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Neville van Deutekom
See my complaint on Social Media : Facebook/LinkedIn

Warning do not do business with these operators who sell on behalf of Vodacom. These companies work aggressively to sell LTE contracts and upgrades. They suddenly added a new account on my profile BUT when you phone Vodacom they tell you nothing can be done and give you a number nobody answers. Vodacom are trying to push as many LTE deals as possible to ramp up deals for the upcoming 5G network. Please anybody add to this if you have the same concerns.
COMPLAINT #7605 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Ernest Charles
On 16/10/2020 I was not able to log onto my work servers. When testing the speed I found that both upload and download was less than 1 Mbps.

I logged a request, SR201016-759964, This was closed without any reason.

I logged another request, SR201016-759968, This was also closed without any reason.

I tried calling, but gave up after 5 minutes of waiting. I managed to get thru to the service desk on Sunday morning and logged request number SR201018-763352.

This is the 4th day of outage and still I am unable to log onto work.

If I'm a day late with payment, never mind 4 days, you will be quick to remind and nag me...

So what compensation do I get for not being able to do my work and not being able to access entertainment ???
COMPLAINT #7598 - Repair Issues
C J (Nick) Boshoff
Two years ago I upgraded after a hijack no problem
Today you need bank statements etc because you down graded me from 700 to 400????
My account is ALWAYS paid on time and is in credit anyway!!
I will report this on Hellopeter also.
COMPLAINT #7579 - Contract Issues
Adel Strydom
I've requested a relocation of Fibre end of July. It is now 16 October and still not in complete status! I have even escalated this matter numerous times to management team. I've requested a line upgrade on 01 October, still no upgrade. Information recieved by the customer service team is conflicting and everyone tell me something else. Vodacom exceeded their lead times by far an I am very disappointed.
COMPLAINT #7534 - Customer Service Issues
Hennie Coetzee
Good day!
I received a telephone call from one of Mondo's representatives regarding a upgrade on one of my phone numbers 0846165641.
I have listened to the whole conversation and agreed to the upgrade.
We received the new hand set, but did not straight away started to use the new hand set. The reasons why we did not start to use the hand set were:
There were no protected shields or protected covers available for the phone.... the reason, it is a new phone only released in May 2020. We waited untill any sort of protected covers were available.... weeks went by...
Then we decided to start and use the phone... with the transfer process we realised the new phone haven't got enough memory.... we had to buy a additional memory card.
Then we tarted to use the phone, we basically use the phone for business purposes (we are in the hospitality business) taking photo's and video's and post them on the different booking platforms. When we start to take photo's and video's we realised that the quality isn't good.... we went through the settings... tried again ... same results.
We went to the Voda Shop in Richardsbay explained to them the issue... they went through the settings and said everything is properly set, but wait..... this was the answer, this is a shit phone with a shit camera and they can not assist.
Out of frustration I phoned Vodacom to complain, they said I have to phone Mondo.
Mondo wasn't very helpful .... I explained everything as above... all what they have said is.... it is out side the cooling off period, if I am not happy I have to phone Vodacom and request a handset cancellation of the contract.
I phoned Vodacom again today (a lady from Vodacom did phone earlier in this week asking me if I am happy with the recent upgrade, I said to her NO, and explained to her as above, she said she will come back to me... but not jet!) the lady today was very help full but could not solve the problem. That is why I am sending you this email today!

All I ask is:
From my perspective, if somebody tell you, we are going to upgrade your phone, what do you think/ antissipate .... isn't it YES I am getting something better...but with this upgrade .... in my view we got a down grade.... less memory then the old phone.... bad quality with the camera...
I don't want to cancel the contract, I didn't ask for a cheaper contract.... the words Samsung A11 ... new phone released in May 2020 sounded whow.... but it became uuuhhh..
I understand the cooling off period.... but I am even willing to pay a few rand more per month can't we just please replace the hand set with something else that can take good quality photo's/ video's and a bit more memory!

I will appreciate it if someone can replay and investigate inti this matter.

I am a long standing customer of Vodacom

Kind regards

Hennie Coetzee
COMPLAINT #7529 - Product Issues
Thembisile Muteyi
When I took a Contract At King Williams Town Stone Tower Vodacom outlet I told the young man who was servicing me that it must not exceed R500 rands. In the absence of such a contract I left, he then called saying he has got a good offer that suits my need. We then proceeded with the contract agreement and one month later R611.00 was deducted in my account and immediately i went to him in person and he said he forgot to tell me that this will happen once but for the whole contract period nothing changed. I don't know how many emails i wrote to vodacom with no response at all. It is said to note that even though he said my phones are insured when i lost one it was clear from the system that they were not insured. Another said thing we ended up not getting monthly data which was not the agreement from the onset and this make me feel that Vodacom robbed me. It hurts even more to get calls time and again informing me that my phones are due for upgrade after such a treatment i consider cruel and illegal from Vodacom. I ask only this one thing now to be given a person I can talk to and to ventilate my frustration. I do not have a phone but too scared to fall in to the same trap i fell in. My two contract numbers are as follow: 082 856 1427 and 066 298 9985.
COMPLAINT #7511 - Contract Issues
Betsie van der Westhuizen
I requested a re-allocation of fibre on the 21st of August. To date I do not know the status. Every time I phone a promise is made that someone will phone me back. I have not received one phone call. I pay for a service which I am not getting and the fact that you cannot speak to a manager is completely unacceptable. SR20082-612662
COMPLAINT #7496 - Service Issues
Karen Du Plessis
Vodacom upgraded my contract (3 lines) without my consent, without receiving new phones. No sim card delivered as promised for wi-fi. Trying to get this issue resolved since January 2020, but without any luck.
I have made so many calls to Vodacom's customer service, sent an affidavit to the Vodacom Fraudulent Dispute Department, only received a reference number in March 2020. Our lines were cut off on a Friday night without prior notice. We live on a farm, my partner suffers from a heart condition - we had no contact with the outside world for a couple of days - could not go online either to deposit money into our current account. I refuse to pay the invoice for services we did not asked for, and could not use anyway. I went onto prepaid on my old phone and use this phone as a wi-fi hotspot - so no activity on these products, but are still invoiced for it.
I complained to ICASA, who referred me to the National Consumer Council, but NCC does not answer my emails. So, where do I have to go next? Who will listen to my complaint and rectify the situation? I have been a client of Vodacom for almost two decades, and this is the service I get?
If one compares the computer interface and customer service supplied by a company like Discovery Health, it is clear that Vodacom has serious problems in this department. It is as if they cannot connect the dots in a client's profile. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE INDEED.
COMPLAINT #7494 - Other Issues
Marius Buys
I have a huge problem with my upgrade.
Can management pls contact me on
Thanks Marius
Vodacom’s consultants don’t seem to be able to get it right. I have had a Christofer, Sindy, Thandi and some other that have promised me the program was sorted out but it is not.
I have always thought Vodacom was a top company but I’m not so sure now. Your service is pretty dam bad.
Pls check on my update report who all helped me on 0662950005 thanks in advance
Marius 0813183222
I know I’m just small fry to you but I will then gladly cancel my contact with you and go to your opposition.
If you can’t resolve my problem that is the only thing that will make me feel better.
And I will have nothing good to say about Vodacom ever.
COMPLAINT #7488 - Delivery Issues
JE Bester
I'm trying to cancel my contract for 0662401323 since 14 July, without any luck. Each and every time they assured me that they escalate it to their supervisor. When I phoned today, for the 17th time, the lady told me that there wasn't even one note made to confirm this.
COMPLAINT #7471 - Contract Issues
COMPLAINT #7467 - Service Issues
Salome Nkuna
I both an airtime @180 and immediately I've been told that i have purchased 99 Data and i didn't press anything to buy that Data and when i called customer service they told me that there's nothing they can do and i don't understand why because i don't need data i needed airtime to arrange for a funeral... I'm very disappointed with vodacom because i believe they should be able to assist customers with everything they need and right now I'm traumatized coz i believe i have a right to choose what i want and now they didn't give me any choice they choose to give me data dat i dont want, i demand mt airtime n not the data
COMPLAINT #7445 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Pamela Jacobs
I took my phone repairs to your Southgate branch on the 12 September 2020 I did a follow up 3 weeks later only to be told they could not get hold of me after I wrote my contact number on the form they try to call the faulty number, they than requested proof of purchase and I sent it the same day the gentleman acknowledge receipt thereof only for him to request it again.On the 6 October I received a call from your repair centre advising of a quote of R83.80 that was due so they can order the part I did the transfer and sent proof of payment and the lady promised that yesterday the phone would be sent to Southgate and I could collect on Tuesday today I than called Southgate and I was told they have not received the phone from the repair centre I than called the repair centre and I was told they still have not received the part to repair the phone and once again I was promised a phone call which never happen

I will follow up with my insurance and advise them of Vodacom's bad service and what is the way forward
COMPLAINT #7439 - Repair Issues
Thabo Meela
Much often I’ve used their shake completions but I think it’s a scam as no one ever wins. There’s never a published list for winners of those major prices. This shake must be phased out . I would have above thousands entries Nimitz not a day I ever win . It’s a scam
Advertising Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #7429 - Advertising Issues
loot basson
Phoned 011 653 5400 spoke to Office , could not resolve.
spoke 13 Okt to call centre ccould not resolve.
send e-mail to to companysecretary
and e-mail to mediarelations
still no response
Reply by loot basson on 14 October, 2020
Complaint has been resolved thanks Vodacom appreciate
COMPLAINT #7422 - Other Issues
Can anybody reliable at Vodacom contact – my queries yes multiple queries has been now going on for 5 months.

Rosanne Clack
082 398 9894
COMPLAINT #7414 - Billing or Collection Issues
Monique Williams
I took out a contract with Vodacom - Lenovo Laptop in February. In April we needed the Laptop to be used for Zoom classes, the microphone did not work on the Laptop. Due to Covid I could not go in to Vodacom to report the fault. In May I went to Vodacom to request for repairs, I was told they do not take in any devices at this stage, I had to borrow a Laptop for my daughter to be able to attend the Zoom classes. In September when Level 1 was announced I went back to vodacom to request repairs, I was told it will take 3-6 weeks, Today 4 weeks later they phone me and tell me it is still not send in as I need to pay the collection fees?????? It took them 4 weeks to figure out where they need to send the Laptop for repairs??? This is for a Laptop that is brand new. It could not be used during Covid as it was faulty. The Manager at Vodacom - WONDERBOOM JUNCTION, was so rude as I said I will not pay almost R500 for collection it is under warranty, this is a service that should be part of the warranty. Given - Manager of Wonderboom Junction - this is not the way you speak to a client!! I did not request for urgent repair, I was quit patient but to phone me after 4 weeks and tell me I need to pay for it to be collected for repairs is unexceptable. I am paying every month for a device that must work 100%!! Not for one that I received faulty.. Please can you contact me as I need my Laptop back and feel it is not fair to tell me to pay almost R500 if the Laptop is still under warrenty. 0825217522
COMPLAINT #7410 - Repair Issues
I have been paying R350 from 2018 September till date.without skipping

This month was shocked by getting notification from the bank of R850 debited I’ve severesed it.I haven’t request any upgrade from them. I’m currently unemployed due to Pandemic.

My number is 0662727129

Kindly sort this out
COMPLAINT #7363 - Billing or Collection Issues
Ashton Govender
Upgraded contract after being retained, device received however does not operate correctly, does not pick up network most times and has a battery issue it needs to be charged twice daily and phone is not frequently used. Called Vodacom and they logged the incident, they were meant to collect the device however it has still not been collected after calling repeatedly and a month later since the incident was logged.
COMPLAINT #7347 - Customer Service Issues
Yvonne Van Der Merwe
I have made numerous calls to Vodacom Fibre about our wifi just switching off. The request is logged and then canceled. Yet I continue to pay my account. The last call was on 24th September. I was told that I would receive a call within 24 to 48 hours. To date I have not received one call
Vodacom: Your Vodacom ref is SR200921-691543 NoReply(2-DWDCEYI).
Vodacom: Vodacom: Service request SR200915-676754 update NoReply(2-DWDOM1V).
These were the two sms I got. I then received an sms the next day
Vodacom: Good day
Please be advised that your Service Request has been escalated to the 2nd Line Support Engineering Team. We are currently investigating the matter as a matter of urgency, we ask for your patience as we resolve this and we apologize for any inconveniences caused.

Kind Regards
Vodacom Fibre
Still no calls and I am still having issues
COMPLAINT #7325 - Product Issues