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Maricar Yutuc
While waiting for my food to be delivery a message from your app just popped up sayong that my order my cancelled without any explanation.And payment was already charged on my card.
COMPLAINT #2768 - Delivery Issues
Ted Jagarap
Hi! Your agents are scammer! I have been chatting with your stupid chat support agents for few days now but i still dont have my refund. I made an order last August 13, 2019 from Cakes By Nicole but it was cancelled. Its been few days now and i still did not received anything! I sent an email with an attachment from my bank statement and order information. I hope that you can help me because again all your chat support agents are stupid specially Ali Akbar. He provided me a ticket number 22822881 and he said that its from the accounting dept but when i chatted back to a representative i was informed by Hafiz Arsalan Amjad that the ticket number i provided was for cancellation query. I am so upset and i would like to escalate all the agents who handled my account and report them all as a big scam! You can check my record and im one of your most avid customer but i am getting the worst customer service in the world! If this will not be resolved i will try to find away and send a formal complaint to the higher management so all those stupid reps will lose their jobs! Please improve your service because if all your customers started hating you then you know what will happen. Basic of the business! I will be posting this to all the social media sites and will tag all my friends specially your official website for stealing money from me and with your poor customer service! The hotline number that can be found in google is a scam as well and if i send an email i will get a reply that one of the agent will get in touch with me within 24 hrs but its another lie. Im not sure if there’s anything that is real in your company. Btw all your chat supports agents from help center are really useless. You are paying them for nothing and again food panda have the worst customer service in the whole world. If you need to talk to me please feel free to contact my mobile number 09054564798 or send me an email! I can send all the screenshots of my conversation with your chat support agents as well.
Refund / Exchange Issues Photo

COMPLAINT #2051 - Refund / Exchange Issues