Wrong Items delivered and Food Panda is taking is lightly. - Consumer Complaint for FoodPanda - Head Office

Agi Roa
We ordered of bunch of food at Mc Donalds through Food Panda. When we opened the pack it was everything we DIDN’T order. We paid 1,200 to the driver but the actual cost of the food delivered was only 365. The driver didn’t even give us a change. He took all the money. I actually got a chance to inform him that the delivery was wrong, he said “just call Food Panda” and he said that it was the pack that the Security Guard of Mc Donalds handed over.

We chatted Food Panda’s chat support and we got nothing but sweet talks and empty promises. They even said that a representative will call us in 30 minutes. 6 hours later I haven’t received any call.
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