Item not delivered - Consumer Complaint for J&T Express Philippines

Just want to make a report about my experience with 2 riders. I ordered something from shopee. I wasn't able to get my order yesterday because the rider wasn't responsive. I texted him as soon as I received the message from J&T notifying me that my package is out for delivery. I texted him using the phone number that was provided to me but I never got any response. I find it inconvenient because its not that hard to respond. Imagine having just a bit of sleep and I'm on graveyard shift. I even informed them that I still have work and I needed to sleep. The first rider yesterday did not respond to the extent that I fell asleep and just a couple of minutes later, he was already here but he didn't even bother to knock or call. By the time that I woke up I asked him if its possible for him to go back, and guess what? He replied 2 hrs later. And then, since they failed to have my item delivered yesterday, they attempted to have it delivered. So same process, by the time I received the message from J&T, I immediately texted him and asked what time he would arrive so that if possible I could still take a nap but there's no response. So I texted him again asking what time he would arrive since I still have work and I needed to rest but still he did not respond. So I even went outside just to have my phone loaded so that I could contact him but guess what? He hung up on me. These two riders are both inconsiderate to their customers and doesn't care. They'll just go whenever they want to
COMPLAINT #15354 - Delivery Issues
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