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Quentin van staden
Have been phoning every day about my line being unstable or not workkng at all. Nothings been done or fixed. I'm done paying. I'm canceling my line.
COMPLAINT #10959 - Product Issues
Charles Moorcroft
I've requested cancellation figures 6 times already, and have not received anything. This is my final correspondence on this matter. I hereby notify you of the cancellation of my contract held with Vodacom effective immediately. No further payments will be made on this account. Thank you!
COMPLAINT #10936 - Contract Issues
Kobilan Pillay
Requested transfer of fibre line on 7 December 2020. To date, Vodacom service agents are unable to confirm the installation. I am promised on a daily basis that I will be contacted by a technician with no avail.

Reply by Eva Govender on 14 January, 2021
I am experiencing exactly the same issue. They give me a different answer everyday and now the sales guy I initially dealt with as well as the lady in relocations cuts the call every time I try calling them!
I have been waiting since 20 November and have paid for December and January but no service!
It’s pathetic!
COMPLAINT #10907 - Customer Service Issues
MJD Steyn
Good day


I have been trying for months (maybe 6 months?) to cancel the following 2 contracts:
072 155 9072
072 144 5509

My main number is 0833108747.
I am sure that if you check Vodacom’s records, it would be clear how many times I have phoned to cancel the above 2 numbers.
The time that I waisted while holding the line (most often to be cut of as soon as the operator was told that I want to cancel the above 2 numbers) and talking to operators must be in excess of 3 hours. Surely that can be verified from your records?

At least the last 3 times that I spoke to an operator, they assured me that I would receive feedback from Vodacom, if I remember correctly within 48 hours.
This never happened.

The last few times (maybe 3 times) that I spoke to an operator, they could see from previous records that I have tried several times before to cancel the above 2 numbers.

The cost of these 2 contracts is R66.00 each per month, so I can assure you that I am not happy with the wasted time trying to do these cancellations.

Vodacom refuse to cancel these 2 contracts and keep on charging me the monthly cost.
This is definitely not fair!!!

Again I plead: PLEASE HELP!!!
COMPLAINT #10898 - Contract Issues
Clinton Pillay
So frustated and furious waited for a month and a half for Vodacom to install my fibre after relocating. Today openserve came to do the installation however had to pay them R2400.00 for additional pipes which i did an e wallet to the contractor apparently they are contracted to Open serve. Why must i pay an additional fee for running pipes? so after i paid them they decided to work on the installation.After installation is done i called vodacom as the router does not work and was advised that i must wait for 24 to 48 hours for activation. Awaiting feedback i have a SR Number which is SR210112-057625 hopefully this is sorted asap as i cannot go on another day with no data which is costing me alot of money .Service is very shocking wonder why you guys get so many complaints ? Theres the reason Vodacom lies to the clients in order to get sales but cannot deliver a service. As my previous mails i did mention time is money. All the time im waiting for you guys to sort the fibre out is actually costing me alot of money. My wife is working from home and we have been purchasing data for the whole month and a half. Please get this sorted asap.

Clinton Pillay
COMPLAINT #10895 - Customer Service Issues
Paul Naidoo
I ordered for Fibre on October 2020 and until today still no fibre.I met the consultant on the roadside in my township Die Heuwel Proper doing promotional sales. I informed him that Metro fiber Metro Fibre completed the link up to my house and I and i did apply through Mweb to have fiber in August 2020 and was still waiting and he informed that i cancel my mweb line and go with Vodacom which I did in October 2020. I asked what about the line to my property. He informed that will not be a problem as i will be using Vodacoms line and just cancel Mweb.

He also informed that they will connect me on Vodacom fibre and should not worry about Mweb fibre as the lines are not the same. I sent Mweb a letter of cancellation as i did not want to pay for two fiber . On 20 October Mweb refused to honor the cancellation and i referred the matter to the consumer affairs.

In October i received a Vodacom LTE which was very slow and complained to Ronaldo at Witbank Vodacom. The whole of November we had no fiber and I complained to Ronaldo again who kept on making promises which was fruitless.

I also threatened cancellation in November2020 and was referred to Naveen by Ronaldo from Witbank Saveway Vodacom.

On first week of December Naveen called to help and i was on leave and i informed him to call me on the following week as i will be back in Witbank. I did not get any call from Naveen and when i inquired i was told he was off sick. I again threatened cancellation as i had no service.

When Naveen called they again could not solve the issue and i asked him to cancel the service again as i wanted to give him a chance to fix the issue but he failed again.

To my surprise and without my knowledge Naveen reversed the cancellation that was first applied for Cancellation Number: SR201217-979063.
I was billed in November for no LTE services rendered and again in December and now in January.

I sent a complaint on 9 December 2020 for no fiber service from 20 Oct to 9 December 2020 Complaint number SR201126-894939. This complaint was closed without resolving it.

I re-cancelled on 11Januaary 2021 Cancellation number : 2102111-051 864.

I have been saying if you’ll cant privide me a service we should cancel since November 2020 and until today Vodaacom is still charging for no services rendered since November 2020.

Please reverse November, December and January charges as i had no service from November 2020.

Also now Alrich and Ronaldo and from Vodacom Saveway Crescent won’t take my call because they know that they misinformed me.
COMPLAINT #10891 - Service Issues
Denise Greve
Hi there

I have had a Vodacom Fibre installed on 11 December 2020 and until today 12 January 2021 it has still not been activated. I have been phoning everyday and everytime I speak to an agent there is a new story.

They tell me they have escalated the situation and sent an email to supervisor and it will take 24 hours

It has been taking 24hrs since 11 December

My daughter had to travel 400km back home because she could not do her university assignments as it was still not yet activated

Please contact me urgently 0798777332
Reply by Dennis Swart on 13 January, 2021
I am having the same problem with Vodacom. No internet service since 13/12/2020. Still waiting for reconnection. Different person every time I phone 0821904... No promised call backs. “We have escalated your request!!!!!” Useless verby...
COMPLAINT #10886 - Other Issues
Bronwyn Kotze
I have been a loyal customer with Vodacom for more than 10 years and have at one stage been on Debt Review for other personal reasons. I lost my employment 3 years ago and continued to pay my account with Vodacom even though I could not afford it. I am no longer on Debt Review due to the unemployment. I have now however been employed for just over a year but decided not to re-instate the Debt Review.
I am not able to do my upgrade due to this problem whereas I have done 2 upgrades while on the Debt Review. So please enlighten me as to how this now works????
So even by being a loyal customer no longer makes a difference in this country!!
And who is the company to tell me that I cannot afford the contract that I am looking to upgrade to? You are not interested in looking at what I earn to see that I can afford the 3 contracts I have with you but the moment that you see that I have something on my credit rating you shut me down. I even asked at the Cresta Shopping Mall store to update my details but the consultant didn't do that, he just went straight to doing the upgrade and said I was declined. Between my husband and myself we get over R30k a month and you want to tell me I can't get an upgrade???!!! Come on, this is pathetic!!!!! Been a loyal customer for more than 10 years and this is the treatment that I get???
COMPLAINT #10884 - Contract Issues
Tsholofelo Tong
I moved to a new place filled everything on the 2nd and of Dec 2020 and sent thru and was told it will take a month to get internet .I was not happy but I accepted that but now it passed a month and I have been taken from pillar to post , called in more than 10 calls and sent emails, still no internet .I need to work from home and I don't have internet. How am I suppose to work? I'm paying for a service that I'm not getting .this is cruel and unprofessional. I need this to be sorted a.s.a.p.
COMPLAINT #10853 - Other Issues
I applied for a contract with you guys on the 7th of December at your Sandton store were I was declined even though my credit status is healthy. This actually puzzled me and I decided to let it slide and I applied with Telkom last week on 05/01/21 and I got approved.

Now since the time I put through an application with you guys there has been a number that keeps calling me 011 430 6556 including some international numbers and these people are asking if Vodacom has called me as yet and they have my details - which I fail to understand how they got hold of them because there is no other place I furnished my details to except to Vodacom.

The person who handled my case for the application is Lear who claimed to be the store manager. This guy was very dodgy I'd have to admit, what I know is when you apply for something you get feedback same time - with him he advised that I will receive feedback the next morning which I agreed to it.

I followed up with him the next day late in the afternoon as he promised to get back to me and he advised that the application was unsuccessful.

What bothers me is there is no inquiry on my credit report from Vodacom till this day!

When I google the number 011 430 6556 I found out that scams are being done with this number.

Therefore it means that Lear (store manager) is part of the scam and I am taking further steps in regards to the matter!
COMPLAINT #10850 - Sales Issues
Christiaan Nieuwoudt
Christiaan Nieuwoudt
ID: 6401175161086
Contract Cell Numbers: 0761284441 and 0636892375

I have been a Vodacom customer for more than 20 years. Never had any issues or problems. I currently have 5 contracts. In May 2020 one of my contracts expired (07612844410). Due to me not using this or 0636892375 anymore I contacted the Vodacom call centre to cancel. I was informed by the call centre agent that she does not have access to the information cause they have moved onto a new system. She informed me that a supervisor needs to access and cancel. During the call a supervisor was called and I was informed that contract is now cancelled.

The following month I was still billed for this but accepted this to be the last month I would be billed. However, in July 2020 I was again billed. I phoned the call center again, and again same process i.e. Supervisor need to access old system and cancel. Again this did not happen.

In Aug 2020 0636892375 also expired. I again phoned and was informed supervisor cancelled both contacts. I accepted the Sept bill but again in Oct I was billed for both contracts. I then phoned again in Nov 2020 and just went through the same process and promises with no action.

In December I visited a Vodacom outlet at the Pick and Pay Centre in Edenvale. To my surprise the agent also informed me they cannot access my information. I then signed into my Vodacom and showed her the contracts I am referring to. She then phoned the call centre and the same process followed with the same promise that both contracts now cancelled. Needless to say both still reflect on my Jan 2021 billing.

I am not sure what is going on Vodacom but your service is just plain poor. I think I have now done anything in my power to get these contacts cancelled but Vodacom just continue my money every month.

I am now for the final time requesting that both contracts be cancelled immediately. I also want Vodacom to refund me for both contracts i.e. 076 128 4441 from June 2020 and 063 689 2375 from Sept 2020. You records will clearly show that these numbers are not in use. I want to be refunded cause I was promised on numerous occasions that these contracts are cancelled which did not occur.

As mentioned I have been a loyal Vodacom Customer for many years. I request that Vodacom now please assist in this matter and to adhere to my request above. Failure do so will force me after many years to think about changing service providers.


COMPLAINT #10845 - Billing or Collection Issues
Francois du Toit
We continously experience poor internet services at princes grant near stanger. Can you not fix the problem.
COMPLAINT #10834 - Service Issues
Michelle Bezuidenhout
My month to month fiber line was cancelled over 9-month ago with numerous emails having been sent to customer card on an on going basis and to date, 2021, I am still being billed and black listed. Shocking. Please pass credit immediately and rectify my credit rating.
COMPLAINT #10831 - Contract Issues
Ella Maria van der Merwe
I was billed on a new contract without myconsent and it was done on the 3rd January and my present contract was only supposed to finish the end of January. Everybody I contact just send me in circles.
I am a pensioner with an income of R4500pm and can not afford a contract of R1800.
COMPLAINT #10814 - Contract Issues
Lavona Gilbert
My account Vodacom system account fully paid up settled. I requested a PAID UP LETTER ON THE 19 NOVEMBER 2020 in CENTURY CITY VODACOM STORE.

The sales person was nice enough to assist me and got a consultant on the line. She told me my account was settled and that she will request my PAID UP LETTER TO ME PERSONAL and that VODACOM WOULD CLEAR my ITC RECORD within 14-21 days.

I checked my credit report AGAIN ON 8 JANUARY 2021 and and saw in the strand street Vodacom STORE my accounts details indicated settled, but it has not Bern CLEARED from VODACOM SYSTEM.

BALANCE that's,settled on my account still showed up ITC REPORT as an unpaid account.

VODACOM HEAD OFFICE took account back from VVM in FEBRUARY 2020 and stopped my debit order.

I called VVM today, 8 January and they told me they cannot give me a PAID UP LETTER. VODACOM head office must clear my name that settled my account and give me my PAID UP LETTER.

Please, phone me asap on 0611 858 862 for my PAID UP LETTER and to CLEAR my name on ITC asap.

My life is in limbo and I can't buy my kids a house because of this situation

Your assistance to sort my PAID up letter out as,well as my ITC Clearance RECORD would be appreciated

0611 858 862

COMPLAINT #10803 - Customer Service Issues
Nthabiseng Anastasia Lefakane
My name is Nthabiseng Lefakane(9607060462085). I accepted and sign contract with vodacom during December. I received a phone without a sim card because the sales representative said that the sim was not available at that moment and I would receive a call to come and collect it. She gave a different simcard but later called and told us not use the simcard cause it was someone else's simcard. I waited for their call but they didn't call. I went the on the 7th of January and they told me that the simcard was still not available. They told me I should do a sim swap for a number I don't know or have yet.

I am very unhappy and dissatisfied with the service and I got. I it's been 2 weeks using my own data to update the phones system while I have to pay for a contract phone without a simcard and benefits which I can't enjoy because the 20Gig once off lasts only 30 days stated in the contract. Basically I am paying the full amount for half of the agreed upon contract. This simply means they have bridged the contract.

This is the simcard they gave me, which it is not registered and I was requested to do a simswap with this simcard. Simcard number : 89650000000009669348
V C 64K 3 in 1 2157330 Vodacom SP
COMPLAINT #10798 - Contract Issues
Elize Bouwer
I have logged a request om 1 December 2020 for fibre relocation the form filled in stated 30 days notice which has passed now and I have not even had someone call me to arrange a date and time. It has today been 40 days since I logged the request and no feedback.
I logged the request 1 month before we moved because that is what the process is. I am starting to work from home on Monday again due to the covid 19 second wave but how must I do it without any fibre line?
COMPLAINT #10792 - Service Issues
Tendamudzimu Nesamvuni
On 13th December 2020 I received the message that says "thank you for purchasing the game. Enjoy and have fun! ***@iaapgame.com" since then when I checked my account balance was reduced and I wasn't aware until I found out on the 3rd of January 2021 that my airtime was deducted. I called vodacom so many times and they said they will block the subscription but still is decucting R5/day and the worst part is that I can't access Internet as my phone is non Internet service is a stylo small phone and vodacom suggested that I must buy data, but to me is like they don't want to resolve the issue because how is it possible for me to use data on this kind of device. The worst part is that my number is on contract and I cannot control the airtime to no balance because I received monthly airtime. They also gave me this number (0105945452) for cancellation, I did called the number more than 20 times but it does not going through. So it seems as they failed to resolve the issue and as for me I cannot call vodacom customer care every minute of my time to resolve the issue. I am sick and tired!
COMPLAINT #10789 - Other Issues
Samuel Mabuza
To whom it may Concern.

I am writing to launch a complain regarding the manner in which my airtime is been charged or should i say whenever I load airtime, it just vanishes unreasonable so.

The number in question is 067 302 7590 which is a 24 month contract. I am paying over R1240 P/M, i am not even sure if i am receiving any airtime on this contract because whenever airtime goes into my sim card it just disappears. I made several phone calls to your call center seeking for assistance I was told at time I may have subscribed to something which I dont know, they then unsubscribe soon after that when I load, same thing happens.

I have lost so much money ever since I decided to return to Vodacom, I regret the decision to take this contract as I get nothing nor benefit or whatsoever instead, all I am getting is to be cheated my hard earned money.

Even the deals, that you loading to me, Minutes or power hour promotions are not the same as others, mine is just a R5 for 1 hour VC-VC or R8 Power Hour for 12 hours, that means everyday i Must load R12 x 30 equals extra R360 plus the R800 that I am loading monthly over and above we looking at R2400.00 already.

I never got any good offer, or free minutes for my loss.

I am taking my time on Friday afternoon to write to you because I am highly concerned about how things are going with Vodacom. This makes me to regret coming back to Vodacom after I was away and happy at MTN for so many years.

Please step in, have a look at my account and all the moneys I am loading and loosing on a daily basis and intervene.

Concerned Customer
Samuel Mabuza
067 302 7590
COMPLAINT #10779 - Billing or Collection Issues
Picking up bad credit on my name for Vodacom acount from 2008 after sekwastration documents was received by Vodacom 7 years ago.Went to Vodacom store and they told me to contact customer care regarding this but there is no such help option on any customer care number. I need this removed from my name asap or a letter from Vodacom. Daniel Botha 8401195066081
COMPLAINT #10771 - Customer Service Issues