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Emma Concepsion Vasquez
I need my refund!! I place order using my visa card but it failed. When I check my balance it deducted 3x and I lost my money worth 1,161.00. Please give me back my money!!!!
COMPLAINT #15513 - Refund / Exchange Issues
rafie-neil allian
Hi good afternoon Concern ko Lang po about sa batching Bakit po batch 3 Lang po ako At bakit naging 99.14% Lang po Ang aking plan vs actual Wala naman ako kahit isang break at late Nag start po ako before 30munites. Start Napo ako Please po Check nyo ng maayus Pinag hirapan ko po Ang para maka batch 1 or 2

Kahit isang late Wala po at before 30minutes naka start na po ako
Bakit po batch 3 Lang po
COMPLAINT #15426 - Other Issues
Farrah apruebo
First time ko po Nag change delivery address because i supposed to send it to my friend using his own addrs. i was able to add the address however nung nag place nko ng order sa default address ko po ulit tumawag po yung driver nyo at pinagalitan ako dahil bakit daw d ako nag pin..alam ko pong mali ako at sa totoo lng di ko po alam kung ano yung pin n sinasabi nya? Ang di ko lng po gusto ay pinagmumukha nya akong bobo at pagalitan at pagsabihan ko..i dont deserve this...i can accept my fault but if you disrespected me and treat me like this ..thats unacceptable..sana maturuan nyo ng good manners and right conduct mga drivers nyo..this is his phone number 09913528227..i have high respect with your drivers because they are frontliners during this pandemic pero yung gantong pag uugali d nya deserve maging driver nyo.
COMPLAINT #15425 - Delivery Issues
John Marvin Cometa
Good morning,

I would like to formally file thia complaint regarding food panda including its customer service which never helped and was very ilogical.

On May 26, I ordered throug food panda "panda mart" of assorted items worth 747.96 pesos, it was ordered and paid using my creditcard.

But It was cancelled either by the rider or the merchant while the order was being prepared.

I COMPLAINED THIS IN THEIR APP "HELP CENTER" but nobody helped me and no one provided an explanation why I cannot have a refund. Please help me.

I am attaching my order as well as the explanation of food panda.
COMPLAINT #15403 - Refund / Exchange Issues
its not the first time my order is not in time. its ald been long time. right now, my order sushi king bukit raja, ordered at 3.17, and it says 15-30 mins. and at 3.30 or 3.35 it says my ordered has been picked up! but the driver is still at the shopping mall location until now 4.55pm. ???? and we could/t check with the store,
COMPLAINT #15387 - Delivery Issues
Richard Falar
FoodPanda, enough of your scripted email messages and enough of your bullshit customer support. You have the worst of all the worst customer support ever!!! You claimed to be a Global brand and you can't even resolved a very, very, very, simple case. Items delivered where wrong and incomplete and you only want to refund me half of my hard earned money?? I will definitely file a complaint to this with the Presedential Complaint Center. You really have to pay for this, for all the hassle and for all the inconveniences. FoodPanda Customer Service is terribly worst!!! F***ck customer service!!!
Reply by Aira mae on 25 May, 2021
Hi Sir, did anyone contact you yet?

I am also handle very poorly.

They kept insisting that I have a cancelled order when I didnt. Now I never recieved an order I paid online which never arrived. And they do not want to refund me because of my alleged cancelled order.

Where can we collate and file this to a higher uo
Reply by Muhammad mushtaq on 28 May, 2021
758205 assalam walekum sar meri ID of board ho gai hai please send Mary ID on on board
COMPLAINT #14991 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Rachel fong
Hi, I ordered food using foodpanda worth php 1,599 on May 8, 21 for delivery. They canceled my orders immediately and said my delivery address was incorrect which is not. I chatted to rider and asking extra fee for delivery and we both agreed then suddenly, they cancelled my orders and the amount was charged to my credit card, I sent message/email to foodpanda customer service they said they cannot refund my money. I kept message them to resolved this issues, but same answer cannot refund those amount. Cancelled orders, No delivery, no refund! They stole our money. It’s fraud, pls help us this. Thanks!
Reply by Germe Noah V. Durato on 29 May, 2021
I believe this is a malpractice that our government needs to investigate. I have filed a complaint to DTI, but I'll be happy to collate or consolidate all of our complaimts so that the SCAM or fraudulent practices if Food Panda and its drivers will be put into a STOP.
COMPLAINT #14622 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Muhammad Aslam
I gave one order from Foodpanda of RS.348 today on 9th May 2021 at 7:00pm. This order had to deliver Mr. Muhammad Ismail Allah Warayo. When he got late I messaged him to give me mobile number & talked I also request him to take my some personal items & he agreed but I couldn't get my order after 2 hours. This person wasted my time & I really upset from this rider's attitude. You are requested to kindly take action against him. Finally I received call from Foodpanda & got cancel my order. It's not the way to deliver the service. Please take action against him
COMPLAINT #14616 - Delivery Issues
Abish Merelos
I already paid the order through gcash but order was cancelled ny food panda itself and no refund is being issue. You guys sucks. You provide no assurance to none cod buyers. The buyers who alreay paid for their foods can only pray that the rider who will get their orders is an honest man.
COMPLAINT #14600 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Carlo puno
Hi foodpanda ok lang ba sainyo na fake ang license ng mga rider nyo dapat inaalis po sila dahil kayo ang masisi kung nahuli sila ng check point or lto foodpanda wala man ang proof na maibigay pero sa salita meron tignan nyo ang license po ni BRET MICHAEL CAYABYAB FRANCO fake ang license kahit kunin nyo po sa kanya foodpanda nag wowork sya sa san fernando pampanga foodpanda rider sya
Reply by Muhammad mushtaq on 27 May, 2021
Please sar meri ID of board of id ko on kar de 758205
COMPLAINT #14380 - Other Issues
Revi Yabut
I have ordered around 3:30pm yesterday Apr 25 2021- received a notification that my order was placed at 3:35pm and was informed that the order will arrive EST in 30 mins and at around 4:06PM I received notification that my order was cancelled!

I have placed an order from overseas and I put the contact number and contact person in the notes section, which is my father.

I received a missed call from an UNKNOWN number at around 4:06pm and with just ONE RING - it was dropped off and there was no way for me to call back at the number as it shows UNKNOWN. - no message at all! All previous delivery riders were able to send me a message when they arrived!

This is unfair for your customers FOOPANDA PH, I have ordered from CNB Marikina many times and I have always used the same address and this is the only time that my order was not delivered.

As much as I don’t like to think that some of your drivers are incompetent, he did not message me on the app, ring my phone once and dropped the call- there was no way for me to call back as it shows “UNKNOWN NUMBER.”

Previous riders were able to message me once they arrived and I have informed the recipients ahead of time to prepare to accept the delivery.

THIS IS NOT MY FIRST TIME TO ORDER WITH FOOD PANDA PH. Please check my history of orders.

I only use the same address over and over again.
If my address is incorrect or difficult to find, how come your other delivery riders was able to deliver my orders before??!!!

I demand a refund because this is not my fault.
First, your driver did not message me on the app itself
Second, I put the contact number and contact person in the notes section but we did not receive any message or call.

I don't think they will be impatient enough if the order is a cash-on-delivery because they have to bear the cost. But since I have used my credit card they just cancelled it right away!
COMPLAINT #14213 - Delivery Issues
Donita morales
It happen today april 23,2021
I ordered a food from mang inasal for my family. The problem is i didnt exactly put the pin in our house because there is no specific address or street shows in the i just pin it to the place that i know where is our house near located. Suddenly the driver is on his way to our place, then he called and he said he cannot find our house and huwag na kayong umorder sa panda abala kayo.and when he is already in the house he says a lot and arguing with me and my family and insisting that we go to the barangay to settled. But then we did not agree ongoing to the baranggay because if he insisting that we are “abala “us customer same here he is also abala because that time is our dinner time he will going to comsume because of him. And take note the price of our order is around ₱650.00 so i give ₱1000 and said keep the change bec. He keep insisting we are abala because of that reason.. he made us angry at dissappointed.
Reply by ruel camposano on 29 April, 2021
same here, wala sa hulog ang ilan sa mga rider nang foodpanda, mali na nga sila, sila pa ang galit. nagbase sila sa pin loc nang map nang apps nila eh meron din naman address na nakalagay bakit di nila hanapin yung address. id nong rider na nag deliver sakin pogi-3vyn. buti pa sa grab magagalang mga rider.
COMPLAINT #14172 - Delivery Issues
Rizza Marie Villarin
I place an order and paid it via online. And the time of delivery was 11:00am but it was cancelled right away by Food Panda by 11:02 as the Delivery Rider told me that I was not able to answer his call and he was at the pick up location. I told him to go back as I just got from Lunch break, he answered me, the food was still with him but he will come back if I am going to pay again for my order! The fact that I already paid for it via online! Serious?! So, my other option was to reach out thru chat, Food Panda customer service! And the agent told me that they cannot issue a refund as the Rider could not locate my delivery address!which is contradicting to the part of what the delivery rider told me when I spoke with him,he said that he was in the pick up location already! This is really unfair! As it was just 2 mins, they cancelled it right away! The fact that it was already paid! I am a long time customer of Food panda! How come, for cash on delivery basis, they can wait up until 15 to 20 mins! FOOD PANDA CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST SERVICE I EVER GOT! THEY PROMISED THAT A SUPERVISOR WILL CALL ME FOR MY REFUND REQUEST BUT NO ONE REACHED OUT TO ME!

Here is the number of the delivery rider who is very rude! 09665409368

I hope someone will contact me as I am willing to invest my time and make legal actions for this!

Rizza Marie Villarin

Thank you!
COMPLAINT #14171 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Marian Joi F. Fabro
I have been ordering almost everyday from FoodPanda and this is the first time that my order was cancelled because I was unreachable. I've reached out to customer service about this but I was declined a refund with their argument that I was unreachable.
1. I haven't received any texts or calls from the delivery person and he wasn't responding to my online messages in FoodPanda.
2. I've re-ordered the same few minutes after and this was successfully delivered to me.
3. The customer service didn't even tried to comprehend what's really going on and just sent me a script.
4. I have very clear instructions online on how to have the food delivered to my house (as the previous orders were successfully delivered)so I'm not sure why this specific order wasn't delivered.
Service Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #13878 - Service Issues
I used to order food from foodpanda. On 6th april tried ordering food from savour foods and when order received the package was missing order items. Contacted customer support and was provided with reference number for my issue and comments that representative will contact within 24 hours, waited for response but issue was not resolve. On my support request on 7th april the guy at support said u didn't raised ur issue within 24 hours that is why refund is not possible although I had contacted there support on 6th of april.
Product Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #13762 - Product Issues
Agi Roa
We ordered of bunch of food at Mc Donalds through Food Panda. When we opened the pack it was everything we DIDN’T order. We paid 1,200 to the driver but the actual cost of the food delivered was only 365. The driver didn’t even give us a change. He took all the money. I actually got a chance to inform him that the delivery was wrong, he said “just call Food Panda” and he said that it was the pack that the Security Guard of Mc Donalds handed over.

We chatted Food Panda’s chat support and we got nothing but sweet talks and empty promises. They even said that a representative will call us in 30 minutes. 6 hours later I haven’t received any call.
COMPLAINT #13724 - Advertising Issues
Angelu Salas

I ordered Burger King today because of their sale 50% off. I paid it online through Gcash. The app says the rider was outside already but when I open the chat supposedly to talk to him it suddenly marked delivered. No one called me or texted me. He did chat any single word on the app. Did not say on the way or im here or even a dot. I contacted FP CS to get help and the CS called the rider. He said it was unreachable. Clearly there he has an intention not to speak to any of us and run with my food. He is a thief. The service was a scam as they are not willing to provide help to me. I insist to redeliver that as I was hungry and I want to take advantage of the sale. They do not want to attend to my concern. They kept saying they cannot do a refund of which I wasn't asking at all. I just need my food. They do not want to cancel the order either and cannot tell me the reason. i said how is that supposed to ve tagged as a successful delivery if I am clearly reporting I did not get it, contacted them multiple times. It was a very exhausting experience and very inconvenient.
COMPLAINT #13663 - Delivery Issues
Annalyn Jamero
Instead of 4.88$, I was charged $20.16, gamit ko ang US cc ko,
Mang inasal ang inorder bali 200 pesos more or less. Tapos mai text na 4.88 ang price tapos 20.16 ang charge imagine? Ganun ba tlaga kayu ng scam?

at walang pagkain na dumating. Ano to joke?????
Sales Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #13643 - Sales Issues
Prescilla B. Vallarta
Food ordered at Greenwich, Starmall, CSJDM, Bulacan on April 3, 2021 at around 8:45am...was undelivered at right address and person. Use online to contact buyer (defying contactless delivery rule) and not the provided mobile no. Still, a reply sent to rider giving exact location. Yet, surprised to receive notif that item was our dismay, NOT THE RIGHT PERSON AT GIVEN ADDRESD. I demand REFUND, item paid online. Dismissal of rider.
COMPLAINT #13624 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Alexis Salita Balmoris
My account is suspended but it's so very long how many years to be waiting to verify my account I'm a rider of food panda .. the office suspend me because of the cancelations of order .. I cancelled it because it's a fake booking so what's wrong with that issue..
COMPLAINT #13617 - Other Issues