My order got cancelled in just 2 minutes! The fact that it was already paid via online payment! - Consumer Complaint for FoodPanda - Head Office

Rizza Marie Villarin
I place an order and paid it via online. And the time of delivery was 11:00am but it was cancelled right away by Food Panda by 11:02 as the Delivery Rider told me that I was not able to answer his call and he was at the pick up location. I told him to go back as I just got from Lunch break, he answered me, the food was still with him but he will come back if I am going to pay again for my order! The fact that I already paid for it via online! Serious?! So, my other option was to reach out thru chat, Food Panda customer service! And the agent told me that they cannot issue a refund as the Rider could not locate my delivery address!which is contradicting to the part of what the delivery rider told me when I spoke with him,he said that he was in the pick up location already! This is really unfair! As it was just 2 mins, they cancelled it right away! The fact that it was already paid! I am a long time customer of Food panda! How come, for cash on delivery basis, they can wait up until 15 to 20 mins! FOOD PANDA CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST SERVICE I EVER GOT! THEY PROMISED THAT A SUPERVISOR WILL CALL ME FOR MY REFUND REQUEST BUT NO ONE REACHED OUT TO ME!

Here is the number of the delivery rider who is very rude! 09665409368

I hope someone will contact me as I am willing to invest my time and make legal actions for this!

Rizza Marie Villarin

Thank you!
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