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Consumer Complaints ( 45 )

Martha Combrinck
I live on a farm (Blydskap) in the Reitz-district and complaints about poor or no signal/reception constantly for more than a year now, which is according to customer care a REPAIRABLE PROBLEM, by installing a so-called "booster and panel".
I am a vodacom customer since 1998 and are being treated like crap when complaining about non excising service. I can not even make emergency-calls when needed and therefore people and animal-lives are at stake here.
Ag, no man. If you do not want to fix the problem, just say so and stop wasting my time and money.

COMPLAINT #2621 - Service Issues
Terrible service
Vodacom the worst service ever, I have an account with them they debit my account on the first and if the first is on a weekend they debit it the following Monday, I applied for a new contract it was declined because "they " say my account is in arreas and I know it was not because it was going to be debited the same day so now with this error I have been calling their call centre sending emails no1 knows how to resolve this issue they have been asking for documents payslip, bank statement and all I have sent they said they will send them to their acquisition department but the acquisition department and they are not helping, and I'm not getting the contract I have to wait for 60 days VODACOM YOUR SERVICE IS TERRIBLE
COMPLAINT #2571 - Contract Issues
francina griessel
in order for apple to honor the guarantee on a macbook pro they need a serial number reflecting on an invoice or a proof of purchase. the macbook pro is currently on a contract with vodacom and Randall from the call centre promised monday that he will provide me with this but he is either not at work or when at work he dont do his work. and all my efforts to obtain it from the social media portal is in vain.. it seems that randall is the only one working there.
COMPLAINT #2552 - Guarantee Or Warranty Issues
Tanya Hiles
Such BAD customer service. I arranged to pay my account early via eft, i CALLED the call centre to confirm that this was in order, they agreed and said I can do the EFT, I paid them via eft on the 21/11/19. On the 29/11/2019 i upgraded one of my lines via the call centre and was told delivery of the new phone would be in 5 working days. Today, 06/12/19, I call to query as no phone has been delivered, to be informed that my account is an arrears due to a late payment penalty. After a useless conversation at the accounts department whom denied any and all help and blatantly blamed client care for the mishap, he insisted i talk to client care AGAIN... Who then wanted to put me back to accounts... Utterly useless. Eventually I was told a team leader would escalate via email for them to immediately clear the fee and update my status so my phone can be delivered. Alas, that was at 8am this morning. I call now again, 13:20,for a change a lovely consultant, but also unable to assist at all.... The people i have dealt with today, apart from the final young lady i spoke to, were rude, and incredibly unhelpfull. I wonder if il get ANY feedback today..... A companies incompetence causes me to waste time and money of their mistake.

COMPLAINT #2398 - Billing or Collection Issues
Megan Coetzee
Good day,
I have been trying to cancel my Vodacom sim card that was added to my contract 2 months back. The sim was delivered to me, and I never rica'ed it or activated it.
I have been transferred from one sale's representative to another. I just cannot understand how cancelling a sim card can be so terribly difficult!!!
Please - all I want to do is cancel this sim, I refuse to pay for it leading up to now and in future.
When my contract is up, Vodacom has lost me as a client. The lack of service and unwillingness to help a customer is madness.
COMPLAINT #2353 - Contract Issues
Cisca Bosman
On 4 october 2017 a uchoose 115 line rental of R115 per month is added to my contract on numer 066 222 4484. I never recieced a sim card for thar number nor did i ever used this line.
I oaid for this and as i never recieved any statements as well i never see this and after beggung Vodacom to send ne a statement that i didcovered this. In my view it is fraud as i paid R2760 over 24 months for a service i never recueved nor used as well as the R2400 airtime that i supposed to recieved on this line for 24 months
I took out this or this is done at Vodashop Springs Mall and i think it hapoened the same time that i had upgrade on my 0829255355 number. To ne this is fraud and should be reported as such
COMPLAINT #2286 - Sales Issues
Cisca Bosman
On 23 October 2019 I phoned the online call centre to apply for a Laptop contract on my exsisting contract as my laptop stop working and in my line of work I need a laptop.
The deal was authorised and after repeating my delivery address en tekephone number 4 times to the agent she promised that the laptop will be delivered within 3 to 5 working days I acceoted that and on the 25th October 2019 a supervisor contact me to confirm my delivery address as well as my phone number, which was also repeated 4 times by me to her. She assure me that all is done and i will recieve the laptop within 3 to 5 working days. After 5 days i contacted the after sales department to find out the status of my order. To discover that after 8 attempts my address and phone number is still wrong. The agent rectify it with RAM and said he spoke to a supervisor and arrange for a Urgent delivery on Monday 4 November 2019. Today i phoned after sales again to find out what happened and why is my laptop not delivered. Just to discover that the courier of Ram was hijacked yesterday and now i have to wait 4 weeks before anything would happen. I ask the agent if she can mail ne a letter so tgat j can pick up a laptop at the nearest Vodacom shop which she said sorry she cannot i have to wait.
This is unacceptable and from the start everything went wrong and in noway is Vodacom interested in serving or rectifying mistakes made by them
Vodacom service take a huge dive and I cannot believe that 2 persons after 8 attempts cannot do something right.
After this I do not think that I will ever recommend Vodacom to anyone asking which network is the best
COMPLAINT #2277 - Other Issues
Erika Xides
This is the fourth time an illegal sim swop was done on my husband's account. The current bill is sitting at R7,000 when the limit is R50? In total you have lost more than R30,000, are you not concerned or do you not care? With warning flags in place and notes NOT to do any sim swops how is it possible that people still do it, how was this done? Do you not care about losing or do you just make it the contract holder's issue to resolve? You are very eager to cut us off when we reach our limit but not so when fraud is involved? We now have to prove that it was not us who did the sim swop, go to the stores to do a sim swop which we will struggle to do as there flag on the account... "YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SIM SWOPS OIN THIS ACCOUNT". Last time it was done in-store and even with cameras to prove that it was not my husband - done in Pretoria we live in JHB - he had to get an affidavit from the police station with three signature samples? How little do you care about your customers to allow this to happen? These people knew information that only Vodacom and my husband know, details that SHOULD and is be protected under the POPI act. This is your mess but as you cannot clean it up you are making it your contract holders' responsibility. Really terrible that a huge organisation as yourself cannot control your employees. We want see the person who allowed this sim swop to be held accountable for their actions, they caused us harm and allowed criminal elements access to our details. Not acceptable.
COMPLAINT #2243 - Other Issues
David Collen
Good day

I am an extremely unhappy customer as i made yet another call to your offices today to find out if my LTE has been cancelled as i did so on 14.10.2019 already and have only received this email saying pending.

So after i phone today again as none of vodacom employees know how to work a phone or watch, because i was told on 14.10.2019 that i would be contacted by phone in 24 hours 10 days ( 8 working days) later, i decided to do your work for you AGAIN and call to find out if my LTE is cancelled.

Now this is where i am getting REALLY ANGRY, today i am told it is in fact not cancelled yet and would only be cancelled on 01.12.2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE NOTE THIS: It WILL NOT be cancelled on 01.12.2019, it WILL be cancelled TODAY 14.10.2019.
I have been licking ass since beginning August for my uncapped fibre line so i have gone with another service provider thatwas willing to help me in less than 5 working days.

PLEASE hear me when i say if my account is not cancelled today, and my account has been billed at the end of October and so much as R1 is taken from my account, Vodacom will be in a legal law suit as this is pathetic customer service, and I have requested a long time ago already that my account be cancelled.

So please somebody do your job, or take it to someone that wants to work and CANCEL MY ACCOUNT TODAY!!
COMPLAINT #2229 - Customer Service Issues
Mr I Ragavan
There is no customer service.....

I have queried my Data usage / billing two weeks ago, i requested a reference number (lucky I did that). My case was closed the next day, without the query being resolved. I have been tring to get hold or in contact with vodacom, Do u think thats possible NO...No...NO...

I have been trying for three days now and nothing,

There is no contact number or e-mail for vodacom . There is No Customer Care / Support

Can someone from Vodacom Please contact me
COMPLAINT #2179 - Customer Service Issues