Contract upgrade and pathetic customer service - Consumer Complaint for Vodacom - Head Office

At the beginning of March I had called Vodacom to query something about one of my contracts that was coming to an end at the end of April. Ms A Moodley (the consultant) assisted me and made me aware that all my contracts were due for upgrades. She offered me a subscription to the value of R 525 (including VAT) which included the following:
60gb day and 30gb night
500 minutes
I had agreed to take this subscription effective from the 1 April 2021 for 2 of my contracts and I had cancelled my data contract due to the additional gbs that I would receive on the two contracts.

Subsequent to this, early April I had received my invoice and statement from Vodacom and I was charged an additional amount of over R 500 on this account because there was a stuff up with agreed upon amount of R 525 for the contract and what was actually billed.
I had called into Vodacom and had spoken to someone that said they would sort the credit note out for the amount that should not have been billed to me. I waited a few days and there was no communication on the request for this credit note, so i had called in again. This time the person i had spoken to said that Ms A Moodley would be in contact with me. A few hours after that i received a call from Ms A Naidoo that had indicated to me she is calling me on behalf of Ms A Moodley. I had explained to her what had happened and she had agreed that a credit note needed to be passed and further to this she had offered me a further discount on the same package mentioned above for a price of R 418 (including VAT) per contract per month. I had recapped with her what my billing would be at the end of April and what it would be from May onwards. She had assured me that the credit note would be passed and the updated pricing would change.

Not to my surprise, nothing per the conversation with Ms A Naidoo has been actioned. I had called again and spoken to numerous people regarding this credit note and the subscription package that was offered to me. After many calls, a high amount of frustration and all the wasted time a credit note was passed for the 500 minutes and the invoice was adjusted for the end of April.

The last consultant that I had spoken to once this credit note was passed, had brought to my attention that the new contracts that were effective from the 1 April 2021 have been reversed and from the 1st May the old plan will be effective again.

This does not make any sense, i did not request for the contract to be reversed, i requested for the correct pricing to be billed to me and reflect accordingly on the invoice. Now i am in a predicament as from the 1 May on the one contract i am going to have 400mins with 900mb of data and the other number will probably be converted to a prepaid line as the contract was coming to an end at the end of that month.

I am highly disgusted at the service that I have received after being a customer of Vodacom for a long time. I was also told that Ms. Moodley would contact me to resolve this issue and to date I have not received a call from her.

I subsequently received a call from another lady who is the second person that assisted on my contract and gave me the deal for R420 for the subscriptions on both of my contracts. She has said that going forward everything has been sorted out.

I now get my June invoice on the 8 June 2021. The invoice is yet again stuffed up. I am over charged by about R 500.

I have had it with the customer service and the Vodacom sales department. The amount of time that i have spent on calls from April to date. No one on a management level has had the decency in contacting me with regards to the above.

I want this rectified immediately. I will not accept the current amount on the June invoice to go off as a debit order on my account.

The amount of hours that has been spent to correct the above and the frustration that Vodacom has put me through. I feel i should be compensated for this. The level of customer service is pathetic!
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