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Helmut Wehrmann
20th May 2021 someone cancelled the number which is linked to my email address that I had for many years. I have tried numerous calls to vodacom and to a branch but to no success... Please can I have someone who can resolve this for me.!
Reply by Chenè Groenewald on 6 September, 2021

I am very unhappy with the vodacom service as well as RAM. I ordered a Lavender S20 FE 6.5 inch 128GB and vodacom wants to send a Navy one, that's not what I ordered. RAM Services are also terrible as I was not home Friday afternoon although my mom and brother where there, RAM did not hoot, if thet hooted someone would have collected the package. Thier tracking website and delivery system is terrible and they take forever! I sent a package from JHB to DBN via Courier guy and it took only one day, I ordered my phone last week Tuesday and I'm still waiting for it, just to receive the wrong colour. I am very disappointed with this service. I've always been a happy Vodacom customer, but I might be having second thoughts.I've sent several emails and phoned, but no one gets back to me.

COMPLAINT #15535 - Service Issues
At the beginning of March I had called Vodacom to query something about one of my contracts that was coming to an end at the end of April. Ms A Moodley (the consultant) assisted me and made me aware that all my contracts were due for upgrades. She offered me a subscription to the value of R 525 (including VAT) which included the following:
60gb day and 30gb night
500 minutes
I had agreed to take this subscription effective from the 1 April 2021 for 2 of my contracts and I had cancelled my data contract due to the additional gbs that I would receive on the two contracts.

Subsequent to this, early April I had received my invoice and statement from Vodacom and I was charged an additional amount of over R 500 on this account because there was a stuff up with agreed upon amount of R 525 for the contract and what was actually billed.
I had called into Vodacom and had spoken to someone that said they would sort the credit note out for the amount that should not have been billed to me. I waited a few days and there was no communication on the request for this credit note, so i had called in again. This time the person i had spoken to said that Ms A Moodley would be in contact with me. A few hours after that i received a call from Ms A Naidoo that had indicated to me she is calling me on behalf of Ms A Moodley. I had explained to her what had happened and she had agreed that a credit note needed to be passed and further to this she had offered me a further discount on the same package mentioned above for a price of R 418 (including VAT) per contract per month. I had recapped with her what my billing would be at the end of April and what it would be from May onwards. She had assured me that the credit note would be passed and the updated pricing would change.

Not to my surprise, nothing per the conversation with Ms A Naidoo has been actioned. I had called again and spoken to numerous people regarding this credit note and the subscription package that was offered to me. After many calls, a high amount of frustration and all the wasted time a credit note was passed for the 500 minutes and the invoice was adjusted for the end of April.

The last consultant that I had spoken to once this credit note was passed, had brought to my attention that the new contracts that were effective from the 1 April 2021 have been reversed and from the 1st May the old plan will be effective again.

This does not make any sense, i did not request for the contract to be reversed, i requested for the correct pricing to be billed to me and reflect accordingly on the invoice. Now i am in a predicament as from the 1 May on the one contract i am going to have 400mins with 900mb of data and the other number will probably be converted to a prepaid line as the contract was coming to an end at the end of that month.

I am highly disgusted at the service that I have received after being a customer of Vodacom for a long time. I was also told that Ms. Moodley would contact me to resolve this issue and to date I have not received a call from her.

I subsequently received a call from another lady who is the second person that assisted on my contract and gave me the deal for R420 for the subscriptions on both of my contracts. She has said that going forward everything has been sorted out.

I now get my June invoice on the 8 June 2021. The invoice is yet again stuffed up. I am over charged by about R 500.

I have had it with the customer service and the Vodacom sales department. The amount of time that i have spent on calls from April to date. No one on a management level has had the decency in contacting me with regards to the above.

I want this rectified immediately. I will not accept the current amount on the June invoice to go off as a debit order on my account.

The amount of hours that has been spent to correct the above and the frustration that Vodacom has put me through. I feel i should be compensated for this. The level of customer service is pathetic!
COMPLAINT #15534 - Contract Issues
Leonard Motloatsi
Good Day, ​

On 06 April 2021, I called Vodacom and spoke to a lady by the name of Thandazile whom I notified of my intention to cancel my contract as soon as was possible, of which she advised that it would be at the end of April 2021. At that point the only debit I was expecting was my last debit of R315.99 as advised. To my surprise, I got a call from "Felicia" on 17 May 2021 from retentions who advised that the cancellation was not processed. I then spoke to Joseph on the 20th May 2021 and asked that he rectify stop any planned debits as I had notified Vodacom in time for my cancellation and I should not be held liable for Vodacom's errors. To my surprise this was not the case as a debit of R184.99 was deducted from my account for what, I do not know.

I therefore would like to express my utter dissatisfaction and displeasure at Vodacom's unprofessional conduct in handling the cancellation of my cellphone contract. This in-turn cost me R184.99 extra which was not even budgeted for. I trust that you would heed my plea when I demand a refund of that unauthorized amount.
COMPLAINT #15496 - Contract Issues
AEC Venter
service requests nrs SR 210514-585022 and SR 210608-589884. I have requested a Manager several times to contact me without any responses from you. You debited my account in April with more that R5000 without my consent. you uploaded the debit order incorrectly
please contact me
COMPLAINT #15484 - Billing or Collection Issues
Rachel Carolus
Im Mrs Rachel Carolus, had a fibre contract with Vodacom for a couple of months.Service us suspended according an agent after questioning about it.I only realize in March a huge deduction of R7 hundred plus from my bank account, under the impression that the fibre amount increased, without informing me. Went to a branch at Pick n Pay Hypernarket,in Brackenfell in April, 2021 informed the sales assistant and she locked a complain. U was informed that theres a cell phone contract device on my name.I never, ever bought any devuces frim you.the fibre is the only contract. I let my banj reverse the money, just to see that Vodacom deducted R1626,..May 2021, again I reversed it and still waiting for an answer from Vodacom . Now, my Fibre service which us paid up to date is suspended.Ive git a 3rd year and 1st yr Student naking use of your service, cis they studying from home, but niw I have let them buy data to do there work.I paid for my contract, and Vodacom decided to suspends their part of the agreement. They failed to give me feedback on Aprils inquiry. Now I have to send Affidavid after consulting Vodacom on Friday. My question is, why suspending my fibre service after I'm a paid up client.Is this the way clients is treated.2nd, where us the feedback from Vodacom on my Query from April.Must my kids be a failure in their studies, cos of data problems.
COMPLAINT #15480 - Customer Service Issues
Desmond Gerber
I've been trying for more than 6 x months to cancel a contract that is long over the 24 months period!!!! After 2 x laborious and time-consuming attempts to have this contract cancelled (receiving reference number etc!!!), no joy!!!!

The phone number is : 0664800248
Reference number: 316076
1) Am I going to be refunded?
2) When will this problem be sorted out??????
3) I’m tired of this poor service!!!!
4) Our reception in Vereeniging area have been deteriorating constantly the past few years, what is happening?????
5) I can’t remember when last I have had a continuous conversation (without a dropped call) for more that 5 minutes????

Please I need answers, ASAP!!!
COMPLAINT #15476 - Contract Issues
Annemarie Catherina
Went into Vadacom store Vestival Mall was helped by an agent. Wile de was attending to me he was always busy receiving calls. Spend 2 hours there with no joy. He was an Indian bloke. In his years of age. I had a tablet that just went ded an wanted to now if he can assist me. Didnt evan look at the phone, my othernohone had to be upgrated, he just looked and said he cant help me. He just wasted my time.
COMPLAINT #15473 - Customer Service Issues
Annemarie Catherina
Went into Vadacom store Vestival Mall was helped by an agent. Wile de was attending to me he was always busy receiving calls. Spend 2 hours there with no joy. He was an Indian bloke. In his years of age. I had a tablet that just went ded an wanted to now if he can assist me. Didnt evan look at the phone, my othernohone had to be upgrated, he just looked and said he cant help me. He just wasted my time.
COMPLAINT #15471 - Customer Service Issues
MS K Noor Mahomed
I contacted vodacom customer services to cancel 2 data contracts as 24 months over .Your consultant Ms Sindy Mbatha LIED about Vodacom Special Deals 30 gigs 4 R93 . and instead of her canceling the 2 expired contacts she added on 2 more data deals.Your Manager Ms Delaine apologized 2 me and was suppose to call me the following day to Give me correct deals and cancel the 2 expired deals .I Phoned vodacom 4 days in Secession AND YOUR MANAGER MS Delaine Has Still No Returned my Call This Amounts to FALSE INFORMATION GIVEN BY YOUR CONSULTANT AND YOUR MANAGER BEING UNTRUTHFUL .I AM A VODACOM CUSTOMER For the past 15 Years and Is This How You Treat your Clients ?
COMPLAINT #15460 - Other Issues
Paul McAleenan
I have a pending criminal case for a crime that I did not commit, the said number was apparently rica in my name a month before crime took place. It also appears to have been a contact number in my name. I have not had a contract with vodacom in at least the last 10 years. I need a letter from vodacom to show the court urgently please help.
COMPLAINT #15449 - Contract Issues
Adrian de Lange
ood day

I signed a contract with Vodacom this week, received my cell phone and sim etc etc but from my first enquiry with Vodacom, I stated that I would need to retain my PAYG NUMBER as I need it for business purposes.

I enquired with your call centre, being referred from pillar to post, and in the end, the agent that I first dealt with via email state that Vodacom cannot change my number as my 'score was too low".

This is quite ridiculous. All I want is to port my PAYG number to my new phone. I am happy with the contract, I am willing to retain my contract but I need to keep my number. Nobody seems to want to assist me with this stating simply that "it cannot be done". If you check my email enquiry as well as subsequent emails, I stated from the start that I need to keep my number. Surely then, I should have been told at the very beginning, that it cannot be done, and not AFTER I signed with Vodacom. I would like to think that my request was NOT ignored just for the purpose of a sale.

Please assist me. Surely a sim swop can be done or a number port? At this point it just seems that nobody wants to make the effort to simply allocate my old number to my new phone?


COMPLAINT #15388 - Customer Service Issues
Phetha Tabayi
I am annoyed Ive been explaining myself.I made a payment at a vodacom shop and vodacom cannot allocate the payment so what must happen?I am so flippen annoyed
COMPLAINT #15363 - Other Issues
Valerie Thorp
Re: Vodacom Order No SR210525-630616

On the 31st March 2021, I informed Vodacom that I would be relocating on the 30th April and completed the notice form giving the specific dates and addresses. Vodacom totally ignored the requests on this form and disconnected my service prematurely resulting in an unnecessary and stressful delay in getting it reconnected. Since then Vodacom has botched every step of the procedure. Once at our new premises we contacted Vodacom to authorise the connection at our new address. Thereafter, I telephoned the Fibre service number daily for 3 weeks, at great expense as I had to keep on downloading airtime and date to be able to communicate, and although I spoke to a different person every time I called and was promised they would look into the matter, no-one ever got back to me. I sent emails and sms messages however never got a response. In desperation after nearly a month of contacting Vodacom and getting no where, I decided to cancel the order with Vodacom and apply to another ISP for internet service. I am now extremely shocked to receive an account demanding a full years cancellation fee for a service I never received and equipment I have not even used. This past month has been the most stressful and frustrating experience I have ever had to endure and request that the Invoice sent to me be reversed and my "contract" be cancelled with immediate effect.


Mrs VM Thorp
for JM Thorp
COMPLAINT #15362 - Customer Service Issues
I upgraded my contract 10 days ago, Samantha was the lady that helped me and assured me she had stock of the phone. I asked her to process the upgrade. 10 days later i have not received my device i have not heard back from her despite numerous attempts to get hold of her, i have now spoken to over 10 consulatants all promising to get management to call me back, To no avail. It takes time to get to retentions dept only to be disappointed over and over. The contract amount has been deducted from my account. This is unethical Pathetic customer service i am very disappointed vodacom.
COMPLAINT #15350 - Customer Service Issues
Jeandre Theuns
Good day. I have a few things to say about the company and would like you to be able to assist me in this matter.

First of all: My account was suspended which I understand. I paid up my arrears account 2 months ago, I was due for an upgrade on the number: 0649035007 vodacom said that the time this account was suspended they will add it on the existing contract so that I can upgrade on a later date, For instance if my account is suspended for 9 months they add it on the contract.

This is totally unacceptable and I'm not satisfied with this matter.

That is why I want to complain about this matter as for me as n client of Vodacom for so many years are not satisfied for the first time. I wanted to do an upgrade each time I contacted Vodacom they have a different story to say about this upgrade. The date of upgrade keeps on changing.

If this matter doesn't be attended and be resolved. I will surley cancel my contract with Vodacom.

I would like to hear from you soon regarding this issue.

Kind regards
Mr Jeandre Henning
COMPLAINT #15340 - Contract Issues
Cynthia Maluleke
Good day

I want to lay a complaint about my order, I have ordered food at Nandos on the 04/05/2021. The food was not delivered to my address that i have entered on the APP, I have tracked it only to find that it was delivered to Isando to a so called lady Magrietta,

Please investigate and give me feedback.
COMPLAINT #15327 - Delivery Issues
Dean arendse
Hi I lost my phone I contacted Vodacom insurance my claim was approved I was given a cell phone less then the value of my prev phone I was not happy when I received the phone and I just wanted to exchange the phone for something else the insurance said that was not the phone that I was surpose to receive but the store refuses to take the phone back I never used the phone and the store open the phones box it self I'm not happy with the phone I received it hasn't even been 7days yet and they refuse to take it back I never used the phone yet I'm so pissed cause I'm still paying insurance as well as my contract every month it's so unfair
COMPLAINT #15306 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Stefan Siebrits
To whom this may concern,

On 28/01/2021, I won a R1000 Cash prize voucher(Voucher Code: MPHV7758) through the Shake off promotion.(pics)

When I tried redeeming the voucher on the portal it kept looping to an error(pics)

After numerous attempts and restarts, I made contact with the support team on Facebook which turned out to be an even bigger disaster, I found it almost impossible to get a name, contact details or reference/log numbers whatsoever even after almost requesting feedback on a daily basis.

On Monday this week, 31/05/2021, I received communication that I quote "Hi there
Customer Service Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #15299 - Customer Service Issues
Lesley Claassen
Good day
Vodacom is misleading the public with their Prime Videos offer. This is what the website is saying (https://www.vodacom.co.za/vodacom/services/amazon-prime-video):

Who qualifies for this offer?

Vodacom contract customers, as well as Prepaid and Top Up customers who’ve spent at least R150 on the Vodacom network in the last 30 days.

Now you are saying that your account should be at least 2 months old. This is NOT included in your wording. You are skelm and misleading. Don't think I can do business with a dishonest telecommunications company.
Lesley Claassen0713269362
COMPLAINT #15289 - Advertising Issues
Audrey Colongo


Dear Mr Shameed Aziz
I am very disappointed in the Vodacom Services, the reason being:
On the 4th May 2021, my hubby who is the account holder for both our cellular phones, went into the Vadocom Shop at Greenstone, which he received two Hisense phones.
On the 6th May we both inserted our sim cards from our Samsung phones to the Hisense. I noticed that already I had problems when speaking and hearing on both the phone and whatsapps, we had gone away from the 7th to 14th May, this went on until the 15th May,. I then decided to take the phone back to the same Vodacom Shop and was told there is a problem with the speaker and would have to go in for repairs.
My feelings that my new Hisense needs to be replaced with a new phone and now with the repairs is now a second hand phone, also that my husband has been a customer with Vodacom for many years.
If we do not get any joy, I am going to put this onto Hello Peter website, Which i have i already done.

This is my second complaint about the Vodacom Repair Services from email dated 23 May 2021.

My brand new cellular phone was sent in for repairs on the 15h May at the Greenstone Shopping Mall.

Please find the sms which i have received on my phone this morning 2 June 2021:.

Hi :) Your device with Job No. 13725331 has been sent to the Vodacom Advanced Repair Centre for a higher level repair. We will be in touch with you soon. To track https://cutt.ly/vl0KGEX. Please do not reply to this message.

I am not happy about this and would like to know will you be replacing my phone, i need an answer as soon as possible.
COMPLAINT #15287 - Repair Issues