived past 5:30pm, I showed him the item and told him that I forgot to print the waybill and requested to pick up the item on Sep 30 Wed instead. Then he showed me that he has a printed waybill. So Im happy because no need to print on my own, but when I asked for the packaging plastic because I run out of it, he said he don’t have any because he didn’t bring any bag(SEE ATTACHED PICTURE). Then he asked me to put remarks on the waybill and tag it as ITEM NOT YET READY and put my name on it and asked for my ID AGAIN (I showed my driver’s license). I also asked for his ID and he present TIN ID not driver’s license. Imagined that it will be tagged as ITEM NOT YET READY because he don’t have any plastic for packaging. Some riders have a plastic ready anytime I ask.

With this, I would like to request to change the assigned rider who will pick up the items in our house. We had difficulties with Mr. Reonhel John Vertulfo Jalober. We understand that he is just doing his job but the way he speak to the customers and the way he act without respect, we cant tolerate that. We had no problems with other J&T riders, in fact I admired them because they smile and asked politely for the items.
Hoping for your positive feedback and understanding.
Thank you.
Reply by Salve on 2 October, 2020
Already resolved. Kindly delete this complaint asap. Thank you.
COMPLAINT #6838 - Delivery Issues
Finlay Caliso
Hi. I want to file a complaint againts J&T Dumaguete City. I was called last weekend for my package (COD). I already told the driver that I will claim it early the following week since I am not around during the weekend because of family reasons. When the time I was about to claim my package in their office, they told me that they already sent it to sender by sunday. I hope you would give us (customers) adequate time to claim our package and not just 1 day allowance (LBC has a leeway of 10 days so most of us from the provinces salute their services). This is a COVID time and people are encouraged to minimize going out in public. And also they did'nt warn us that they only allow 1 day to claim our package and this in on a weekend. I hope this issue reaches the admin of J&T. Thank you.
COMPLAINT #6797 - Delivery Issues
Maria Liza Petagara
I would like to file a complaint against this rider name, Alejandro Impas ,this is not the first time he pissed me off..He is unprofessional in the way he handles his delivery.He can’t even memorize the place he used to deliver with.. It is very inconvenient for customers like me who is 8 months pregnant to wait so long before he arrives just because he doesn’t know the exact location where in fact he already delivers here multiples times already...I hope J&T could choose their riders properly .This is so annoying.
COMPLAINT #6734 - Delivery Issues
Michelle C. Atienza
I was expecting a delivery today thru lazada. I received a text from J&T, item will be delivered today with the name and phone number of the personnel who were supposed to deliver the item. It already passed 5pm and my delivery hasnt arrived yet. So i texted the number provided

J&T DELIVERY!TN: 910000599254 Rider:Robert R Sabado639484129503. For COD pls prepare exact amount. Photo proof of delivery is required. Thanks and be safe!

When i texted the number provided, this ROBERT R SABADO replied:

Mam bogus buyer po yan.

Paano ako naging bogus buyer???!

I'll be expexting appropriate action will be taken or this will be escalated.

My number is 09989341968

COMPLAINT #6704 - Delivery Issues
angelica cataluña
I was on quarantine the time they deliver. The rider cannot contact me since The number I registered is not working. So I called the rider that time but after informing that I am on quarantine and our house is under lockdown. I was advised to get it in their office. He also advised me to reschedule it but it was the 3rd attempt to be delivered. Bacolod is under MECQ and I cannot just travel knowing that I just finish my quarantine.

I hope you J&T will give consideration for certain circumstances and not just return it to the sender. Now both me and the sender has problem already because of being inconsiderate of your delive try.
COMPLAINT #6649 - Delivery Issues